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Join us for a special security seminar beginning at 6:00 pm ET today

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Saturday, 5 October 2013:  Listeners to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and readers of my columns know that I (and the majority of people paying attention) suspect that things are bound to take some ugly turns as the economy worsens and general morality of our nation declines. We are “proponents of preparedness” for the times ahead, but are also “supporters of safety and situational awareness” in the times in which we presently live.  

Our safety, security and preparedness “teacher” will be a man who is known by the pen-name “Yoda,” who is the founding member of the popular website the Magnified View.  He works closely with U.S. and allied intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies and consulting counter-terrorist subjects, and has decades of real-life experience in teaching high-profile people from executives to celebrities how to “keep safe.”  Our teacher will cover a lot of information, and we urge you to have a notebook handy as he guides us through the steps we should take – and many of the pitfalls to avoid. No hyperbole or “the sky-is-falling” mentality, just reasonable and prudent steps we can all take to improve our own situation in terms of safety, security and preparation. Note that I’ve used three separate terms, and each term means something different.

We’ll address each of these issues independently. Whether it’s merely shoring up our safety and security or getting prepared for a larger event,  we can work together and assist one another to become safer, more secure and better prepared in these uncertain times.


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