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"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."

Genesis 12:3

Barack Hussein Obama- America’s Greatest Conflict of Interest


“I seriously do not see this guy ever planning to give up the Oval Office through an election loss in November.”

By Randy Taylor

9 June 2012: Let’s get past how this clown puppet made it into office as I’m sure we have credibly established how this outrageous lapse in voting America’s judgment occurred. However, with the elections supposedly coming up we should review his piss poor performance, focus on his lack of honesty, total lack of integrity and the fact that he is devoid of any hint of moral values which he proves daily while intentionally dismantling the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution under the blanket of Executive Orders and backroom deals with the enemies of this great nation.

Obama, the Kenyan fraud that slithered into the Oval Office by conning the people to eat the forbidden fruit of a revolutionary fictional Utopian fix for the troubles the country suffered under the Bush administration, has done absolutely nothing to fix the problems of the United States. He claims to pray for the country when in fact he only preys on this country and the people within this country.

The Obama legend

His very existence is a lie, a falsehood, a fraud. The only reason he was successful in the election was largely due to three things. He had the financial contributors needed, he was running against a party that had no credibility with a large portion of the voting Americans;  and his well funded cronies, utilized the new age of social media in a way that neither Palin or McCain’s lackluster campaign managers even attempted.

The latter, through the internet, gave him unprecedented access to the anti-establishment youth, the college students (many who are unfortunately mentally corrupted by liberal professors and teachers who against anything constructive and unfortunately socialist or radical in their university teachings), the poor who were primarily black and living in the ghettos, the disenchanted ones, the war haters, the ones who were simply motivated at the prospect of a black man in the Oval Office. He promised change, something different, seeking permission to govern America based on campaign lies, misdirection and misalignment with people he claimed to have something in common with. Years later, many Obama voters have realized that they had been taken, hoodwinked, made fools of and cheated by this non-citizen posing as an American citizen.

His infantile idea of health care, Obamacare is a detriment to America. We are heavily taxed already yet he wants to impose a mandatory insurance premium on US citizens under threat of criminal penalty for failure to pay. Over 20 percent of Americans are unemployed yet they seek to drain the people further. Another ploy to exercise power and collect money from Americans while doing it.

His loyalty is to foreign bankers, Wall Street billionaires, huge worldwide mega-corporations, foreign interests, foreign governments, Islam here and abroad, the foreign bank run Federal Reserve, the UN which is a vehicle for the New World Order.

Obama is a globalist and imperialist with the world in his sights. He will kill to secure power here and elsewhere in the world. Look at his campaign promise to end the war in the Middle East while he has no intention of doing so. He is trying to form a new Middle East that he dreams of ruling somehow, someday. I think he is looking to run the UN Security Council someday. That is exactly where the Muslim Brotherhood would like to see him posted.

He has installed people into our agencies that are direct enemies of the state. We are under attack by Islam and yet he appoints Muslims to critical posts in our security agencies. People with distinct terrorist ties are now in charge of our nation’s security? It’s a fact people; the fox is protecting the hen house.

Obama and 2012: Does this guy act like he’s planning on going anywhere?

I seriously do not see this guy ever planning to give up the Oval Office through an election loss in November. I fully expect a crisis to occur, either before or directly after the elections. I’m looking for an amplified financial crisis larger than our current crisis, massive false flag terrorist act, biological plague, something huge. That way under the series of executive orders that many are oblivious to, he can remain in power uncontested, even by Congress. If by chance he does lose, he will pop up in the UN Security Council and be more dangerous than ever as he will be on the bridge of the NWO ship.

The proof required is that he hasn’t kept a single campaign promise to date. He has lied about everything and has broken every public promise to his voters. He has kept the backroom deals with the powerful elite draining this planet of everything decent, but not the ones promised to the people that voted him into office.  Unfortunately, every president since Kennedy has done this. That series of bullets in Dallas from multiple shooters that day changed the political landscape of the United States forever. It was the first blatant display of the lengths to which the elite and the industrial war complex will go for power and wealth. When these presidents since Kennedy meet with these people, I’m sure they are reminded of how bad things can happen to presidents if they don’t go along.

Barack Hussein Obama is a globalist, socialist, communist and racist. He is undermining the American way of life and is systematically stripping us of liberty and freedom just as his predecessors.  This mental and physical incarceration of the citizenry of America started with Lyndon Johnson and Obama is continuing it at full speed. The good citizens of the US are living in a police state and don’t even realize it. It has to be that way because the people will eventually revolt. We currently incarcerate more people per population than any country in the world at 715 per 100000 people and it will grow.

Soon the riots will start in the US simply because the people are starving in many places in the US. The US citizens are being drained through taxation, inflation and unemployment which is well over 20%, far higher than the low percentage being shown by this administration. Remember they don’t show the people that have exhausted their benefits, as the stats only show those who are currently able to even get unemployment benefits. This obviously results in higher crime.

