Verdict on Rachel Corrie case: correct decision

By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst

5 September 2012: On Tuesday, the district court of Haifa dismissed a civil lawsuit against the nation of Israel and the IDF in the death of activist Rachael Corrie. During the trial that took over a year to determine if the IDF was responsible for the “murder” of Rachel Corrie, I visited Israel and submitted evidence to the defense about the ISM and the actions of Rachel Corrie in Rafah on the day she died. 


While I may be branded as unsympathetic to a parent who lost her daughter in this fiasco, the constant photos of Rachel’s doe-eyed mother, Cindy Corrie, spread across the Internet have compelled me to explain to an uninitiated audience the repulsive and disgusting actions of the Corrie family. Not surprisingly, the ISM cult and the usual suspect of Israel bashers are calling the verdict a “white wash.”  Of course, if the IDF had been found guilty of “murder”, the ISM would be screaming that Israel should not exist, and to give more “freedom” to Hamas, the well known terrorist group in Gaza.  Rachael Corrie had nothing but praise and even lent assistance with her own body to real murderers who were working to kill every man , woman and child inside Israel, if possible. Sadly, the parents of Rachael Corrie are more than willing to continue that legacy for profit and travel.

After their daughter died while doing human shield work for Hamas in Gaza, they met with Yasser Arafat, who was still funding at the time his second intifada that murdered so many Jews. Arafat presented both parents with a framed portrait of Rachel and explained to them their daughter was a martyr for Palestine. The Corries warmly embraced Arafat, the father of world terrorism with great love and affection (after being paid money) who would continue to use their daughter even after her death.


Shortly thereafter, the Corries began their new career touring around the US for the PLO and later Hamas, too, promoting to de-legitimize the nation of Israel. Professional flacks created the “myth” of their “peace activist” daughter who in fact defined herself before her death as an anarchist and who praised Hamas terrorists and their “martyrs.” Even a play was developed as a propaganda tool to advance the notion of Rachel as some martyred peace activist for the Palestinian cause and human rights.

Part of the spin propagated by Rachel and the ISM before her death was that “ISMers” were protecting “Palestinian water wells” and Palestinian “municipal water workers” as human shields. A photo was distributed of ISM-Rafah members sitting in front of such a “water well” with a large banner accusing Israel of shooting civilians. Cindy Corrie appeared before media in the US telling everyone Rachel was in Rafah protecting “Palestinian water wells.”  This is pure propaganda.

ISM code speak, the same anarchist talent of having human shields for Hamas call themselves “peace activists” when they are really human shields for terrorists, also called weapons smuggling tunnels “water wells.” This tactic was created by ISM co-founder Huwaida Arraf that she explains in the London ISM training manual I turned over to the Court.  In turn, Palestinian “municipal water workers” were in fact Hamas terrorists working in those tunnels. Two weeks before she died, Rachel Corrie was in those tunnels, helping Hamas to remove the body of one of their terrorists killed in one by the IDF.

It is important here to point out to a world ignorant of the facts that Israeli Arabs in the IDF, most notably the Bedouin Scouts, worked as “tunnel rats” sometimes in those tunnels (water wells according to Cindy Corrie) and some of them even died in service to Israel to smoke out Hamas terrorists in them.

Cindy and Craig Corrie have stated that they are not anti-Israel. Yet on the Rachel Corrie Foundation website they promote the boycott of and divestment from Israel promoted by the Arab League since 1950 designed to starve the Jews out. The Corries could have spoken out against young people being human shields for Arab terrorists like their daughter had done, but chose instead to make a new career traveling the world promoting Hamas. Even when they were kidnapped at gunpoint in Gaza by Arab terrorists, this didn’t stop the gravy train for them of touring for Hamas in the name of remembering their daughter.

Cindy Corrie knew her daughter was in those weapon smuggling tunnels before Rachel was killed. Rachel told her this in correspondence she sent home. Cindy and Craig Corrie didn’t scream at their daughter to get the hell out of Gaza and stop her dangerous behavior. They contributed to her death as much as the ISM and now instead of making atonement for their actions have developed a career as Israel and Jew bashers for Hamas. It beats working, especially for Cindy Corrie, an unemployed flautist before her daughter’s death.

