Chemical “deliberately released” at Michigan Library, Food Store - Sickens 10

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

27 July 2007: Ten people were treated for exposure to an unknown chemical substance after the as-yet unidentified substance was released in the Ann Arbor Public Library in the Westgate Shopping Plaza, and an adjacent grocery store Wednesday evening. According to a law enforcement source speaking to the Northeast Intelligence Network asking that his name not be used, “a person or persons unknown deliberately released a chemical into the air in two locations, one being the Ann Arbor Public Library and the second location being the Kroger Food Market.” According to this law enforcement source, the chemical appeared to be caustic as it caused breathing problems for patrons of the library and at the food store. The substance was initially released from the restroom of the library, possibly at the entrance to the restroom where a ventilation duct is located. This source declined to identify the manner in which the dispersal was made, adding that tests are being performed to identify the chemical.

Although law enforcement sources are stating publicly that they do not believe this incident is “terrorist related,” they deny knowing the motive of the incident…

When asked if the situation was similar, in any manner, to the incident that took place in February at the NorthTown Mall in Spokane, Washington, this source initially stated that he was unfamiliar with that event. After being provided with the specific details of that occurrence, he replied that “the two incidents have certain similarities,” but declined to elaborate. An investigation into this incident is continuing.