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U.K. & U.S. AIRPORT ALERT: Women Homicide Bombers

5 May 2005: Airports in the U.S. and the U.K. have been placed on a heightened state of alert based on intelligence received about potential female homicide bombers. Intelligence has been obtained that Islamic radical females are being recruited to fill their undergarments – specifically their bras, with plastic explosives and detonation devices. The device is primed to detonate at the airport security checkpoint to kill and injure as many security officials and bystanders as possible.

Historical Precedent

At a Jerusalem airport in 2002, 15 year-old  Ayat al-Akhrass, padded her bra with Semtex and detonated the bomb in a supermarket in Jerusalem, killing herself and two shoppers. Intelligence officials have received information that female Islamic women and young girls are currently being recruited for just that purpose, although their targets were identified (primarily, although not exclusively) as airports.

According to the London Telegraph, Scotland Yard has sent official memos to all the major airports throughout the U.K. According to one U.S. insider TSA official, airports throughout the U.S. are equally concerned about the threat. “The terrorists have no regard for human life, and parents encourage their young daughters to .martyr themselves’ for the cause of jihad.” The women terrorists are also taught to make security officials feel uneasy about checking such private areas, hoping that one or more female bombers, especially young girls, will successfully be permitted to pass through the screening process. They are told to act afraid, embarrassed, and even cite their religious customs in order to dissuade screeners from checking too closely. If that plan fails, however, they will detonate the bomb at the checkpoint.

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