The American Predation


By Randy Taylor

22 July 2012: We all know what a predator is. In the world of nature it is an organism or living thing that preys on other organisms or living things, sometimes to survive and other times simply due to the nature of the predator. In this case it is a collective group of people in charge of what was the greatest country on earth who have chosen to rob, plunder, bully, harass and mistreat the very people whom they were charged to protect.  Our predator is a multifaceted predator that is also parasitic in nature, preying on the host body. The host body is the United States, the resources of the United States, the economy of the United States and the people of the United States.

The Presidency of the United States of America was at one time an honorable position, a role model for other leaders of the world to emulate, to admire, to respect. The office use to command respect through dedicated and honest leadership, occupied by some great men in our history. That office used to mean something, used to be a beacon in the dark times, a source of guidance and stability in a troubled world.

The office has long since been corrupted, abused, manipulated, adjusted for personal gain and to conduct vendettas around the world, paving the way for evil men to prosper and decent people to suffer. Over the last twenty years it has blatantly been a tool for the oppression of people while engaging in worldwide corruption and an executive vehicle to dismantle the US Constitution while selling people on trading freedoms and personal liberty for a false sense of security.  Barack Hussein Obama is the perfect example of what a president shouldn’t be, just as many of his predecessors proved to be.

Barack Hussein Obama is a predator and a parasite all rolled into one. He doesn’t pray for this nation instead he preys on this nation and the world. He is a person of non-verifiable origins, a fraud in every aspect as to being qualified to be the President of the United States. He is a symbol of deceit, corruption, dishonesty, selfishness, self gratification, blatant disregard for mankind as a whole and can only be seen as a charlatan and a liar. He sold his voters on false hope, false promises and lies.

This individual is very dangerous to the United States and should be ushered out of the White House immediately. He should be impeached and then arrested (or simply arrested), charged initially and chronologically with fraud, forgery, illegal use of government issued identification, and then additional charges of treason, murder, conspiracy to commit murder and embezzlement should be laid.  He should be given a fair trial as due to any criminal and he should serve time in a federal prison for the rest of his natural life with no possibility of parole.

Monday morning works for me on the arrest warrant. Go ahead and put an end to this now. But alas, this won’t happen for a number of reasons. Primarily because the people that are supposed to enforce justice in this nation are as complicit to the criminal acts as the president himself.

Eric Holder, one of Obama’s chief fornicators of the US justice system and legal predator is filthy himself so there is little to no chance he would lay charges against Obama. He has sold his soul to the devil and has no honor left within. If there is any justice in this world he would be housed in the same penal institution as his master Obama. If he had a single shred of honor left he would place Obama under arrest then confess to his wrongdoings going back years. He has a laundry list of political corruption that would rock the DC world for a long time. He knows where the bodies are buried and who buried them. Unfortunately he could end up like Ron Brown and Vince Foster did back during the Clinton administration. The Fast and Furious investigation might just facilitate this. Holder needs to do something before Obama sees him as a dangerous liability. But of course, that would require having a spine.

I used to have faith that when everything else failed, the Joint Chiefs of Staff would honor their oaths to the Constitution and our country and place Barack Hussein Obama under arrest. But instead they resemble the “yes” men of the Nazi SS as they follow the directions of their criminal boss without any hesitation and without question. I don’t think that Patton or MacArthur would have tolerated this abuse of power and dismantling of the Constitution as our current military leaders do. I’m all for hunting down and killing terrorists who are actually terrorists but when there are executive orders allowed to a person who shouldn’t have that ability because his right to even be in that position is under question, I disagree with anything coming from that office period.

Congress could move to impeach this clown Obama but he has carefully used his executive powers to continually sidestep our legislative body who is supposed to be protecting us. Obama has absolutely no respect for Congress and they know it and worse, they accept this disrespect from the Oval Office.

I also don’t want to lump all of Congress as spineless cowards as there are a (very) few Congressional people that I like and think they have our best interest at heart. They also see the corruption and the dangers that this administration present to the United States. One of these are Rep Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and another one is Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) who both do not hesitate to question Obama’s policies and call the DHS on the carpet for wrongdoing. These people are taking flak from others for questioning how the policies of the US as of late are in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and the appointment of a Muslim with radical Muslim Brotherhood ties to a key post within our government referring to Hillary Clintons State Department pal Huma Abedin. These two fine reps (Bachmann and Gohmert) along with Trent Franks, Lynn Westmoreland, and Tom Rooney actually sent a letter to various departments and agencies questioning the appointment of this particular Muslim as State Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff.  The Muslim in question is Huma Abedin whose late father, mother and brother all have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

More importantly is that the letter questions our foreign policy and that our State Department’s activities and policies ““appear to be a result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.” In my opinion that points the finger directly at Barack Hussein Obama and his obvious mission to build an Islamic Caliphate using the resources of the US and NATO.

