The Christmas link to 9/11


By Douglas J. Hagmann

25 December 2012: Merry Christmas, everyone. Well, sort of. I ask that you slowly back away from your eggnog and take a few minutes to consider what you are about to read. Let me warn you, though, that you might not like what I am about to write, as it could turn your way of looking at things upside down. Regardless, it is important to know and understand as it just might answer some very important questions and concerns about events currently taking place around us.

As Christians, we have been led to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus on this day, December 25. As a believer myself in the Holy Bible and a believer that Jesus was born, died and rose from the dead, I believe the birth of Jesus is to be celebrated. My Christian faith is solid and unshakable. My belief in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus is also unshakeable.

As an investigator, however, I have a quality that some people find at times to be bothersome – a desire for details and truth, especially of historical events and facts related to such events. During my nearly 30 years as an investigator, I’ve been compared to “Columbo” more than once by people I’ve interviewed, and it was never meant to be complimentary. I don’t like to be lied to, and suspect that you don’t either.

So, what does Christian faith and the trait of persistence for truth have to do with Christmas and the actual date of the birth of Jesus? Even more appropriately, why should you, the reader, care or give it a second thought? Because it figures into present day events more than you realize.

Lest you believe what I am about to write is irrelevant to the present, read on, because it might very well change the manner in which you look at recent events of major historical significance. Accepted with an open mind and pure spirit, it might even shake you to your core. It will not upset your Christian faith, but perhaps strengthen it.  It will help you put into context certain historical and current events that until now, have been surrounded by questions and whose questioners labeled as conspiracy nuts. Such revelations will help you understand certain lies that we have been forced to believe as fact, and just how exceedingly deep those lies go.

Before proceeding, I wish to acknowledge the magnificent research of Gary Bell, commonly referred to ‘the Spaceman” and the host of A View from Space. His program is broadcast live every Saturday night on AM 640 in Toronto. Not to be confused with Art Bell, Gary Bell does a three-and-a-half hour weekly radio program. In a refreshing but demanding departure from the norm, he takes no calls and has no guests. This format allows him to delve deeply into important topics and lay out evidence in a manner that would make even Columbo proud. His program last Saturday was dedicated to the actual date of the birth of Jesus, and the evidence he presented was outstanding. For better or worse, so too were his findings, which is the inspiration for my report.

Where’s the Birth Certificate?

Unlike Barack Hussein Obama II or Barry Soetoro, Jesus was never issued a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB), yet more historical evidence exists for His date and place of birth than the current occupant of the White House. Like the current denizen of the White House, however, there has always been some level of controversy over His birth. Not the location or his parentage, both which have been well recorded, but the actual date of His birth.

For over a millennium, Christians have been led to celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25., and the Julian and Gregorian calendars are fashioned after the year of His birth with the designation of “Anno Domini,” or A.D., and B.C., or “Before Christ.” Hence, we are currently in the year 2012 A.D. based on the birth of Jesus. But is this accurate and if not, who really cares? As it happens, we all should, as the findings relative to the actual birth date of Jesus will open an entirely new aspect of questions of current events, and reveal the sinister agenda of those behind the lies we are watching play out before us every day. Unsettling questions about significant and stunning events.

Last month, Pope Benedict XVI caused a bit of a stir when he released his book Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives, which questioned the accuracy of the date of the birth of Jesus. Despite not being the intent of the book, it was a topic on which many people seemed to focus. Perhaps without such intent, the book opened new questions into the topic. It also caused many people to re-examine the Biblical and historical account of Jesus’ birth. Interesting timing at the very least.

The real birth date of Jesus: a key to understanding good & evil

There are several keys to identifying the exact date and even a two-hour window of time of the birth of Jesus. The investigative research required to detail the exact date of the birth of Jesus is well outside the scope of this column, but it is available for those wanting to perform such research. A good place to start is, of course, the Holy Bible. From there, one is able to match astronomical charts based on the famous “star” signifying the birth of Jesus. Again, that is simply for starters as there is much more evidence that exists.

