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The execution of U.S. Navy Petty Officer Robert Stethem: insight into the 21st century

Posted By Douglas J. Hagmann On June 15, 2007 @ 9:44 am In Douglas J. Hagmann,Editorials | Comments Disabled

“The manner in which we handled the murderous Islamic terrorists who all but installed a revolving door on TWA Flight 847 in its forced trips between Beirut and Algiers in 1985 is not unlike the manner in which we are handling the same terrorists and their identical ideology today.”–Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Douglas J. Hagmann, [1] Director

15 June 2007: Twenty-two years ago today, U.S. Navy Petty officer, Robert D. Stethem was savagely beaten, murdered and thrown onto a hot airport tarmac in Beirut, Lebanon by Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists during the marathon 17-day hijacking of TWA Flight 847. His lifeless body lay on the tarmac for hours, serving not only as proof of Islamist brutality, but as an omen of things to come. All of the Muslim terrorists who took part in the hijacking, killed Stethem and held the passengers and crew of the ill-fated flight incredulously remain free over two decades later.

Interestingly, the murder of U.S. serviceman Stethem was preceded by less than two years earlier of the bombing of the U.S. marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23, 1983- a bombing that claimed the lives of 299 of our servicemen and six civilians.

In response to that bombing, we pulled all of our troops out of Lebanon in February 1984, something similar that is being demanded of us today. One can see only too clearly that our acquiescence to the demands of Islamic terrorists have consequences, and not the type one would expect.

Iran, meanwhile, the primary sponsor of Hezbollah, continues to threaten the security of the United States through its nuclear program and exportation of terrorism in Iraq and throughout the West.

The manner in which we handled the murderous Islamic terrorists who all but installed a revolving door on TWA Flight 847 in its forced trips between Beirut and Algiers in 1985 is not unlike the manner in which we are handling the same terrorists and their identical ideology today.

Lest we forget, Kofi Atta Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations from 1997 through January 1, 2007 and recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, actively encouraged the acceptance and recognition of Hezbollah as the predominant power in Lebanon during his tenure.

More disturbingly, the United States was actually giving that position serious recent consideration, a posture that seemed to provide traction to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in their support of Hezbollah. Last August, CAIR participated in and endorsed several rallies in support of Hezbollah and the “resistance” fighting American forces in Iraq.

We cannot turn the hands of time back to save the life of Robert Stethem or the marines killed in Beirut in 1983, but we can - and must - save ours and future generations from the same fate. The only way to win is to completely eradicate the enemy, including the enemy already inside the gate.

Hezbollah & their supporters inside the U.S.

Hezbollah is an Islamic Shiâ’a terrorist organization that was founded in 1982 for the general purposes of establishing an Islamic state in Lebanon, eradicating all Western influence from that nation, as well as the eradication of Christians and Israelis from the region. Hezbollah was and continues to be adherent to the Islamic fundamentalist ideology of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. It continues to flourish with the direct assistance of Iran and Syria, receiving arms, training, and financial support. According to current intelligence reports, Hezbollah has a significant presence of terrorist operatives inside the United States.

Hezbollah terrorists have been living and has been operating inside the United States almost since its inception. Since the 1980s, Hezbollah cells in the U.S. have been involved in criminal activity such as insurance fraud, credit-card fraud, counterfeiting brand name merchandise, and cigarette smuggling. Though their criminal activities, Hezbollah operatives living in the U.S. have raised millions of dollars, much of which has been sent to Beirut, while some has been used to fund activities in North America.

It is important to note that on 20 April 2002, Nihad Awad, the national director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, spoke at a large rally organized by the ANSWER Coalition in Washington D.C., standing next to a large Hezbollah flag displayed on the stage. More recently - in August of last year, Parvez Ahmed, CAIR’s board chairman, published an editorial contending that “unconditional support for Israel is a liability for U.S.”, and blamed the Israel-Hezbollah clash in Lebanon on Israel, calling Israel the “bully on the playground.”

Last week, Arab-Americans gathered at their 24th annual convention in Washington, D.C. to “search for solutions to threats to civil liberties at home as well as to the ongoing turmoil in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East” One attendee was Imad HAMAD, the Michigan regional director of the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC) who stated: “We often feel caught in the middle… Lots of people act like we are responsible for the violence and terrorism in places like Iraq. We’re sick of the questioning of our Americanism and our loyalty to this great nation. We see ourselves often on the hot seat.”

Imad HAMAD, it should be noted, is a good friend of Nabih BERRI, the pro-Syrian speaker of the Lebanese Parliament. It was BERRI who assumed the position of spokesman for the Hezbollah hijackers behind the takeover of TWA Flight 847 and the execution of Stethem in 1983. BERRI’s relatives also happen to be prominent members of Detroit’s Muslim community.

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