Update on ISM/Gaza Flotilla co-founders

By Lee Kaplan 9 March 2013: Huwaida Arraf, wife of notorious ISM co-founder Adam Shapiro, is pregnant. Shapiro, who was banned from Israel for ten years, was caught trying to reenter Israel and faces deportation. (Note update below). Readers who have taken an interest in terrorism in the Middle East conflict are aware of the [...]

The truth about Anna Baltzer: Defaming her grandmother’s legacy

By Lee Kaplan 23 February 2013: The individual known as Anna Baltzer, whose name remains questionable in terms of legal legitimacy, leads the US Campaign Against the Israeli Occupation and the Boycott and Divestment Movement (BDS) against Israel. Under that name, she has developed a sinecure traveling to churches and colleges worldwide regaling false tales [...]

A case of “Catch me if you Can?”

Does Anna Baltzer legally exist? By Lee Kaplan 9 February 2013: Catch Me If You Can refers to the 2002 movie directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s based on the true story of a man named Frank Abagnale. Well, that was his given name at birth. It was his actual name, except when he changed [...]

Anna Baltzer’s campaign of fabrication

Our universities, both in the U.S. and the UK, are playing host to this woman, thereby giving her the appearance of academic, and intellectual legitimacy when her goal is to persuade her audiences through lies… By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director 31 January 2013: Anna Baltzer, of the US Campaign to End the Israeli [...]

Exposing Anna Baltzer

Will the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s “Jewish” leader be allowed by Oxford University in the UK to perpetuate her fraud? By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director 30 January 2013: Anna Baltzer — apparently neither a Fulbright Scholar, nor a descendant of Holocaust survivors, nor an alumna of the Birthright Program — [...]

The Neturei Karta: a dangerous “Fifth Column”

By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director 17 January 2013: They can be seen at almost any large anti-Israel demonstration in the United States or the UK. Dressed up as Orthodox Hassidic Jews, they march with the pro-Hamas crowds calling for the demise of Israel. Just like dated communist sympathizers in the Jewish Voice [...]

Palestinian refugees from Syria: political fodder for their leaders

Palestinian leaders show true intent: destroy Israel at the expense of their people By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director 8 January 2013: The civil war in Syria has shown the true motives of the Palestinian leaders regarding their people. About 350,000 Palestinians seeking refuge from the killing in Syria, wanting to settle in [...]

Jewish Voice for Peace: Arab front group?

By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director 6 January 2013: As we move into the year 2013, part of the campaign to de-legitimize Israel abroad is to deconstruct the idea that Jews, particularly American Jews, are in favor of a Jewish national homeland and state. [...]

Trading U.S. security for Palestinian state

By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director 5 January 2013: If U.S. security analysts take a hard look at the so-called “peace movement” going on in the Middle East, it becomes clear that after 20 years of coddling Arab terrorists and overseas dictators the U.S. is heading for a fall here at home. The Iranian [...]

California ISM leader deported from India

California native ISM leader Paul LaRudee deported from India where he was speaking to promote “worldwide jihad” By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director 4 January 2013: As elections approach in Israel and violence continues on a daily basis in the West Bank, it is time the present Israeli government takes preventative action to avoid [...]