The Obama-Clinton “fifth-column” power structure


By Douglas J. Hagmann

A look back in time to understand the DC power elite and what is taking place today

17 May 2012: “Today, the Obama White House is the Clinton White House on steroids, except instead of targeting, and attempting to criminalize individual Americans to stay in power; entire segments of the population are under attack: conservatives, Christians, Tea Party patriots, capitalists, the military…anyone who disagrees with their big government, anti-constitutional policies. The Alinskyite divide-and-conquer political strategy that kept the Clintons in power is back with a vengeance in the Obama administration.”  -Marinka Peschmann, author, The Whistleblower

It is important for people to understand that Obama and the Clintons share the same progressive social ideology – where the “end justifies the means“.  The unbridled power grab at the executive level of the United States has never been more dangerous as it is today. To understand, and I mean fully understand, exactly how the Clintons and Obama are working in concert to subvert the U.S. Constitution and wage war on America, Marinka’s book is a must-read primer.

Sometimes, just reading is not enough. Ms. Peschmann has decided to release a series of audio excerpts from interviews she conducted during her investigation of the Clintons – one such excerpt is featured below.

But don’t stop here. Visit Ms, Peschmann’s site to read the transcript of the audio (Link, opens in new window). Read her connection of dots that bring us to today and provides insight into the Obama playbook. It’s not only relevant, it will serve as a guide to those who really want to learn the power structure in place that is attacking the U.S. Constitution.

Note: Marinka Peschmann is scheduled to be a guest on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report tomorrow, Friday, 18 May 2012 between 8:00-10:0 p.m. ET to discuss the Clinton and Obama power structure. Be sure to tune in. (Program links at right of page).