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Genesis 12:3

Large-scale, coordinated bombings across Europe by Muslim terrorists narrowly averted


Islamic terrorists planned large scale, mass casualty attacks across Europe.

Special investigative report by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

27 January 2008: Attacks targeting the public transportation systems in Europe by Islamic terrorists were planned “across Europe to take place within the next two weeks,” according to a UK counterterrorism official interviewed early Sunday morning by the Northeast Intelligence Network. “Investigation found the attacks involve as many as two-dozen Islamic terrorists spread across Europe, with an ‘operational presence’ in Great Britain,” stated this source. Speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the constraints imposed by his position, the official stated that the attacks, if successful, would have been “a significant mass casualty event.”

The Targets

According to published reports and unpublished information provided exclusively to the Northeast Intelligence Network by our source in the UK, time coordinated attacks were planned against the Barcelona metro, public transportation in Germany, France, Portugal, and Great Britain. The attacks were planned “to mirror the successes of the Madrid attacks, yet on a much wider and deadlier scale.” Islamic terrorists attacked Madrid commuter trains in March 2004, killing 191 people and wounding nearly 2,000 more.

Subways and passenger trains in at least four European cities, including Barcelona and London were the “number-one target.”

The terrorists planned to dispatch teams of two operates into the subways carrying knapsacks packed with explosives, and detonate the deadly cargo using cell phones. Operatives wearing explosive-laden vests were to detonate their bombs while others remotely detonated the backpacks or carry-ons.

The Plot

The plot was initially discovered by Spanish authorities investigating plans of an attack timed for this week’s visit by Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. The investigation by Spain’s officials, dubbed “Operation Cantata,” widened as information was obtained through the interrogation of an al Qaeda operative and suspect. The plot originated by Muslim terrorists and al Qaeda members in Pakistan. The homicide bombers and “Barcelona cell” were tracked by authorities as they entered Spain from Pakistan within the previous 30 days.

To date, fourteen Muslim terrorists have been arrested. With their arrest, a large cache of bomb-making material and supplies were seized, including but not limited to liquid nitro cellulous, anti-personnel shrapnel including lead and steel ball bearings, timers, wires, and other tools, and an empty box of Fontein Royal flares. A large amount of Islamic jihad audio and printed material, some downloaded from the Internet, was also seized from the suspects.

According to authorities, four of the suspects initially arrested have since been released due to lack of evidence. The investigation is continuing.

According to the UK official speaking to the Northeast Intelligence Network, the thwarting of this plot most likely “saved thousands of lives.” “It [the plot] was big, extremely well planned and well financed.” More information on this deadly multi-level plot will be forthcoming.