The Endangered Species- Humanity


By Randy Taylor – Independent Contributor

28 June 2012: It’s no joke ladies and gentlemen, it is quite clear that humanity is clearly in danger of extinction. Not by natural disasters but by manmade and man accepted disasters such as the loss of liberty and freedom. The western world governments are involved, guided and driven by a behind the scenes blood cult with sickening desire to bring mankind to its knees while imposing their twisted will on humanity through globalization and a one world government.

It is in most human’s nature to resist something that is dangerous, evil or that which could bring death, however the propaganda and programming that has been used is so superb that many people don’t even see what is happening around them to their community, state, country or government. It is sold to them as being good for them, good for mankind as a whole, good for the economy, good for their children, good for their grandchildren. However, nothing is further from the truth.

Your government, our government is slowly and systematically stripping away every right and freedom you have always taken for granted. Look at the US Constitution and find me an amendment that hasn’t been trampled, violated or is in process of being null and void due to a very sociopathic and power hungry President Barack Hussein Obama, a corrupt to the core administration and cabinet around him, a DHS department that was established with the idea sold to us that it would be protecting Americans and their security but is instead stripping away every right and freedom we have. You have the military violating the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the use of Federal Forces in a law enforcement role; a clear violation of law and where one would hope the US military would be protecting us against outsiders (non-US Citizens) in a lawful role, on our US-Mexican border, we have no protection. Drugs, weapons, illegal aliens, weapons, Middle Easterners tied to terrorism groups flow the border through like a river with no obstruction. Our very own Border Patrol has been told to avoid conflict and run away from doing their jobs.

The US and Mexican border is all the proof you require to know that ALL OF THIS TRADING LIBERTY AND FREEDOM FOR SO CALLED SECURITY AND PROTECTION IS COMPLETE BS. It requires no further proof, although if you need it, I’ll be glad to share it with you.

All of the TSA (under DHS) screening machines, wands, X-Ray machines, enhanced by the pedophile gropers of small children, molesters of both women and men who only usually stop short of sticking their fingers in our anuses have yet to stop a single terrorist to date. The famous terrorist shoe and underwear bombers apparently walked right by these uniformed clowns and boarded their flights with no issues, no alarms going off at the scanners. They have confiscated numerous weapons and even more non-weapons but these were all taken from people with no links to terrorism or terrorist entities in any way. Even more amusing (which I have commented on in line during screening) is having a Muslim, with little to no background check searching my bags.

The truth is, the terrorists are running the security at the airports and they are known as the TSA, which are indeed part of a larger terrorist organization known as Department of Homeland Security- the vehicle of tyranny put into place by George W. Bush, piloted further into the abyss of evil by Barack Hussein Obama. This organization is the catalyst that will spearhead completely stripping the citizens of the United States of every last freedom or liberty they once had. Are you aware that TSA and DHS are now all over the airport property, illegally searching and violating people’s rights at will? Are you aware that they want to come to your home and search at will, with no warrant, with no probable cause to do so if you are planning any kind of trip although the use of public transportation aren’t part of your travel plans. It is part of their Pre-Crime Initiative, much like you saw in the movie with Tom Cruise some years ago. I couldn’t make this crap up.

The country is being destroyed economically by design as it will bring the US citizenry to their knees like nothing outside a biological disaster could. Americans love their money and lately, haven’t seen enough of it as they are taxed, robbed, stock market-screwed, pension pulled, slammed with inflation, high interest rates, denial of loans by financial institutions, out of work, losing their homes, cars and anything that used to be considered a luxury, many not able to meet just the necessities.

Once you are broke, hungry and destitute you will be forced to turn to the government for assistance, maybe placed into a FEMA camp, where you have lost all of your freedom and liberty. A slave of the state.

The government claims that the unemployment rate is around 8% when in fact it is closer to 25%. One must remember that the government only reports who is drawing benefits currently, not those that rolled off the unemployment rolls way back in 2009 after the country hit the skids in 2008. Do the math- if the unemployment rate has been in the 8% to 10% range for the last 3-4 years, this means it is around 25% unemployed if accrued over the last few years. (a conservative estimate is 8% per year multiplied by last three years). Don’t be stupid and believe what these politicians are telling you especially when it is election year. The way to tell when a politician is lying is when their mouths are moving.

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar, a liar of the worst kind as he lies when the actual truth is so obvious to anyone with any sense of reality and gets away with it. He gloats in his deceit and revels in his ill gotten power, his obstruction of justice. He is a slithering serpent bent on the illicit gain of power, promoting Islam, promoting one world government, promoting Marxism, socialism, tyranny and evil towards mankind. These will be his legacy. He is a piece of human garbage. He will lose the election in November unless he bucks his handlers and pulls a stunt, a false flag event prior to the elections or even shortly thereafter to where there is no changing of the guard. If he actually leaves office, he will end up as the head of the United Nations and become even more dangerous as he perpetuates his New World Order and Globalist Agenda on mankind. This must not happen.

As a prime example of 1st Amendment Rights being violated at whim, the website you are on right now was forced into moving to another hosting company because of this tyrannical demon of a man Barack Hussein Obama and his goon squads, as he doesn’t like the fact that truth is told here. Even worse, he can’t stand the fact that someone inside his DHS Gestapo is leaking out their plans for the detention, destruction and demise of the American people.

This is why it is critical that websites like this one survive.

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke