“Mystery” missile launched off California coast

Courtesy KCBS

“Huge, cruise type missile- this was no ‘aircraft contrail or illusion, optical or otherwise, and it was not ours…'”

“The Pentagon knows exactly where it came from. Information ‘blackout’ called deliberate, unprecedented.”

— U.S. Intelligence official

9 November 2010: What has been described as a large “cruise type” missile was apparently launched from an undetermined location – of undetermined origin – somewhere in the Pacific Ocean approximately 35 miles north of Catalina Island and west of Los Angeles at sunset last night. The U.S. military denies any such launch, although adds that “there is no threat to the United States.”

Inquiries made by the Northeast Intelligence Network has so far verified the following:

– There were no warning or advisories to aircraft or air traffic controllers. According to one supervisory ATC from LAX interviewed today, “this was totally unexpected.”

– No U.S. missile tests were scheduled or conducted at that time and location, according to a Pentagon contact; –Pentagon source 9 November 2010 1510 hours ET

– “This was not an accidental launch. The methods required to launch a missile of this size and presumed type is too complex and involves more than one person, that’s all I can say.” — Pentagon source; 9 November 2010; 1510 hours ET

–“Oh yes, they know exactly where it came from and what type of missile it was, but are not saying. There are a lot of meetings taking place right now inside the ring [a reference to the Pentagon].” — Pentagon source; 9 November 2010; 1510 hours ET

–“China, Russia, Iran, France are four countries that have the capabilities for this type type of launch. And of course, we do too. But it was not us. There’s scuttlebut about a cargo ship and China, but that’s all it is, scuttlebut.” — Pentagon source; 9 November 2010; 1510 hours ET


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