Sheriff Arpaio - “I talked to Andrew Breitbart a few hours before he died”

By Doug Hagmann, Director, Multi-state licensed investigator

6 March 2012: There are such things as coincidences. If one looks hard enough, one can find amazing “coincidences” in nearly every realm of life. That said, it is with interest we report that Sheriff Arpaio and Andrew Breitbart spoke by phone a few hours before Mr. Breitbart’s untimely death. Listen to the sound clip of the Arizona sheriff talking about that conversation below.


Perhaps more important than the revelation Mr. Breitbart spoke with Sheriff Joe just hours before his death and hours before the sheriff’s press conference is that this should be any interest to anyone at all.

Mistrust, or the complete lack of trust of our political leaders and government agencies such as the FBI, CIA and others is at an all time high. In this investigator’s opinion, that mistrust is well deserved.


For investigators - both professional investigators and “arm chair detectives,” insight into the role coincidences play in practical investigations is well reasoned in an article titled Criminal Investigative Failures, Avoiding the pitfalls.