To read and download copies of these letters please visit:

 On a separate issue, Rep Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) is also wanting to know why the head of DHS Janet  Napolitano granted a security access code to Mohamed Elibiary who in turn on a personal computer went to various secured intelligence community file repositories and downloaded classified documents for distribution to the media and only God knows who else. We also have no idea what else was downloaded and distributed to our enemies. To give you some insight as to who this Muslim Brotherhood piece of garbage is;  Mohamed Elibiary was a key speaker at a conference “A Tribute to the Great Islamic Visionary,”  specifically, the Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Iran and the violent Muslim global revolution to install a universal Islamic government. This conference was held in Dallas, Texas in December 2004. This Elibiary individual is filthy Islamic scum yet was given a “key” to classified information by this administration.

There are some serious national security issues here and they aren’t getting the focus of the mainstream media as they should. If it were a president that the owners of these media giants didn’t like, this would be plastered on every front page and the topic of every news segment 24 hours a day. This only proves further to you that there are seriously dangerous people behind this Kenyan scumbag occupying the White House.

Things were bad enough under George W. Bush with the versions of the Patriot Act (which was in fact anything but patriotic) and our invasion of Iraq although we really had no grounds to invade Iraq. The al Qaeda connection in Iraq didn’t transpire until we had already toppled Saddam Hussein at which time it was inevitable that we would have to fight al Qaeda as they mustered there to kill US soldiers. My main upset is that so many of our kids had to die in a war that was designed, implemented and arguably still run by idiots. The rules of engagement were and still are as such that our young men and women are simply targets that cannot respond properly to an enemy attempting to kill them. The real ball buster was this theme that although we are invading countries in the Middle East, “Islam is a peaceful religion”.

If Islam is peaceful, according to your own words, then why are we invading them? The irony proves that this was a case of empire building and toppling Middle Eastern leaders, which Bush started with Saddam Hussein’s ouster. Crimes against humanity, murder and whatever else were the charges laid against Saddam who was then executed. Absolutely the wrong pretext and excuse for war. The reason this was the wrong pretext is because arguably those same charges could be laid against our own government. Iraq was a classic case of the US pot calling the Iraqi kettle black. And, unfortunately, the terrorist entities that we used as an excuse were once very small in the Middle East and are now huge, have spread all over and beyond defeat due to their perpetual nature. It’s hard to defeat an ideology and I question whether this ever was the real reason for anything we have done in the Middle East and Africa.

If you were to look at the current and the last eight presidents, all the way back to Johnson, one tries to find a common theme among them. The only common themes I see is massive corruption, the huge emergence of the Industrial War Complex, questionable and mysterious deaths of people surrounding these leaders, dismantling the US Constitution, stripping people of their freedoms under the lie of providing security, US empire building overseas and constant references to this “New World Order” as well as what appears to be fulfilling agendas to support a one world government.

The only way to do this according to their plans is to topple and destroy anything, including people, countries and economies to achieve this vision of a New World Order. Since Bush took out Saddam Hussein, the powers that drive the NOW agenda decided to insert Barack Hussein Obama using the Muslim Brotherhood to topple those Middle Eastern leaders and countries that would present the most difficulty to building the New World Order as he appears to be “Muslim Friendly” if not a Muslim himself. He was born a Muslim and raised a Muslim and hasn’t renounced Islam. Do the math.

 The Muslim Brotherhood is appearing to be a de facto entity in the employment of the United States. This would also explain the access to things within our government provided to the Muslim Brotherhood by this administration. It will be much easier to bring Islam under the New World Order umbrella if it appears to be the wishes of Allah as presented by the Muslim Brotherhood to all Muslims and Muslim countries under their control. It’s easier to control the entire Middle Eastern region if it is under one rule, one Caliphate.

I recall that back in 2008 this website myself included warned everyone that Barack Hussein Obama was himself a security threat to this country, and that he would usher Islam right in the front door and no good would come from this person. Look through the archives here and well, I hate to say it, we told you so.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.