But so what? What if Jesus was not born on December 25, what does it matter? Does that make His birth any less real, or does that diminish our belief in Him in any way? Of course not, and of this I wish to be absolutely and perfectly clear.

However, I want to be abundantly clear about something else. We are presently engaged in a battle between good and evil. It is as much a spiritual war as it is a real, earthly war. Those with spiritual discernment can sense it. If you cannot, I would kindly ask you to simply stop reading now, go back to your eggnog, and accept my apology for the few minutes you invested to this point. To all others, please read on.

According to extensive research and investigation, all of which has been well documented, the actual date of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior was on September 11 in the year known by today’s calendar as 3 B.C. This date alone has tremendous historical significance beyond being the birth date of Jesus.

September 11, 3 B.C. is recorded as Tishri 1 on Jewish calendar – the Jewish New Year’s Day, the Day of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah. That day holds significant and profound importance for the birth of the Messiah as it marks a “new beginning” for earth and the anniversary or renewal of creation. It’s also Noah’s accepted birth date as well as the date that Noah removed the cover from the ark.

That’s right, September 11 is not only the birth date of Jesus, but a date of significant Judeo-Christian spiritual importance as a “new beginning.” Please contemplate that for a moment.

“Illuminating” the darkness

Understanding that September 11 is the actual birth date of our Lord and Savior, a date of pure goodness and Godliness and a date signifying a new beginning, it should open your eyes to the evil forces that are working to pervert and mock God, to advance the agenda of the very people who want to convolute good into evil, and to fool us into believing lies. I know I am treading on some very tricky ground here, but I’ll take the risk and ask you to look at the larger picture.

For generations, talk of the end of days, the anti-Christ and Armageddon have held people’s interest. There’s always been a fascination of this final battle between good and evil. Believers of the Holy Bible know how the battle ends, but we often fail to consider the details of the battle. Evil is built on subtle deception, and often the devil is in the details.

To expose evil is to illuminate its lies. To defeat evil is to understand how it works. And part of that understanding is to identify the people and groups behind the forces of evil. Such talk is often associated with conspiracy theories and shadowy figures, including the talk of a “New World Order.” Such references are usually mocked and the topic is marginalized and the messengers attacked as nuts. Considering what you’ve just read, might you reconsider your previous dismissals and reevaluate the facts and official narratives of certain events?

The day the world changed

Consider the implications of the true date of the birth of Jesus, identified as September 11 in the year 3 B.C. according to our current calendar. A birth that marked the change of the world over two thousand years ago. The beginning of a new age.

Now consider the purveyors of evil, in their most audacious and grandiose objective, to use the birth date of Jesus to bring down the Judeo-Christian nation of the United States. September 11, 2001 is often referred to as the day that changed the world. Could this be one of the most grand mockeries of God ever perpetuated on the world? Could the attacks of September 11, 2001, have been used to kick off the start of a third world war – the very actions we are seeing taking shape today?

Is it not the trait of evil to hide in plain sight, and to deceive even the very elect if possible? While everyone is looking for a hidden evil, would it not be the ultimate deception to hide, or exist and even flourish in plain sight?

Could it be that the talk of a New World Order” is actually the ushering in of a new age of evil at the sound of the final trumpet? Just what are the odds of the day that changed the world in 2001 falling on the birth date of Jesus and the day that changed the world two millennia ago?

Something evil this way comes. The truth has been buried beneath lies and evil is rapidly on the march right before our very eyes. It is necessary for each of us to search for the truth with spiritual discernment, and to open our eyes to the lies before us – before it is too late.

It is time to re-examine everything we’ve been told and reassess every person and every event through the prism of spiritual discernment and Biblical principles. It is time to identify evil for what it is, the purveyors of evil for who they are, and accept nothing but truth over lies and deception.  Not only does our earthly existence depend upon it, but so does our eternal salvation.

We should celebrate the birth of our Savior, but not fall victim to a false narrative. We must know the difference to avoid falling for an even bigger deception from whence there is no return.