Lindsey Williams tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report


By Douglas J. Hagmann

12 December 2012:  Lindsey Williams is an ordained minister who rubbed shoulders with some of the most powerful men in the world while the trans-Alaskan oil pipeline was being built in the 1970’s. He initially served as a chaplain to the 25,000 laborers on site, and was then invited to minister to the top executives of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Pastor Williams was quickly recognized as an invaluable asset to the company and was granted top level executive status and full access to the entire operation. He attended high level corporate board meetings, thereby gaining unique and unfettered access to some of the most important decision makers in the world. The insight he gained and the information he learned was available to only a very limited number of people who set the agenda for the future of the world. He has maintained and cultivated those very special contacts over the last four decades, and will be sharing the information about the future of the world – our future – your future to our audience on tonight’s show.

As a professional investigator of nearly 30 years, my interest in Pastor Williams was piqued by his nearly dead-on accuracy to seemingly “predict” future economic and political events. Pastor Williams seemed to have inside information on matters pertaining to the U.S. dollar, oil prices, commodities, and the activities of the global elite – some of the most important practical “survival” issues for the average person to understand yet was routinely retained as privileged and confidential information reserved for only “the elite” class.  No more.

Pastor Williams has agreed to share what he knows about the agenda of the “string pullers” and how their agenda will impact your future. Except for your spiritual health and eternal salvation, what could possibly be more important than getting the inside information about what is being planned by the people behind the proverbial curtain?

Join Pastor Williams tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report as he gives us rare and invaluable insight into the future with new and startling information he has just received from the very people making the plans.

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NOTE: The information given to Pastor Williams is so important and so startling that he has created a 2 DVD set about the information he received since the 2012 election. Titled The Next Four Years, Pastor Williams carefully and methodically outlines exactly what the world power brokers have in store for you, your country and the world. In fact, the agenda of the elite is so disturbing and startling that he also created a DVD – the second of the set – titled How to Survive the Next Four Years. This vital information can be ordered HERE (Opens in new window/tab).

I can assure you that Pastor Lindsey Williams does not need my endorsement as a veteran investigator, nor did he request it. But I will tell you that after performing my own research into the information he was given, careful investigative analysis of the previous information he has provided over the years, I fully endorse and recommend obtaining your copy of this DVD series. Not only will it give you important insight into what’s being planned, but it will give you priceless information about how to survive the coming events. I recommend putting this on your Christmas list for yourself, and give it as a gift to those you care about.

Visit Pastor Williams website HERE (Opens in new tab/window)