Chicago cab driver indicted – also planned August 2010 attack against U.S. large sports stadium



29 March 2010: A federal indictment charging Raja Lahradib KHAN, a Chicago Muslim cab driver with two counts of providing material support to al Qaeda was unsealed Friday. The indictment also exposed a plan to bomb a “large sports stadium” in the U.S.” in August.

Raja Lahradib KHAN

KHAN was born in Pakistan and immigrated to the United States in the late 1970’s. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1988, taking a job as a cab driver in Chicago. Federal authorities became aware of KHAN in 2008,  and his 15-year relationship with Pakistani al Qaeda terrorist Ilyas KASHMIRI.

In September 2009, international news media reported that Kashmiri had been killed in a drone attack in Pakistan. In October 2009, according to an article posted on the Asia Times Online, KASHMIRI granted an interview to an Asia Times Online reporter purportedly to disprove the accounts of his death. According to the Asia Times Online article, KASHMIRI claimed that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were “nothing compared to what has already been planned for the future.”

Excerpted from the indictment: (Read the entire indictment in PDF format here.)

KHAN: If, if their countries, every, every day, you know, we are bombing somewhere …kill fifty people, a hundred people, seventy people here, other state, other state…eventually they get the message… other things, KHAN described the location as a “big stadium” where security did not check cars.

Individual B: OK. You thinking take the car or [unintelligible]? How, how is it going to do?

KHAN: When you had to take in the car, you can not you know, put on your bag, when you go there, take ‘em out. You know, put one bag here, one there, one there, you know three, four, five different places, you know, boom, boom, boom, boom. You know I guess there is remote control, you know. Just walking and bomb. Walk fifteen, twenty feet, bomb. You know?

KHAN: Like that, like the [unintelligible] garbage can, or something like that, it can hide it. Oh, yeah, there’s lot of garbage cans. Yeah. You don’t have to just [unintelligible], so many people. So many people, you know like just leave the bag here.

Individual B: Ask Lala.

KHAN: Hm-hmm.

Individual B: How Lala can.

KHAN: Yeah, I gonna. I gonna tell him to teach me, you know? He know how to do that.

Individual B: Suppose, if we cannot find the Lala. Is any other hope, person we can use for this plan?

KHAN: Well when I go there, I can’t say right now anything, unless I get there. I have to contact with them. I’m gonna find somebody, you know, go to see Lala. Uh, if it’s safe, I go. Then I call you and you come over.

Individual B: OK.

KHAN: If it’s not safe, then I gonna see somebody here, you know. [unintelligible]

KHAN: If you wanna do it inside, there in the stadium, you can do that too. Nobody asked, you know, what’re you taking out of your luggage.

Individual B: And do the inside?

KHAN: Yeah. Can do it inside. Yeah.

Individual B: [unintelligible] winter time is better they cannot…

KHAN: No. I’m say it’s gonna be summertime. It’s obvious to me, I think in August.

Individual B: They’ll be so scared