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The End-Game of Operation Iraqi Freedom

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

24 June 2007: Hello, America, the time we’ve all been awaiting is finally upon us. The decisive end-game to what we have known since March 2003 as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” is now in execution mode. I have been predicting that the summer of 2007 would witness decisive, geo-strategic paradigm altering events. This series of summer and fall 2007 winner-take-all military operations in Iraq is leading the way forward. It is one of the most dynamic in modern history, with the greatest potential reward for the people of the Iraqi nation, and ours.

This end-game troop surge, much maligned by most if not all of our media and many of our leading Democrat congresspersons – many of whom are 2008 presidential candidates - is exactly what those who truly comprehend the stakes have been calling for since the Iraqi people became enfranchised voters. Instead of a final surge of American combat forces into Iraq to secure unconditional victory for the Iraqi people, the American Left were instead desirous to execute an exceedingly stupid “cut and run, defeatist, the war is already lost, get out of Iraq now” method of end game stratagem. These American left-of-center politicians were prepared to sell out the 25 million people of Iraq to certain islamofascist tyranny as we have just seen imposed by the radical islamofascist terrorist takeover in the Gaza Strip. And the yellow-stripe-up-our-backside mainstream media was with them all the way.

The lead-off operation of this Iraqi end-game is known as “Operation Arrowhead Ripper,” and reports from some incredibly brave people embedded with our troops are telling the real story of what is happening. One of these war zone journalists stands out in my humble opinion, and I would urge all readers to follow the link at the bottom to view his latest dispatch. The incomparable Michael Yon has been in Iraq for well over two solid years now. His dispatches are raw, tip of the spear, tell-it-like-it-really-is accurate and exactly what one might expect to read from a former Army Green Beret. Michael Yon’s most recent dispatch, “Arrowhead Ripper: Surrender or Die,” subtitled “Battle for Baqubah,” is one of the most outstanding examples of battlefield journalism I have ever read, and I read Michael Yon’s emailed dispatches immediately upon receiving them. There is no better barometer to follow the events in Iraq. If you want to read the whole truth, and nothing but truth cut from whole cloth, here is where you will find always, and forever find it.

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