Tuesday on Hagmann & Hagmann: Stargates, Assassins & Massacre locations


Tuesday, 8 October 2013: Imagine discovering a pattern to the mass shooting events we’ve seen. A pattern that would escape a normal review process, but clearly evident when viewed under different criteria. Imagine taking your findings to law enforcement, and after they review your findings, they actually close an entire school district because the information was so convincing?

That is just pat of the resume of Michael Erevna, the founder and editor of RevelationNow.net. Mr. Erevna worked for 20 years as a software engineer and some of the largest defense contractors and global banks in the world. Presently, he is an independent researcher with particular emphasis on Biblical prophecy, ancient cultures, and astro-spiritual mechanics.

In his capacity as a researcher in these venues, Mr. Erevna not only found a threat to a school system that prompted pre-emptive law enforcement action, but has also successfully predicted elements of occult rituals, including the elements contained in last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, thus turning his theory into proof.

Mr. Erevna has successfully connected the dots to decipher the true purpose behind the recent massacres we’ve experienced. There is a “method” to this madness.

Tune in tonight to hear Mr. Erevna explain exactly what is behind the events we are seeing, and why. Steve Quayle, of SteveQuayle.com, will be joining us in this roundtable discussion and spearheading the interview of Mr. Erevna.

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