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By David Gagin, guest columnist

1 November 2013: I begin with the observation that today, more than any other time in the past, we are seeing and experiencing events being employed that will have tremendous significance and consequence to all of us.  Such events will alter the way we live, work and function. Many of you are reporting that you are intuitively picking up a kind of “quickening” toward climactic and historically dire global outcomes some perceive as “end-time” events.  You’ve been arriving at these conclusions when you apply your hearts and minds to events we see in the news, coupled with Biblical prophecy.

While many observe these events and take a passive, even fatalistic approach,  these events should instead serve as a sign that it’s time to get off the couch and face the responsibilities that we’ve obviated.  The fatalism is a presumption that things have gone too far and there’s nothing we can do about it. Therefore, many prepare not for a new revival, but the end of everything up to and including life as we knew it.

It’s one thing to keep yourself updated and aware of all the ongoing examples of the ways that the enemy, our accuser, is bringing on New World Order, the Anti-Christ, the Mark of the Beast, and so on by demonic intervention as well by using human minions. It’s quite another to see these things in their rational light to understand not only the how, but the why.

Doug Hagmann has said often enough from behind the microphone at The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, that the importance of understanding the history is important to understanding the trends when he says, “[T]he farther back you can look in history, the better your insight into the future will be.”  That statement resonated profoundly with me, and I realized that what I had been doing up until a month or so ago was becoming overwhelmed by the task of keeping abreast of all the developments swirling around us, like a huge band of demons going through their satanic ritual right before they devour us all.

That is the stuff of sleepless nights.  There is no strength to be derived from not getting enough sleep due to worry.  I think what becomes evident is that knowledge of what the enemy is doing based on what it has done, without a plan to counter act it because we lack understanding of our enemy leads to the debilitation of anxiety, and being worn down by confusion.

Ordo ab Chao

Ordo ab Chao. In other words, the chaos will be allowed to reach the point that those afflicted with the chaos will actually beg for the enslavement that comes with the Illuminati package to restore order.  If you have listened to Paul McGuire, you know he warns this is the point of no return, as exposed by the Cloward-Piven strategy.  Never let anyone tell you they alone have the solution to the problem, especially if they’ve secretly created it.

My friends, the chaos has been in the making for at least 100 years.  Moreover, we have been warned about it repeatedly down through the decades.  The alternative media did not recently invent all this outcry against the New World Order; neither the alternative media, nor the outcry are anything new. The internet, however, has provided the watchmen with a more efficient means of getting the word out.  Although this is a good thing because information can arrive in near real-time, it also cuts both ways. There are numerous websites of disinformation which are sponsored, as you know, by the cartels and cabals behind New World Order.  They firmly believe that you have no right to know about what is behind the chaos. Accordingly, they have been created to actively, and even quite desperately, work to debunk, marginalize, humiliate, and discredit watchmen on the wall.

Warnings by the enemy

Now this is something that many of you already know, but I’m going to say it again for those who are working to get up to speed as they follow their intuition down the rabbit hole: There is a kind of “code of ethics” that the enemy of mankind is bound to follow.  Before they take their actions against us, they must offer a warning of their own in some way.  The warning is most often cloaked or encoded in something else, like a movie, or a speech.  Nevertheless they do give a warning; I hasten to say the warning is for their benefit only, and you have to be awake to catch it.  They have even been so bold as to make a blatant statement which even most people will miss in their denial that anything is wrong.

The reason they must offer a warning is kind of legalistic.  It covers them should anyone later accuse them of wrong doing.  If they warn you, and you do not respond, you have in effect given your tacit approval to their tyranny and treason.  Remember this because it’s how they roll; and they do not concern themselves if you didn’t “get it.”  But you should also keep this in mind because it opens up avenues for combating them: your survival is at stake, and survival depends upon your courage to stand in spirit and confront them at the very least by telling them, “NO!” in as public a way as possible!

