Politically motivated physical assault recorded on video

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23 July 2012: If you had any doubt that ideological emotions are running high in advance of the 2012 elections, a video taken on the evening of 16 July 2012 outside of a synagogue in Jenkintown, PA  should put them to rest.  Tensions are beginning to become apparent as the political and ideological divide widens among citizens.

The meeting of Obama supporters, led in part by Josh Shapiro, the Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, spoke to the crowd about the 2012 Obama campaign along with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Ironically, Shapiro spoke about how tolerant their Progressive ideology is and how they welcome diversity of opinion, except, apparently, when the opinion does not conform to the ideology of Progressivism.


Following the event, a young conservative woman stood outside, holding a handmade, poster-sized sign with anti-Obama sentiments.  As people appeared to be leaving, an older, unidentified  male attendee of the event (depicted above) appeared to aggressively approach the young woman and another unidentified man in two separate but closely timed incidents.

The male aggressor stopped as he walked by the conservative protestor and with his voiced raised, made a series of statements to the young woman. Then, an unidentified male standing across from the young woman said something to the male aggressor, causing the aggressor to turn around and address the younger man. At one point the audio picked up the older man telling the younger man to [expletive deleted] himself.

After that exchange, the aggressor appeared to be leaving, however turned around and approached the young woman holding the sign yet again. This time, however, the camera clearly caught the older male puffing his chest and striking the young woman with his upper body, pushing her backward. Although the apparent physical assault was memorialized on video, the police were not involved and no charges made against the unidentified male.

Although this video has been shown on several internet venues, few are mentioning that this level of incivility is on the rise. In fact, it is this activity that will evolve into more aggressive actions anticipated and even being fomented by the Progressives in power.

Watch for it coming to your area. The video of the event can be viewed here (opens in a new window).

Note: The male shown in this video, acting as the aggressor, is formally invited to be a guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report to explain and defend his actions.