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LIBERTY… The final cost of being complacent

Posted By Director On June 21, 2007 @ 9:23 am In Douglas J. Hagmann,Editorials | Comments Disabled

“It was then that I realized; if hearing loud Arabic propaganda resound through a neighborhood in America isn’t a wake up call to all of us… our fate may already be sealed. Like weeds in a garden, the final enemy of mankind has begun springing up all around us.”

21 June 2007: The following article was sent by a man who lives and works in Western New York and has listened to my frequent guest appearances on Buffalo’s own The Tom Bauerle Show [1] on WBEN-930 AM. [2] In the fading shadows of the all but forgotten “Lackawanna Six,” he writes an interesting editorial about complacency in America and all Western countries to the threat of radical Islam. –Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

As I was taking groceries out of my trunk today, I heard an unusual sound echoing through the neighborhood. At first, I thought it was a radio, but the sound was too loud. It occurred to me that it could be children yelling from the park, or an ice cream truck, but there was no music, and the pitch never changed.

It was a male voice, booming over a loudspeaker. It reminded me of a carnival barker at the fair. I wondered if there was a festival going on nearby. The thought of a Summer Festival made me smile. It was things like that, along with the warm June air and freshly leaved Maple trees which made me feel glad to be alive and relatively young. I closed the trunk and listened.

After a few seconds, I realized that the man was speaking Arabic.

Though I couldn’t understand the words, the tone of his voice spoke volumes. It was hostile and angry, ripe with bitterness. As it was a beautiful day, there were many other people out and about, sitting on porches and lounging in yards. I looked around my neighbor’s houses, expecting to find faces similar to my own; faces wrought with confusion and angst.

What I found, were faces devoid of opinion. Regular people, whiling away their lives adrift in blissful ignorance, coddled and contented by the vaporous security of an Empire unwilling to protect them from the poison seeping into their neighborhoods under a veil of political correctness. And an empire that seemed to have motives of it’s own for letting these things come to pass.

It was then that I realized; if hearing loud Arabic propaganda resound through a neighborhood in America isn’t a wake up call to all of us…our fate may already be sealed.

Like weeds in a garden, the final enemy of mankind has begun springing up all around us.

Insulated from our society by their culture, droves of fanatical Muslims have purchased huge sections of whole towns in America and Britain. Places where shop signs read in huge, Arabic letters. Places where veiled women walk veiled children through the streets. Places where the English language in neither spoken nor considered. Places where people who believe it is God’s will for us to perish are allowed to blare propaganda from mosque loudspeakers. Places where men and boys are training, at this moment, with automatic weapons and explosives. Praying to a dark God for victory over a free and forward thinking people.

They are allowed to stand on land our mutual forefathers bled to protect and spew viciousness, intolerance and hatred. They are no longer shy about letting us know how they feel about annihilating us.

Whipped into frenzies by their own holy men, they plot horrendous things to thrust us deeper into the traps of fear and uncertainty. When this happens in remote places of the Earth we send Armies to oust governments and attempt to build fruitful, democratic societies.

But with no one left in America or Britain with the courage to protect us from threats at home, our societies have begun a sickening downward plunge into places where fear and uncertainty are the rule.

In Britain, the government has used these zealots as kindling to stoke fear into the hearts of her citizens, allowing the country to morph into one of the world’s largest police states virtually overnight. More than four million security cameras in Britain, many of which are being fitted with microphones to allow shadow operators to bark orders at pedestrians, are what led the human rights group Privacy International to name Britain “The worst western democracy at protecting individual privacy.”

What has Big Brother done to protect Britain?

In July of 2005, the worst act of terrorism on British soil killed 52 commuters and injured some 700. Four suicide bombers detonated nearly simultaneous blasts on three London underground trains. A fourth bomb would explode an hour later on a bus.

Despite cameras capturing video of one of the bombers; 18 year old Hasib Hussain and tracking him through the underground for over an hour the British were powerless to prevent the bombings. It has been made apparent that no amount of public surveillance will ever be able to prevent any terrorist from carrying out an attack. The tactic of taking away civil liberties to ensure security has never been successful.

The truth is that the terrorist are not concerned about CCTV cameras or wire tapping or any number of Orwellian measures western states have adopted to “keep society safe.” The Islamofacists know that they no longer have to keep their plots hidden. They stand on our own streets and vomit fanatical, backwards philosophy. They threaten to destroy us. They burn our flags and effigies. They abuse our public assistance programs. They spit in the face of our freedoms.

All while enjoying the protection of riot police paid for by the very people they loath.

And now, in our own neighborhoods, Arabic prayers drone out the tolling of church bells. They know, and we know, that no one will try to stop them. Empowered by our complacency, they are beginning to see the fruits of their labor fulfilled. One by one, as our leaders strip more and more of our advantages from us, we are becoming more like the very ones who hate us. As the danger grows around us, the entity we expect to serve and protect us has instead focused on vague initiatives which threaten to strip away our uniqueness among countries of the world.

While Western Governments have been busy pinching back the freedom’s and liberties which once set us apart from the rest of the nations, the denizens of a chaotic and merciless sect, some 1.2 Billion strong and growing have invaded our lands, and wait now only for the call to arms for which they purport to have been born and bred.

Rather than pluck these weeds before they had the chance to suck the goodness out of the soil, our government coddled and protected their liberties above our own. Saying anything against Islam was considered hate speech, a crime worth of imprisonment.

We were compelled to believe that these weeds were only a different species of flower, equally deserving of space and consideration in our gardens.

While all aspects of their biology may not have appeared beautiful or particularly fragrant to our western senses, we were fooled into thinking they could grow alongside us peaceably, the radiant American Sun being sufficient to nourish flowers of all kinds.

I no longer have to wonder weather my country is strong enough to win this fight. I can look around my neighborhood and see the expressions on my fellow American’s faces as Arabic prayers resonate through the neighborhood.

The events going on in distant sandy countries are one thing - little kids playing ball in the street with Arab propaganda booming in the background,that’s something else.

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