Hagmann & Hagmann Report Unabridged Dictionary


16 November 2012: As a public service to our website visitors and to our listeners, we are proud to introduce the unabridged Hagmann & Hagmann Report/Northeast Intelligence Network unabridged dictionary. The dictionary is offered as a public service in an effort to provide our readers and listeners with the most up-to-date reference of new words or definitions of existing words whose meanings have been influenced by current and recent historical events.

This is a work in progress; new entries will be introduced according to the frequency of their use and the relative importance they have to current and recent events.

Our first entry:



1. Proper surname of a U.S. Senator from New Jersey, (Jon Corzine) who served in that    capacity from 2001 to 2006,  as Governor of New Jersey (2006 to 2010),  CEO of  Goldman Sachs (1990s), and CEO of MF Global (2010 to 2011).

a.  Top fundraiser for Barack Hussein Obama.

b.  The man who was at the head of MF Global at the time at least $1.6 billion of client money from segregated investor accounts “disappeared,” ruining the lives of many people.


             2.  An alleged thief or white collar criminal, especially:

                        a. An allegedly immoral criminal degenerate who is able to steal with impunity due to an incestuous relationship with the U.S. Attorney General;

                        b. An allegedly evil person

ex:  He just stole the retirement accounts of 25,000 workers and laughed about it. He’s a real Corzine.

             3. Grand theft allegation

ex: Investigators are looking into a corzine at First National Bank.

          4. An allegation of stealing other’s people money without moral or ethical hindrance.

5. Vulgar Slang The alleged act or instance of deviate, non-consensual sexual intercourse;  usually sodomy.

ex: Bruce was the victim of a corzine while in federal prison.

 v. corzined, corzin·ing, corzine

1. To allegedly steal large sums of money, usually in the billions of dollars, with  impunity; an allegation of co-mingling sacrosanct client money with other funds, thus   exposing client money to unnecessary, immoral and illegal risk without fear of punishment.

 ex: The Ex Goldman Sachs broker corzined the farmer’s funds, which were in a segregated account, and now the farmer is financially wiped out.

             2. To allegedly steal large sums of money, usually in the billions of dollars, without fear    of punishment due to one’s relationship with high-ranking elected officials.

ex: He corzines because he’s a top financial bundler for Barack Hussein Obama.

             3. To allegedly take advantage of; cheat: I corzined them out of their entire life savings.

 Phrasal Verbs:

 corzine around

1. Slang An allegation of grand theft without fear of punishment from any government oversight body.

2. Vulgar Slang To engage in random acts of sodomy

 corzining, corzined

1. Allegedly engaging in grand theft, ruining the lives of unsuspecting victims.

2. Slang To allegedly steal billions from others without remorse

3. Slang An allegation of financial devastation by a CEO who also happens to be a friend of an alleged President. .

ex: I had my money in a segregated account, but I was corzined.

                  4. Slang To allegedly live off of money stolen from unsuspecting investors:

ex: I’m living in a multi-million dollar home, driving a Bentley, and have no earthly worries, so I guess you can say I’m corzining right now.

Synonyms: Rape, pillage, plunder, evil, evildoer, Beelzebub, thief, thievery

Antonyms: Integrity, morality, character

Important note regarding this entry: Jon Corzine (the individual referenced in the first definition), was never charged with any crime. In the spirit of the United States Constitution, a person should always be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. At least that is the way the system is supposed to work.