NY Terror Plot- Numerous Possibilities

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst & Contributor

24 September 2009: As we watch the events unfold surrounding the arrests of the members of the suspected terrorist cell in New York I am reminded of one thing, when it comes to Islamic terrorism don’t take anything at face value. The NYPD should be commended for their arrests and diligence in this matter regardless of stepping on a few federal toes doing it. However, we must consider a few other possibilities while we try to piece together what their targets were and still are. After all, no one knows where the TATP type explosives are located at this time, if indeed they have been assembled. Assume worst case and work from that.

Another Possible Target

The US is and always will be a target for Islamic terrorists. They have stated this; we know this and their Islamic beliefs insure this. We are the Great Satan, the Infidels, the monkeys and pigs [along with Israel] to these murderous Muslims. However, in light of recent threats made against Germany by Al Hafidh Abu Talha, the German al Qaeda soldier, we cannot discount another possible scenario which I will describe here. [Read more...]

Putting the Obama Puzzle Together

By Randy Taylor

This has taken some time to put together, yet once you read this piece in its entirety, hopefully the puzzle of Obama will come into clear focus. I’ve been puzzled by his very presence, by his quick, unexplained rise to power, his predetermined placement in the mass of confusion we are experiencing. [Read more...]

The Next Round of A (H1N1)(+) Just Might Kill You

By Randy Taylor

7 May 2009: Yes, the (+) is intentional as We the People don’t know what the next added virus strains will be.

The CRY WOLF Project

The recent dry run on the A (H1N1) went well for DHS and New World Order strategists, so buckle up, the next one may be quite deadly. The government “Cried Wolf” and the people saw the fallacy in their cry. The truth didn’t matter. It was an intentional “Cry Wolf” so that next time, our guards are down. After the asinine handling from the start of this recent strain of manmade, bio-lab altered and engineered A (H1N1) virus, the public will have a difficult time taking the US Government, DHS, CDC or the World Health organization seriously. That’s exactly the reaction that is desired by our government. Our modern day Chicken Little, the Vice President Jose “Swine Flu Panic” Biden tried to scare the crap out of Americans, particularly the city dwellers with his pandemic paranoia ploy regarding mass transit and people assembling in buildings. [Read more...]

Captain Chaos (aka Hussein Obama) Does it Again

By Randy Taylor

3 May 2009: While the majority of Americans are hiding in their homes because of Global Pandemic H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu warnings being blown out of proportion, Hussein Obama very sneakily forces Chrysler into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. When they emerge from bankruptcy, the US government will own about 8% of the company and we won’t get a stock or share certificate despite our money being used to do this. Why? Because in a socialist society the government owns the companies they are buying with our hard earned dollars, not the people. We are only here to finance these turd hunts with our tax dollars. Obviously there wouldn’t be stock certificates issued but it illustrates the point that when they say “the taxpayers”, it really means the government, with not so much as a hind thought as to what the taxpayers think. I know I didn’t vote on this. Yet Hussein Obama is acting on behalf of the American people? Right. Thanks for asking. [Read more...]

Best way to stop dissension? Initiate a pandemic emergency

Note from Doug Hagmann, Director: Well over 35,000 people die each year from the “normal, everyday flu” without so much as a passing reference by the media.  Today, we appear to have less than a few hundred people die and panic buttons are being pushed. WHY?

As we search for answers, one thing is obvious: we are NOT being told the truth. Something else is taking place. — Doug Hagmann

By Randy Taylor

30 April 2009: Monday morning the world was informed by media, DHS, CDC and WHO that we were facing a global pandemic. Death counts were greatly exaggerated. The deaths jumped from 84 deaths on Monday to 159 deaths on Tuesday. Drug stocks shot through the ceiling, face masks flew off the shelves. The federal government started hinting at quarantines and other “measures”. States such as Massachusetts approved martial law bills (Mass Senate No. 2028) to get ready for the “huge pandemic disaster” heading across the world. Nothing short of a National Emergency was in the making. [Read more...]

US Declares Swine Flu Emergency- Possible Pandemic

By Randy Taylor

Swine Flu Update: Not that the US would move quickly to shut down the illegal crossings at the Mexico/US border…….

26 April 2009: There is a new flu, a swine flu H1N1 variant which is a mixture of viruses from swine, birds and humans and is infecting and killing people in Mexico, deaths so far at 81 dead. Mexico’s health minister says has killed up to 81 people and likely sickened 1,324 in the country since April 13, 2009. The President of Mexico has publicly canceled any events in Mexico City where people would gather. No bull fights tonight.

