Recruiting HAMAS at St. Louis University this month

Jesuit college to help the ISM recruit more terrorist sympathizers

By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst

5 September 2012: Coming on the heels of the verdict exonerating the IDF of accusations it murdered Rachel Corrie, a new national organizers conference by the  International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is scheduled  to be held at St. Louis University from September 21-23, 2012. St. Louis University is a Jesuit college, yet is playing host to what amounts to an anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian festival of hate. All in the name of religious tolerance, of course.

Same operators - new name

In order to try and have more influence in Washington and to deflect from its less-than-savory image, the ISM renamed itself the U.S.Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and placed radical quislings of Jewish descent in charge to lend an air of legitimacy. This new name and organization was done under the direction of ISM co-founder Huwaida Arraf, but all the ISM players are still there.

St. Louis University where this event will be held is a Jesuit college but just like another Jesuit college, Georgetown, where the 2006 national ISM conference was held  and an elderly Jewish man beaten up, this St. Louis, Missouri University sees no problem with hosting a conference that is in reality another anti-Jewish hate fest. Apparently, Lawrence Biondi, the President of St. Louis University and a Catholic Priest, disregarded his college’s own mission statement that declared the Jesuit school promotes Judeo-Christian values when he insisted this ISM conference be allowed to take place.

These conferences try to pass themselves off as educational discussions about Middle East peace but make no mistake about it: they are training and strategy sessions to enlist more Rachel Corries to go to the Middle East and interfere with anti-terror operations of the IDF as well as to generate support for Hamas as it continues to fire rockets into southern Israel.

If that isn’t enough, a key emphasis will also be placed on training attendees from all over the nation into how to boycotts and divest from the Jews.  Publicly the leaders claim they only promote boycotting Israel’s “occupation” of Judea and Samaria and the “siege” on Gaza, but training sessions also teach how to infiltrate Jewish organizations in the United States and how to boycott businesses run by American Jews.

Boycotting Israel is against U.S. law - except when it isn’t

The Boycotting of Israel is illegal by US law since 1997 but our government ignores the Law. Seminars at this event will teach attendees how to promote the boycott of the Jews in general on their campuses, in labor unions, even in churches.

Huwaida Arraf can almost certainly be expected to attend where she will recruit and train more Rachel Corries who can go to Israel under false pretenses then act as human  shields for terrorist groups over there.  Arraf has been steering the ISM into giving more and more support and legitimacy to the Jew-killers in Hamas as well, and was an organizer of the Flotilla boats to aid Hamas. She was the ISM leader who devised the strategy to stop defining themselves as human shields for terrorist groups and call themselves peace activists and human rights workers instead.

One of the scheduled seminars will be led by Abe Greenhaus who once smashed a pie in the face of Natan Sharansky when he spoke at Rutgers University. Another guest there will no doubt be Charlotte Kates of New Jersey Solidarity who once called Israeli children killed by suicide bombers fair game. Paul LaRudee, the head of Norcal ISM will probably be there also. LaRudee is the man I got deported from Israel when he tried entering the country under a false identity to aid Hamas. Undaunted, LaRudee went to Lebanon next where he was a human shield for Hezbollah during the 2006 summer war.

The keynote speaker and lecturer-trainer though will be Dalit Baum, an Israeli radical who boasts she has cost the Israeli economy 1.5 billion dollars thus far in promoting the worldwide boycott of Israel. Baum even wants companies like Motorola that provide anti-terror equipment to the Israeli government such as video cameras that can spot armed terrorists entering Israel  communities . Baum for public consumption tries to say she’s only concerned about the West Bank and Gaza, but openly calls for boycotting Israeli companies that work within the 1948 ceasefire lines like Mod’I’in.

One session will also teach anti-Israel activists how to tie their Palestinian revolution to other social causes such as the environment in order to make Palestine’s final destruction of Israel everyone’s goal. These conferences do not promote peace or a two state solution, but rather serve to keep the war roiling against the Jews forever both inside Israel and abroad and should have no place in an institution of higher learning let alone a Jesuit Institution.

The local Jewish Community Relations Council seems content to sit back and ignore the event as long as St. Louis University doesn’t openly advertise it. However, the real issue is that these events are designed to aid Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Arab terror groups to achieve final victory against the Jews.  It is up to people who can see through the veneer of an educational conference to make a true effort to stop this anti-Jewish hate fest from ever occurring. The ISM likes to do them on college campuses because the venue lends respectability and the colleges usually absorb part of the tab.