Influence Co-Opts President, Congress, Courts

By Wayne Jett, guest contributor

The past 100 years have been phenomenally successful for a small, powerful circle often called “the Establishment.” In 1913, the Establishment got its long sought private bank (called the Federal Reserve) with the exclusive franchise to create and lend legal currency used by the U. S. government and the American people. The same year, 1913, they got a tax on all income earned by productive people, with rates graduated higher for more successful producers. The very next year, 1914, the Establishment commenced a landmark achievement: World War I. 

WWI was desired and brought on by the Establishment for two reasons. They wanted war to make human society more malleable – more accepting of change. The change desired was, and is, back to the two-class society which existed through the 18th Century. Secondly, the Establishment wanted WWI to begin dealing practically with the worst of all evils (in their eyes), human population growth. Thus, the bigger and more destructive the war, the better the Establishment liked it.

The war which began in 1914 fit the bill perfectly. WWI killed more young men in numerous single battles than the entire, horrendous American War of 1860-1865, in which more Americans died than in all other wars combined. The U. S. entered WWI in 1917, about the time Russia laid down its arms on the eve of victory and withdrew from the Allies’ Eastern Front. At the time, one of the Establishment’s major tax-exempt foundations in the U. S. (claiming dedication to “international peace”) secretly wrote a letter urging President Woodrow Wilson to be sure the war did not end too soon.

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