FBI spied on TEA Party Americans

Exclusive to the Northeast Intelligence Network & Canada Free Press Douglas J. Hagmann, Director & Judi McLeod, Founding Editor, Canada Free Press 19 April 2009: Even as average Americans were planning to get out in towns and cities to demonstrate against Big Government and Big Taxes, Federal Bureau of Intelligence Investigation (FBI) surveillance was being [...]

Osama bin Laden in Iran?

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director 3 April 2009: Over the last two years, I’ve believed that the audio messages purportedly from Osama bin Laden offered no “proof of life” and were altered, pieced together, or were outright fraudulent in nature, despite alleged “authentication” by the CIA and other governmental agencies. I continue to believe that [...]

The Coming War

Part II in a series based on an interview with a former, highly-placed U.S. intelligence official who breaks his silence on the increasing probability of abandonment of Israel by the U.S. and other Western countries based on what he termed “malicious intelligence.” (Click here for Part I). By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director 10 March 2009: [...]

Terror attack caught on film

8 March 2009: Last Thursday’s terrorist attack by a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem was caught on video by a traffic camera. The attack, described by the family of the now-dead terrorist who tried to kill Israelis at the southern end of the Begin highway Thursday claimed that the incident was a traffic accident (IsraelNN.com). Tamar [...]

The U.S. abandonment of Israel

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director 8 March 2009: It is indeed change you can believe in. The Obama administration has broken from tradition by choosing to remain silent and failing to condemn a terrorist attack in Israel that occurred last week. On Thursday, Marei Radaydeh, a Palestinian construction worker used a bulldozer to attack a [...]

Beheaded wife had “no authority” to divorce her alleged murderer

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director 20 February 2009: If the West’s wholesale lack of understanding of fundamentalist Islam or its acquiescence to the pressures of political correctness affixed to the acceptance of Islamic culture was presented as a court case, the beheading of 37 year-old Aasiya Hassan by her husband could effectively serve as “Exhibit [...]

Buffalo News: Muslim influence speculated in slaying

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director It is unfortunate when the reporting of a story by the media actually rises to the level of importance, in a purely societal sense, as the crime being reported.– Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network 17 February 2009: Individually and collectively, investigators and researchers of the Northeast Intelligence Network [...]

Beheading in Buffalo – at Muslim TV Station

By Douglas J. Hagmann Muzzammil Hassan, co-founder of Bridges TV 13 February 2009: Muzzammil “Mo” HASSAN, the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, a Buffalo, NY based Islamic television Network he helped pioneer in 2004 amid hopes that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light, reportedly admitted to police that [...]

History of Radical Islamist Compounds on North American soil

by Douglas Hagmann & Judi Mcleod The story of a Pakistani terrorist kingpin leading a group of followers living and working in the United States and Canada, each having pledged their support to cleanse and spread Islam across through violence, has taken a rather circuitous route of late. The much-hyped documentary released by the Christian [...]

Terrorist “chatter:” Forest Fires

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director 11 February 2009: Surveillance of Arabic language web sites used by Islamic terrorists and their supporters found a number of references to the current forest fires in Australia, with suggestions that no other resources aside from “a match” are needed to create new destruction in dry areas. Although there are [...]