Tools against the truth

By Douglas J. Hagmann

1 November 2012: I often wonder why some authors are frequently criticized for citing information provided by unnamed but fully vetted sources, while other authors who perpetuate theories that have no basis in fact are given a pass from their readers. I am referencing the September 11, 2012 attack and the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, and the unsubstantiated “theory” that the deaths were actually the result of a bizarre kidnapping plot gone awry.

In the latest incarnation of this theory, The Western Center for Journalism is now reporting that “a source within the White House” has allegedly given up the shocking truth - that there was a secret twofold plan that involved Stevens and the incarcerated Blind Sheikh. One part of the plan was to make the release of the Blind Sheikh in exchange for Stevens’ life more palatable in an election year. The other part of the plan was to make Barack Obama the hero by intervening and obtaining Stevens’ safe release.

While it certainly “sounds good” at its face,  this theory falls apart upon further scrutiny and through numerous contacts with actual intelligence sources who have a direct link to other intelligence assets who were in theater. It is unfortunate but understandable that this theory is gaining in popularity. It is much easier to understand than the actual reality of the situation, plus it indicts a increasingly unpopular sitting U.S. President in a nefarious scheme by those with an opposing political agenda.

This theory is being perpetuated by numerous right-wing, conservative authors, web sites and Internet forums who are sacrificing the truth for political gain. The hatred for “all things Obama” has overtaken their genuine search for the truth, yet the real truth of this situation has a significantly greater negative impact on Obama than this outlandish and completely false account. In fact, the truth is much more nefarious, much more frightening, and is much more of a threat to the stability of the world than most people can grasp at this moment in time.

Unfortunately, such rabidly popular theories as this can readily become a tool of the opponents of the truth, rather than an actual tool in search of the truth. Currently and over time, those wishing to bury the true accounts of decisions made at the White House level will use this theory, among others, to distract, divert and convolute the incident and further mire the truth.

As an investigator of nearly 30 years, I am familiar with all kinds of tactics used by people and their accomplices or co-conspirators involved in criminal activities. One of the most difficult to combat is the perpetuation of parallel theories for a crime. These are theories that sound good because they are easy for people to quickly understand and easy to explain without having to access many facts, yet are far from the reality of events.

Often, the alternative media picks up on such theories and the feeding frenzy of unchecked and reckless accusations begins. Combine this with an unpopular “suspect” or unpopular “suspects,” the theory slowly becomes reality to many. The blind ambitions to “get” the suspect overshadow the quest for the truth, despite the fact that the truth, which is a bit more difficult to explain, will expose an even greater crime.

In high-profile cases like this, it is incumbent upon people to exercise intellectual integrity and an unbiased approach in their search for answers. Don’t be blinded by a political agenda, as truth is not beholden to any political agenda. It has been said that truth  might not lead you to where you thought you were going, but it will always lead you somewhere better.

Don’t become a tool of the opposition, or those opposing the truth. Research the facts, which are much more intriguing and far more frightening than alternative reality. The fate of our nation and perhaps the world depends on it.