An open letter to all “freedom fighters”


By Douglas J. Hagmann

12 January 2013: As events to take away our most fundamental freedoms by the power-brokers, elected officials and others are increasing at an exponentially breathtaking rate, so too is the petty divisiveness I am witnessing among patriots and people who care very deeply about the course and future of our once great country. It is disheartening and disturbing and needs to stop. We need to unite and work together under the common cause of saving what remains of our country and changing it back to the intent of our founding fathers.

At this most critical juncture in our history, when our very freedoms are at risk and the future of our country is at stake, we cannot allow minor differences, egos, and infighting to compromise our mission of safeguarding our present and preserve our future. Such infighting threatens our effectiveness and causes us to lose sight of our objective, something desired by the Communist opposition entrenched in the highest levels of our government.

To the delight of those who want to destroy our nation from within, infighting among patriots is growing. Personal and professional egos trump the important objectives of the collective. The enemies of freedom laugh in delight every time one patriot speaks out against another, knowing that division among patriots is necessary for their triumph and our defeat. People well schooled in history understand the importance of this orchestrated rending among the freedom loving opposition. We must not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of turning against one another, especially when our objectives are the same.

I write this as my inbox is filled with e-mails about events that have taken place over the last week. The focus of many people has shifted from our prime objective of retaining what little freedoms we have left to the actions and accusations of one freedom fighter against another.

I believe we are more intelligent than to become sidetracked and fall for the tactics that sow discord with the intent to disrupt our mission. I believe that God has placed each of us here, at this very moment in time, for a very special purpose. Although we are all different, our goals are the same – the preservation of our freedoms against what are increasingly formidable odds. We can recognize and acknowledge our differences, but they must not be allowed to disrupt the unity of our cause. We must work together, play our respective positions, do our level best, and above all, pray to Almighty God for guidance and discernment.

Let’s unite and work together, and support one another as we fight against the growing tyranny of the state. Let’s keep our eyes on our mission and our goal, which is the retaking our of nation and preservation of our rights.

We might not get another chance.