I’ve written articles about the questionable agenda of the Corries before. It is important to point out that the recent trial held by the fryers (suckers in Hebrew) in the Israeli judiciary was funded by Arab money and with the help of communist-inspired NGO’s in Israel, designed once again to de-legitimize the Jewish state. The Corries are more than willing to help.

The following are the cogent facts in the death of Rachel Corrie:

  1. She was not a peace activist but a self-defined anarchist.
  2. She wanted Israel destroyed to become Palestine and that was her reason for being in Rafah.
  3. She was not protecting a house when she was killed. Video of her death prove this. Samir Nasrallah, the Palestinian “doctor,” then “pharmacist”, then “dentist,” who the Rachel Corrie Foundation paid off with a new home in Gaza, was not having his house demolished the day Rachel died. He did supposedly have his house demolished by the IDF a year after Corrie’s death.
  4. Rachel Corrie as a “human shield” was there to bring Arab sniper fire down on IDF soldiers who were clearing weapons smuggling tunnels (Palestinian “water wells” in ISM code speak). Even the ISM leader the day she died , Thom Saffold, admitted she had broken away from the group and was in a location she should not have been in (bored, she sought to do her own “direct action” sitting in front of a bulldozer that was demolishing a weapons smuggling tunnel in the area, not Sami Nasrallah’s house) Rachel knew the driver of the D9 would never emerge to move her even if he saw her because her purpose was to draw sniper fire for armed terrorists that day on IDF soldiers.
  5. That day, Rachel and her ISM buddies unfurled a banner in front of the mechanized vehicles where the death occurred that said, “IDF, stop shooting innocent civilians.” The laugh is that the IDF soldier driving the D9 is Russian and only speaks and reads Hebrew and Russian and had no idea what the sign said or what ISMers were yelling at him in English. Meanwhile, Arab snipers had been shooting at his armored vehicle all day.
  6. The IDF captain in charge of the three military vehicles where the incident occurred testified that the ISM activists constantly approached the IDF tank and tractor and pointed at their chests yelling “Shoot me! Shoot me!”
  7. Joseph Carr, Rachel’s ISM buddy, through the ISM website, released doctored photos of Rachel allegedly facing down the bulldozer with a bullhorn. Reuters even fell for it and published them but later had to retract them when they were proven fakes. In an interview before the trial, Carr lamented he wasn’t called as a witness in the Corrie trial (the Corrie propaganda machine knew that Carr would become a negative issue during their mock court case). Carr confessed to me that both he and Rachel had retrieved dead bodies of terrorists under orders from their Palestinian terrorist handler, Mohammed Qishta, on more than one occasion. Carr told me they weren’t afraid of arrest by the IDF soldiers because if they emerged to do so they would be shot by Arab snipers. That made Rachel Corrie and Carr both combatants out to harm IDF soldiers.

Cindy and Craig Corrie know all this. Yes, they KNOW all this. Like the ISM and Arab activists who pay them to tour around attacking Israel in the Media, truth doesn’t matter, only money matters and the cult status prestige among other anti-Semites that elevates them to celebrity status with travel justifies their actions. The doe-eyed Cindy has now spoken on Al Jazeera,  the Arab TV network that calls Arab terrorists “martyrs” and claims the two-and-a-half year long trial did not provide “justice”. She claims the US State Department sides with her. The US State Department also is building a Palestinian army to attack Israel in two years, so why should anyone be surprised?

Enough of this clown circus. When will Israel start imprisoning ISM activists who interfere with and endanger the lives of IDF soldiers? Next stop, the Israeli Supreme Court, then the Hague as the Rachel Corrie clown circus rolls on and on and on…

The simple truth is the ISM is to a large degree responsible for the war between Israelis and Palestinians being unending. Now, in late September, St. Louis University, a Jesuit school no less is hosting an national ISM conference where 15 disparate groups that help make up the ISM will meet and train more Rachel Corries.

Contact the President of St. Louis University, a Priest named Lawrence Biondi and ask him why a Jesuit College whose mission statement clearly states it promotes Judeo-Christian values is hosting an anti-Semitic Hatefest to make war on the Jews. While you’re at it, try to contact the University’s Board of Trustees as Biondi already has a track record of helping the jihadis at his school: .