Douglas Hagmann on Infowars


21 August 2012: Douglas J. Hagmann, founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, appeared on the Tuesday edition of Alex Jones’ Infowars to discuss DHS insider information, the war being waged on Christians who are also true patriots, and the attempts of the U.S. government to silence individuals who vocalize their opposition to the political policies of the current administration.

Alex Jones and his staff have long been at the tip of the spear in uncovering government tactics of intimidation and abuse to silence political opposition. That position has come at a price. He, like others who have been actively and effectively uncovering government abuses of power, the trampling of our Constitutional rights, and the globalist conspiracy that few dare to discuss, is a target by those who continue their attempts to institute global governance at the expense of American sovereignty. He has become a magnet himself for campaigns of opposition and smear tactics.

In this special edition of the Infowars nightly news, Doug Hagmann appears at about the 90 minute mark following a great episode with new staff reporter Jakari Jackson, and completes the episode with Mr. Jones. Alex Jones and Doug Hagmann discuss the motives and evolving tactics of the rogue elements within the U.S. government who are working closely with the global power elite.

Silencing the opposition in overdrive

Those who are serving as “watchmen” for the sacred values of our country are under attack like never before in recent history. It is obvious that just as elements within the current U.S. “regime” are the architects of Christian persecution in Egypt, they are employing less graphic yet equally effective tactics in America. To be sure, the graphic and overt persecution will come later. Meanwhile, less over yet increasingly effective systematic attacks are being waged against opposition to the current political agenda.

The discussion also includes a recap of the events over the last several months, including the acquisition of ammunition by federal agencies, the urban warfare exercises taking place on the streets of America, and the recent disclosure via FOIA request that Alex Jones, Infowars, and other sites are being actively monitored by the Department of Homeland Security. What is the government afraid of?

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