Intense public pressure compels Toronto, Ontario Mayor to keep troop-support decals

21 June 2007: Originally, Toronto, Ontario Canada Mayor David Miller endorsed the removal of “Support Our Troops” decals from almost 340 city fire trucks and ambulances - an idea concocted in the Toronto City Council chambers among some of its 44 elected inhabitants.

As first reported by Judi McLeod, founding editor of Canada Free Press, Toronto Mayor Miller agreed with the Toronto City Council initiative to remove decals supportive of their troops from city vehicles, then hedged by suggesting it was up to the fire and police officials. It was only after strong support for the troops poured in from across Canada, spurned by the spotlight turned on the city hall chambers by Canada Free Press, that Miller reluctantly raised a white flag of surrender allowing the city vehicles to continue sporting the decals that offer visible support for the troops fighting in harms way.

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