Tonight: Truth is stranger than fiction

Friday on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Twice dead in Korea: The unbelievable untold story of PFC Ricardo Carrasco

Location: Korea - Pork Chop Hill. Date: July 6, 1953: About three weeks shy of the end of “hostilities” in Korea. Paramount Studios were shooting a movie with real soldiers on location, and Hollywood bigwigs believed they just discovered someone who would be their newest and brightest star in the trenches at Pork Chop Hill.  A new Audie Murphy, according to some. His name was PFC Ricardo Carrasco.  The trouble, however, is that PFC Carrasco felt he had a more important job to do, and was more interested in getting the job done for his country and company than signing a lucrative Hollywood contract at that moment. It is at this point that the story takes a strange and unexpected turn.

It’s a story that you just cannot make up. It’s fact that is much stranger than fiction - a real plot for a real Hollywood movie that ended in a a manner that no one saw coming - not even the makers of the Hollywood producers, directors or crew. Not only was strange history was made on that day, but the oddities continued through the remainder of the twentieth century.

Join us tonight with our special guest blogger known as “Warchick,” a military historian/conservative commentator. She is a frequent guest on multiple talk-radio shows and is author of the forthcoming “Forgotten Warrior” series. She coined the phrases “Political Castration”-nothing correct about it-and ISLAMMUNISM-the secret combination of Islam/Communism. She sounds the war cry on North Korea and its unholy alliance with terrorism. She has a degree in Education but stands firm against the NEA.

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