About The Ongoing Iranian Missile Tests…

by Sean Osborne

UPDATE 2: 3 July 2011: An article authored by James Lewis entitled “Obama’s Final Solution” published this morning at AmericanThinker.com will serve readers of this assessment very well as a “big picture” presentation which should leave no doubt, if doubt we possible given the content of the original article and the first update, about the soon-to-be-realized fact that a major Middle Eastern war between Israel and its Arab and Persian enemies is precisely the objective of the current administration occupying the White House. In driving toward this objective the White House is risking anything and everything, including the rampant use of real weapons of mass destruction and the resultant deaths of tens of thousands, in order to achieve the destruction of the State of Israel.

The danger posed to what is

left of this Constitutional Republic by this administration’s agenda cannot be emphasized strongly enough. It is up to those real, natural born American patriots in postions of power and responsibility to execute the requirements of their Oath’s to the Constitution; to do all within their ability to preempt this agenda before it is too late. Short of making the ultimate sacrifice as thousands of our soldiers have voluntarily done in the past 9 years, it is now YOU who owe nothing less to the current and succeeding generation of We The People. So help you God.

UPDATE: 2 July 2011: It has come to my attention over the past 24 hours that the series of recent resignations of high Israel government officials were all directly related to the issues addessed in my assessment on the nearly completed Iranian development of nuclear weapons and the ballistic missile systems designed specifically to place those weapons on American and Israeli targets.

Yesterday, the day after my assessment was posted here, FrontPageMag.Com published a key MUST READ article by P. David Hornik entitled “Israel’s Palace War Over Iran” which began with this sentence: “Over the past few months, much of Israel’s top security brass has stepped down—the chief of staff (Gabi Ashkenazi), the head of military intelligence (Amos Yadlin), the head of the Mossad (Meir Dagan), and the head of the Shin Bet or internal security (Yuval Diskin).” I absolutely agree with Mr. Hornik on the real reasons for these resignations: all of the officials were sent packing for their failure to execute their responsibilities in crafting a credible Israeli military response to remove the Isranian nuclear threat should the US and other international powers fail to resolve that issue to the benefit of the entire world.

Mr. Hornik’s article also prominently cited another key MUST READ article confirming the reasons for these resignations by Aluf Benn in his Haaretz-published article (Israel’s defense chiefs failed in deterring Iran). According to Mr. Benn, the above named former Israeli officials “embarked on a foiling action, not against Iran but against” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

That would be like their American counterparts acting against our president and his secretary of state regarding a coherent deterrent policy on Iranian nuclear development. Interestingly enough, we also have some key resignations going on. And Iran still has their nukes and the missiles with which to deliver them. Hopefully in the future there will be quality historians around to leave a accurate records of these events from which future generations might learn.

30 June 2010: For quite a few years now I’ve watched and kept track of OSINT reports regarding Iran’s development-in-depth of numerous ballistic missile systems. Just for reference sake you can read them HERE, HERE and HERE.

My assessment has always held that there is only one purpose for such development - placing a nuclear warhead onto a distant target. Recently the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) told us point blank what has always been assumed, that being the Iranian warhead’s targets are American military bases and Israeli cities. The difference between my earlier assessments on Iranian nuclear missile capabilities then and now is that now iran can launch these missiles from hardened siloes with little or no warning. Within a day of the IRGC announcement British Foreign Secretary William Hague publicly confirmed the secret nature of the testing as well as the testing in the ongoing “Great Prophet Six” exercises the IRGC is executing.

Have you heard or read anything of a similar nature coming from Foreign Secretary Hague’s American counterpart, SECSTATE Hillary Clinton? How about a word from her boss in the White House? That’s right, you’ve gotten exactly zero, zip, nada from them about this. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a single American corporate news article on this subject or Foreign Secretary Hague’s accusations. Instead the White House and the U.S. State Department have been downplaying the accelerating Iranian regime’s progress in the field of precipitating a non-existent al-Mahdi-hastening Armageddon scenario. Yet at her SECSTATE swearing in ceremony Hillary Clinton was keen to lecture those in attendance how “we’re going to have to be smarter about how we do what we must for our country.”

As for Barry Soetoro, his most recent State of the Union address did not have so much as a single mention of the Iranian threat. Iraq, Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Korea all merited a mention, but not Iran. My best guess is that he doesn’t see the Iranian threat as a problem in need of fixing. Well, so much for Barry’s defeating “determined enemies wherever they are” comment in that address. I guess Iran is one very real threat that Barry has missed altogether. Would somebody please bring his morning briefer up to speed. Thanks in advance.