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Douglas J. Hagmann
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What will you do when they come for your guns?


Tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

2 January 2013: What will you do when they come for your guns? Or what if they merely criminalize them… or just some of them? Will you willfully disarm yourself in order to avoid being a felon? When a knock on the door comes, just what WILL you do? Have you thought about that - I mean, really thought about it?

For the first hour tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report we will be joined by Keith Hanson, former law enforcement officer, current firearms instructor and talk show host from Naples, Florida who has some very strong feelings and opinions on what he will do. Join us for some very important information from the perspective of a former police officer and his insight into what the future might look like if a gun ban or gun confiscation takes place.

Mr. Hanson is a strong proponent of Oath Keepers and the Second Amendment. His experience as a former police officer will assist and prepare us.

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