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By Douglas J. Hagmann

As listeners to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, are you prepared to make your voices known that this cannot be permitted to continue? - Doug Hagmann

31 August 2013:  Is the Hagmann & Hagmann Report and the guests who appear on our show being intentionally censored? And if so, by whom? And why? These are questions that we were forced to ask ourselves and others over the last 72 hours. As of 6:40 p.m. ET today, we believe we were given the answers to at least some of these questions. The information is troubling to say the least.

As regular listeners to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report know, we’ve experienced a myriad of sound quality problems that have lately caused us extreme frustration and fatigue to our listeners. Within the last year, we’ve invested thousands of dollars in professional quality studio broadcasting equipment, as well as high bandwidth cable lines that assure that we have the necessary professional capabilities to handle an exceptionally large volume of traffic. We’ve also hired technicians to assess our equipment, connectivity and performance, and passed all of their benchmark tests with flying colors.

To provide our listeners and special guests with uninterrupted real-time broadcast segments to hear and provide the most content possible (i.e. less commercialization), we chose Blog Talk Radio for our primary broadcasting and archival venue. They provide a seamless interface for listeners wanting to use other applications to hear our program. Of course, we pay a premium for this service, and they have served us well. Except…

Beginning in March, our ranking began to rise within the alternative news community. We’ve been continually ranked in the top most popular slots of all Blog Talk Radio shows, and have been consistently ranking in the top 50-100 most downloaded news and current event programs in iTunes, even surpassing veteran luminaries such as Fox News, Michael Savage, NPR, and others in download popularity (see screen captures at the end of this report). Of course, these ranking change consistently, but we’ve held our own among the big dogs of syndicated radio.

When we began to bring on guests to talk about topics considered far too controversial for syndicated shows touching on issues related to the actions of our government, DHS, TSA, and especially banking and economic issues, our broadcasting problems began to get worse. At first we believed it to be related to packet loss due to the high volume of calls and listeners. That problem was reportedly solved by BTR and the broadcasts became “normal” again, until last week.

Transmission problems & their timing… Coincidence?

On Thursday, August 29, 2013, our scheduled guest was V, The Guerrilla Economist,” an insider who uses a pseudonym to protect his identity, to talk about the U.S. dollar takedown, the central banker’s role in Syria, and other important, life-changing issues he planned to expose on our program. In anticipation of his appearance, we heavily promoted the show throughout the social networking and internet websites, and countless listeners lined up to hear the information he was preparing to disclose. Less than an hour into that broadcast, our program was shut down as part of a confirmed systemic takedown via a DDOS attack against Blog Talk Radio.

On Friday, August 30, 2013, a veteran counter-intelligence “insider” known in the intelligence community by his pseudonym Yoda with a stellar reputation was scheduled to appear and discuss the current state of domestic affairs, and provide our listeners with a glimpse of what life looks like under martial law. During his 30-year career, he has worked in over 100 countries, and lived under martial law. He was going to provide listeners with not only what to expect, but how to avoid the common traps of living under martial law - how to effectively beat the system in a realistic manner. This, of course is based on experience, not theory.

Both programs were the victims of Direct Denial of Service Attacks (DDOS) at the BTR level.

Since the onset of problems on Thursday, we at The Hagmann & Hagmann Report have been in frequent contact with BTR personnel, attempting to determine the cause of our broadcasting problems. After many contacts and much investigation, a customer support liaison with BTR confirmed with The Hagmann & Hagmann Report the following, at 6:40 p.m. ET today (we have both the audio and transcripts to support these claims):

At 6:55 p.m. on Thursday, August 29, 2013, BTR began getting hit with a coordinated DDOS attack. The attack could not be contained or mitigated, and as a result, our broadcast was terminated as a direct result of this attack at approximately 8:40 p.m. The attacks lasted until 10:30 p.m., after we were forced to cancel our show.

On Friday, August 30, 2013, a repeat of the DDOS took place, again forcing us off the air. The attacks on this date ceased shortly after midnight.

The attacks were initiated immediately before our broadcast times, and lasted about an hour on each side of our time slot, although BTR technicians would not say whether we were the intended target.

These attacks were sophisticated enough to circumvent the “hardening” of their equipment and override their efforts to stop or mitigate the attacks.

After talking with BTR officials, it appears they have taken steps to prevent this from taking place again. They would not discuss the technical issues of the attack or confirm with specificity what IP range was targeted. It was disclosed that other shows broadcast simultaneously during our time slot were also adversely affected.

Unanswered questions

From what we’ve been told and what we have documented though our multiple contacts with BTR, these attacks are not the normal DDOS low-level hacker type of attacks. They were more sophisticated and highly coordinated. What we cannot state with legitimate authority is whether The Hagmann & Hagmann Report was the sole intended target.

This question, however, might be answered by the trouble experienced by the Christians United Broadcasting Network that simulcasts our program independent of BTR. It was noted that this network experienced similar problems concurrent but independent of BTR while broadcasting our program.

In conclusion and based on the information we have now learned through our investigation, it is not unreasonable to question whether there are individuals and/or entities that want to take us off the air, or at the very least, make us appear to be amateurs and therefore, unreliable in terms of the information we offer.

The information provided by our show and in particular, our guests, is time sensitive and critical to practical and spiritual preparation of events on our dark horizon. In light of the recent confirmations that there is an agenda by our own government to censor the truth in all forms, are we being unreasonable to question whether we are experiencing a form of this censorship?

It is not our desire or intent to sound or appear self-important or exhibit hubris where none should exist. I am merely asking… is our information, and especially those of our guests, being censored through these attacks? Out of all other shows and venues, why us?  Why now?

Based on the information collected from our most recent investigation, I do not believe that I am overstating my case when I state that there is something very wrong taking place that appears to be designed to stifle our ability to inform and educate our listeners to the truth behind the events taking place in the U.S. and all across the globe today. If this is indeed the case, and I believe it is based on what I’ve learned, now what?

What can we do - individually and through our listenership, do to prevent further attacks from taking place, or at least having such attacks anticipated and mitigated? As listeners, are you prepared to make your voices known that this cannot be permitted to continue? Will it take an e-mail of support or concern to BTR to make certain the appropriate measures have been taken to keep us on the air?

Silence - and being silenced - is not an option.

iITunes ranking from 11 -15 July 2013 - click on graphic to enlarge in new window: