Obama’s “Cyber-warriors” caught in gun control action


“DHS Insider” information proven accurate

By Douglas J. Hagmann

25 February 2013: We initially disclosed the existence of Obama’s “cyber-warriors” in an article published on 6 February 2013 under the title DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber-warriors & preparing for collapse. Today, a Texas lawmaker has reportedly caught Obama’s cyber-warriors in action, using fraudulent Twitter accounts to sway the gun control argument. According to Rep. Steve Stockman, Obama is using fictitious Twitter accounts to make it appear that there is more public support for gun control than really exists.

Rep. Stockman analyzed 16 Twitter messages he received favoring Obama’s gun control initiative, finding that 10 out of the 16 were from accounts or people that don’t exist. They are fake accounts, or computer generated spambots, according to Mr. Stockman.

Recent contact with my DHS insider verified that all social media is being heavily infiltrated by full-time workers under Obama’s “Cyber-Warriors for Obama” project that began on January 23, 2013, just two days after his inauguration. According to this insider, over 3,500 people are working to infiltrate various news and political sites on the internet. Their intent is to disrupt, divert topics, marginalize political opponents of Obama, and control as much public sentiment in favor of Obama as possible. “It’s a propaganda¬† campaign that would make Joseph Goebbels jealous.

” This is merely the start. Expect more,” stated this insider.