Sheikh implicated in Pearl’s Death says Daniel Pearl is not dead


Imam El Sheikh Gilani “Sets the Record Straight”
1 July 2007: In a recently published press release issued by top Pakistani terrorist Sheikh Mubarek Gilani – the man who Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was on his way to interview when he was abducted and ultimately beheaded, suggests that Daniel Pearl is not dead, and that his “purported” death is part of a larger conspiracy to smear his good name.

Gilani has accused the Northeast Intelligence Network and specifically its founder and director, Doug Hagmann, in waging “…a campaign of hate, fabricated falsehood, lies, and appalling propaganda aimed at bringing about a clash between Muslims and Christians the world over, and particularly in the United States (U.S.).”

Now, the top Pakistani terrorist who presides over numerous Muslim compounds in the U.S. and funds terrorism through businesses and charities inside the U.S. is claiming to be a victim again:

“Despite the truth being available, the media continues to malign El Sheikh Gilani by leading a naive public into believing he had a role in the plot. Pearl’s “widow” wrote a book and produced a movie falsely implicating El Sheikh Gilani while knowing of his innocence. Within the circles of those who have followed the developments in this case, it is a common consensus that Daniel Pearl is not dead. Special appreciation is extended by the Vice Chancellor to the Hon. President of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who was one of the very few who was courageous enough to dare and speak out and draw attention to the inconsistencies and untruths in this case, and to defend the noble family. May the One Almighty Creator reward him for his efforts and suffice him in his struggles against the ongoing hate campaign perpetrated by the Illuminati.

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