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DHS/FBI Issue Memo to Police Agencies Following Bin Laden Audio Message

“I think the first thing we always look for is weapons of mass destruction.”-John Miller, FBI Office of Public Affairs

23 January 2006: Although there are no “official” plans to raise the national threat level following last week’s release of an audio message from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, DHS and FBI officials sent a bulletin to 18,000 police agencies across the country, advising them to be more vigilant about suspicious activities. The Northeast Intelligence Network obtained a copy of that bulletin. Although officials publicly downplayed the significance of the audio message, the FBI’s assistant director of the Office of Public Affairs, John Miller, admitted that “bin Laden is capable of almost anything.” Miller is a former ABC News reporter and holds the distinction of being the last television reporter to interview bin Laden.

Stated Miller: “I think the first thing we always look for is weapons of mass destruction. You know, that would be the answer to the question what keeps you up at night. On the other hand, if you go by the model that we’ve seen in the Madrid train bombings and the London subway bombings, I think you would look toward the most conventional type of attack as a likelihood. At the same time, you can’t rule anything out.”

According to government sources, officials are being warned to pay attention to mass transit within the U.S., including airplanes, subways, commuter trains and metro buses. Key areas of our infrastructure should also be on heightened alert, such as water treatment plants, chemical plants and facilities storing radioactive material.

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