In order to do this you must shake off the media induced fog that prevents critical thinking.  This will do two things; firstly it lets them know there actually is resistance and secondly, it gives encouragement to your neighbors to also stand in spirit and once the Spirit begins to work among the people of God, the power against the enemy increases.  “But, what if…” you say?  Well, yes, the powers of darkness don’t willingly stand down once they’re on a roll, but at least before God, your adult courage is manifest, and I firmly believe God will bless you for it.

On the other hand, Our Lord warns us in Scripture, He will turn His back on a half-hearted, timid defense that lacks faith or conviction in what you stand for.  Demonstrate your conviction by boldly and formally, on-the-record, making your dissent to their tyranny known.  One, or a handful of people making such a stand will be seen as kooks.  That is why we must, as they say, hang together, or we surely will hang separately.

Sources to understand the enemy

How can you have any faith at all in what you stand for if your understanding is still at the bumper-sticker or sound-bite level?  Understanding your enemy drives out confusion, and provides that clarity of purpose and direction and so you need to gain, at the very least, a basic understanding.  The information is available from various sources, but I think some of the best sources are old ones, and some of these were the well-researched statements made by the Watchmen we had on our walls 40 or even 50 years ago.

Doug Hagmann has recently recommended Gary Allen’s None Dare Call it CONSPIRACY.  You should know that Doug was absolutely right when he said this book is an excellent primer, and a must-read for anyone just getting into this subject.  It is available in PDF for free, but if you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll send you a copy.  This was a best-seller back in the 1970′s. My high school buddies and I read it & discussed it at length and in those days, this book was banned like pornography on our campus because of a school administrator who said it was subversive and un-American.  I think what he was really worried about was that students under his tutelage would learn the truth, and the truth would make them rebellious to the “dumbed-down” version of history which was being shoved down our throats in history class.

Before that came John A. Stormer’s None Dare Call it TREASON in 1964.  Like None Dare Call it CONSPIRACY,  it too was a best-seller, however it is a long read compared to Allen’s book.  I don’t know if there is a free download, but you can download with credit card at []. You can also purchase used copies of it on Amazon for about $15. You can also check at your public library… I know, but it could happen.

Also helpful to gain a more rounded understanding would be to download G. Edward Griffin’s lectures from the 60′s, some of which can still be found on YouTube.  I found you can also get his “Creature from Jekyll Island” as an online download.  I have both a much dog-eared hard copy, and the PDF version, and consider them both indispensible desktop references right beside my dictionary and thesaurus.

And these are just a small handful of the sources, folks.  This is just to show you that the freedom movement has a long track record.  It isn’t some new flash in the pan kind of trendy fad.  Before I leave this subject, I want to recommend two more historic sources:  Dr. Peter D. Beter and William Cooper.  Both of these men died during their most active time in the freedom movement.  Dr. Beter from a heart attack (natural causes???) and William Cooper was shot down like a dog by the sheriff’s department in his front yard.  While you might speculate their deaths were directly related to the things they said in exposing the “powers-that-be,” I don’t know that it’s the case, but it didn’t silence them, for their legacy lives on.  You can obtain MP3 downloads of their broadcasts, Dr. Beter from the mid to late 1970′s, and Cooper from the 1990′s and turn of the century.  When you listen to these old recordings, you will find they were alarmed then as we are now about the destruction of our Constitution and our rights, and they explained in detail the background and MO of the enemy we are facing today.  It’s an eye-opening review if you haven’t heard them yet, or if you have, a refresher might be in order.

For your convenience, click here for the link to the resources of Dr. Beter. For Those of William Cooper, click here.

In summary

The take-away rehash of this article:  Continue becoming informed. The references given here will be useful for a great many of you who know in your hearts that things have gotten way out of whack. Stand up to be heard, in courage, to expose both the demonic criminality and let your voices be heard in repudiation. Be ready to stand together in your refusal to obey “laws” that are unjust and an affront to your faith in God.

We are running out of time, we only have a little time left to get up to speed.  At the same time, an even more pressing issue for many, including myself is burnishing this relationship we have with God and Jesus Christ.  For far too long we have let it lie idle and get rusty.   God’s love for us is infinite, but He won’t wait forever for our response.