Inspire Magazine - al Qaeda’s January 2011 Issue

Inspire - the magazine for the discerning Muslim terrorist

20 January 2011: Earlier this month, the publicity faction of al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) posted their third edition of Inspire, the glossy magazine geared toward Muslim terrorists and terrorists wannabes of the West. It is promoted and accessible on a variety of Islamic terrorist websites, including some hosted in the U.S.  Judging by the overall penetration of this publication in Western countries based on the increasing level of English language commentaries, the publication is gaining quite a following.

This issue consists of 67 pages, including the standard columns and articles that appear to be a staple of the publication. To those in the West who continue to believe that Islam is a religion hijacked by the few who evolve into terrorists out of desperation, poverty or oppression, the doctrine written by respected Islamic scholars that is contained in this publication should change the minds of the reasonable. It provides valuable insight into the doctrine, purpose and intent of true Islam, complete with quotes from the Qu’ran.

This issue also contains instructions of various methods to destroy buildings, although all of the ideas and methods suggested was determined to be easily accessed on open sources. From a counter-terrorism prospective, the article provides specific insight into what various suspicious activities and items that law enforcement officers, landlords, building managers and ordinary citizens should be looking for.

The ease in which the magazine has become available to Muslims in North America could be, and perhaps should be the focus of an investigation itself. This publication appears to enjoy unmolested distribution in the U.S., while the assets of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in combined efforts with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency,  continue to pursue and seize websites for copyright infringement.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is making the issue available for download. Simply use your moue to RIGHT CLICK here for the PDF file to save it to your computer. (Warning: This is a large file - 13 MB)