Now let’s look at a few anomalies regarding crime and statistics. The FBI and justice Department claim that crime is dropping, while the citizens polled by Gallup stated that crime is on the rise, which I would attribute to the media. The government and media want the average US citizen to think that these massive amounts of law enforcement and military personnel are necessary for their safety. It’s working too. Look around you.

However, during this same period since the 1990’s where crime is supposedly down nationwide according the statistics, there have been more shootings by police of suspects. One would then wonder just how many deadly shootings have there been?

The great collector of statistics, the FBI cannot answer this question. In fact William Carr, an FBI spokesman in Washington says that they don’t have a mandate to do this, as it would take a request from Congress to collect that data. I find this very interesting.

As well, when individual police authorities are questioned at local levels, they insist that crime is on the rise, largely due to poor economic conditions.

So explain the anomalies here. Crime is down and people are programmed to think it’s up and feel they need more police on the streets? Crime is down yet there are more cases of deadly force by police?

The US Federal government is the largest employer in the country. Soon, it may be the only employer if economics continue to fail. Companies start to fail, the government bails them out yet becomes a large shareholder in the company it loaned money to. That is the perfect setup for the government to own private industry.

The birthing of a Police State

Crime is down yet lethal shootings by police are up. This is just another indication of the police state being formed. When economics fall, the government becomes the largest employer in the country, much like any communist or socialist country. Sound familiar? Hire more law enforcement and more military. Will the people bite the hand that feeds them?

I used to spend a great deal of time in counter-terrorism and terrorism research. I don’t anymore as I found it difficult to differentiate between who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. I quit when Barack Hussein Obama took office or shortly thereafter.

In a nutshell, I firmly believe that Islam, as a whole is a detriment to our way of life, our society and our freedom. However, I don’t think the war in Iraq was justified as they didn’t attack us- we attacked them. It cannot be called preemptive as there was no imminent threat from them to us or our allies. It was solely to build military bases and all about oil. The American people have not benefited in any way from this war and we continue to throw money into the big black hole named Iraq. It has bankrupted our country and we have nothing to show for it as a country. The Industrial War Complex, the banks and many politicians were the only beneficiaries of this war. We have buried thousands of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis over empire building.

Same with Afghanistan, as we are now discussing an oil pipeline with the Taliban, the same oil pipeline rights the Russians wanted when we fought them by proxy back in the 80’s. In 2001 al Qaeda attacked us, so we are told by our government, and we go into this country and kill some al Qaeda members, missing 99% of them who have now expanded out throughout the Middle East and Africa only complicating the issue. Yet look at the damage and loss of life for our pointless and costly efforts.

The US under Obama is toppling leaders in Muslim countries, which is not about freedom and democracy as there is no such thing under Sharia law, the law of the nut jobs who are taking power in these countries that we have “helped”.  We are only empowering the Muslims.

War on terror hoax

The proof that the war on terror is a hoax lies at the US and Mexico border and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. If we were truly concerned with our nation’s security, that border would be closed and defended by federal troops as it is a US land border under attack every day.

Drugs, weapons, WMD’s, potential terrorists and cash flow across that border every day. Our own law enforcement people are being killed down there and little if anything is being done about it. We will spend trillions sending the military into foreign countries to kill, bomb, build military bases and build oil facilities yet we won’t move a few thousand troops south from any one of our bases in California or Colorado to the border to defend something that is actually a security risk and actually under attack by foreign enemies. This proves without doubt that our supposed focus on national security is a hoax, an illusion. Please note the mainstream media silence on the border issue.

No we are too busy training both foreign and federal troops to work alongside law enforcement in the US. This speaks volumes people as it proves that the American people are the enemy of the government. What is being done to foreigners in their countries by us will be perpetuated on the American people.

People have to wake up and see what is going on around them. The United States of America was established on great principles and political doctrine. It worked well for quite some time. It has since been corrupted, manipulated, raped, pillaged and burned at the bequest of the greedy, the elite, the bankers, the globalists. As with any country the globalists go into, they make a deal to drain the country’s resources and then leave it to die once it is drained.

We my friends are sitting on the edge of the drain, looking into the abyss. What we do now, right now is what will determine the fate of all Americans. Is this what we want to leave to our children and grandchildren?

It’s time to act. Vote this jackass and his cronies out of office. Vote the people in Congress and the Senate out for not doing their jobs the way we need them done. These people are our employees- so evaluate them and fire them as necessary for failure to perform duties to our expectations.

The next time you see rights being violated, say something and do something. Next rights violation may be your own or your family. Get involved as you will find you are not alone.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.


I seriously do not see this guy ever planning to give up the Oval Office through an election loss in November.