Islamic deception in lower Manhattan

By Doug Hagmann

25 September 2010: At the direction of some of the principal planners of the Islamic cultural center at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, Muslims from across the five boroughs of New York and New Jersey are quietly being urged to attend Friday prayer services that are being held at the former Burlington retail store on Park Place.  This is being done to deceptively inflate Muslim demographics in lower Manhattan while creating a misleading but convincingly effective visual display of the need for the center.

This tactic is currently being used in Paris, as shown in this CBN video report. An undercover French videographer captured covert video footage of Muslims lining the streets of Paris, blocking and closing off the streets as a display of their power and influence. According to his observations, the Muslims engaged in these activities are not indigenous to the area. He has observed vehicles filled with Muslims coming from different parts of the city to purposely swell the numbers.

During the course of my investigation, I interviewed a long-time business owner located in close proximity to the planned Islamic center on Park Place. He told me that ever since the opposition to the Islamic center became public, the numbers of prayer participants at the intended site has increased dramatically. “A year ago, there was hardly any foot traffic to and from [Park Place].  Within the last few months, I’ve seen cars and other vehicles with out of state license plates parking at various lots and the men walking to Park Place. A lot of the cars have New Jersey license plates.”  In consideration of his business and fearing for his safety, he has requested that his name and address not be published.

As part of my continuing investigation into this matter, I’ve personally verified his claims. I’ve conducted surveillance of Park Place and the adjacent areas on different occasions, observing numerous vehicles bearing license plates from New Jersey and even Pennsylvania parking in nearby lots. I’ve observed the occupants walk to the Park Place location, and following the services inside, walk back to their vehicles and leave the area.

Also according to this source, the mood among the Muslims participating in the Friday services has changed dramatically within the last several weeks. “Last year, I would talk to three, maybe four Muslims, at most, after Friday prayers. They were quite reserved. Now, I see dozens of Muslims in groups and their mood, attitude, behavior and conversation is anything but reserved. It is contentious. They appear to be activists on a mission,” he stated.

Meanwhile, there are those who continue to assert that the proposed “victory mosque” is neither a mosque nor located at “Ground Zero.” They also cite the existence of a simple, chapel like prayer room from Muslims that existed within one of the World Trade Center towers well before the attacks on 9/11 in their argument favoring construction.  They are “technically” correct on both counts, but like the visual display of Muslim demographics in lower Manhattan, their assertions are deceptive and disingenuous at best.

To help illustrate that the planned mosque need not be situated within the footprint of the former World Trade Center to be considered “Ground Zero,” I created the following graphic to offer a reasonable perspective that its location is well within the area of destruction and death caused by Muslim terrorists. Using a declassified military aerial photograph of the area, the planned Muslim construction is shown by an Islamic graphic inserted over 45-51 Park Place. The inset at the lower left shows the debris cloud encompassing the area well beyond the propped construction site as well.

In this general area, 2,752 innocent victims were murdered. To date, authorities recovered 21,812 remains of bodies and body parts from the carnage inflicted, some as close as 348 feet from the proposed Islamic center. Although it is not widely publicized, artifacts are still being found in lower Manhattan.

Semantics and technicalities aside, I’m convinced that anyone present at 45-51 Park Place on the morning of 9/11 would rightfully assert they were at Ground Zero that day.

We must not allow what is seen as an iconic symbol of Muslim conquest in the eyes of our enemies to be built as a result of deception, semantics or technicalities. We must not allow it to built – period.