Genetic Armageddon has arrived; you won’ t believe what comes next


“Although most of the planet is blissfully unaware of what is approaching, lulled by promises of a ‘great big beautiful tomorrow,’ the near future will be anything but beautiful… [T]he future is so abhorrent as to almost defy the imagination.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

b-gene23 January 2013:¬† In 2003, author Steve Quayle wrote Genetic Armageddon, Today’s Technology-Tomorrow’s Monsters. I first read his book, consisting of nearly 300 pages in a large, 8″ x 10″ format, in June of 2004. I recall that my initial thoughts were mostly of disbelief, especially with regard to the truly Satanic nature and imminence of the plans to destroy mankind. When I re-read the book again this month, I was astonished at how much of the information contained in the book had already come to pass, with many of the events taking place since my initial reading.

Genetic Armageddon provides the reader extensive details of plans in place by various¬† governments and multinational corporations to fulfill a nightmare – to “out-god” God and engage in genetic experiments and activities that would make Hitler envious. After thoroughly reviewing the book again, I now realize just how correct and ahead of his time Steve Quayle was regarding the genetic manipulation of man to advance a Luciferian agenda.

Now, you won’t believe what’s coming next, according to Mr. Quayle. We’ll find out exactly what’s coming next during this special program tonight at a special time. Please join us for startling new information about what’s being planned and what’s already taking place.

Program time: 9:00 p.m. – midnight ET; 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Mountain Time

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