The virus first took hold in Mexico on April 13 yet samples weren’t sent to CDC until a week later. The medical people in Mexico noticed one odd note regarding this flu, this flu was killing people aged 20 to 40. Flu victims are usually either infants or the elderly. The “Spanish Flu” pandemic, which killed at least 40 million people worldwide in 1918-19 also first struck otherwise healthy young adults. It originated in Kansas, and soldiers sent overseas from the army base in Kansas transmitted the disease into Europe.

There are some 20+ cases now in the US with people sick in California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio and New York so far reported. No one in the US has died so far. There are also 6 cases reported in Canada, others New Zealand and a couple suspected cases elsewhere such as Israel.

The common denominator is Mexico. The flu is being transported worldwide by people returning to their home countries from Mexico.  Yet hundreds of illegals will cross the border tonight into the USA and a portion of them will possibly be carrying the virus. This will only spread the virus further into our country.
[Read more...]

Gaping Holes in our National Security

By Randy Taylor

26 April 2009: In a country that has steadily stripped away rights of American citizens under the guise of keeping them safe from terrorists, even the simplest minded of people would have to say that national security in the US is seriously lacking if not a open gate to terrorists entering the country. It is also proving to be a paradox with no explanation available other than, we are being lied to in order to push an unseen agenda or some people in our government are seriously corrupt.

The head of DHS, Janet Napolitano recently publicly blamed Canadian Immigration and Border Services for an imaginary influx of Middle Eastern terrorists into the United States. In her statement she spoke in a past tense manner stating:

“Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there.”

This statement places the blame on the shoulders of the US Customs and Border Patrol as well as the Canadian agencies. I think it was a very irresponsible statement and only indicates that Napolitano is either inept or she is involved in corruption herself possibly stemming from her prior tenure as governor of Arizona. Someone needs to investigate this matter immediately. If Napolitano is going to convince anyone she is deserving of keeping her job, something must change immediately. [Read more...]

The CIA Torture Memos Release- Another Devious Act of Treason by Hussein Obama

“I personally expect a major catastrophic event, either biological or worse inside America within the first year of this dictator in office simply so he can place America under martial law.”

By Randy Taylor

23 April 2009: Just recently Hussein Obama decided to release confidential CIA data publicly. This raised eyebrows from some, genuinely upset others and fed the idiot thought process associated with Obama appointees and anyone who supports him or advises him.

Noticeably absent was any reference to the results produced by these enhanced interrogation techniques. Good information was derived, terrorist plots were derailed and lives were saved. Yet, there was no mention of this by the White House.

Anyone with any common sense would have to look at water boarding as more of a discomfort or psychological ploy as opposed to actual torture. Since it was also reported that suspects had to have this done to them over one hundred times to break them, I disagree with anyone who chooses to classify this as torture.  If it were indeed torture, they would have broken much sooner. Had we applied some real pain to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed like having his chestnuts roasting on an open fire, several thousand volts to his wet body hanging in a shower, maybe using a blow torch and hammers for persuasion then, maybe, on a receptive day on my part, you might argue the point to me that he was tortured. He planned the murder of tens of thousands of Americans and succeeded in killing 3000 Americans, so I don’t have much sympathy for that Muslim bastard. All in all, I’d say he was treated rather well. Had he been in Egypt or Jordan for the interrogations, he would probably be in the ground right now which is where he should be anyway. [Read more...]

Listen up US Government- Patriots Aren’t Terrorists

By Randy Taylor

18 April 2009: One tragic government agenda that is rearing its ugly head recently is the improper labeling of true American patriots as a threat to national security. DHS needs to learn the difference or shut the hell up altogether. DHS primary goal is to protect America from terrorists, not mislabel Americans in order to enable DHS to treat them like terrorists.

DHS needs to look up the words “patriot”, “terrorist” and “extremist” and post the definitions next to anyone’s desk that sends out memos or speaks on behalf of DHS. Nowhere in any of the three definitions does it refer to the other words, the suggested [by DHS] counterpart or implied synonymous meaning that DHS and other agencies have implied when they pair up patriots and extremists with terrorists.

I’m a patriotic American extremely against the types like Clinton, Bush, Obama and their schemes to imprison America as a whole to some sort of socialistic type society, with the citizens subservient to the government, policed by the military. Doesn’t make me a terrorist, now does it?

The mislabeling of militias by the government, implying that militias are a threat to Americans has to stop. [Read more...]

Globalization, New World Order, FEMA Camps and Dictator Hussein Obama

“Keep this in mind. I didn’t bring these conspiracy subjects up. You did. You asked for my thoughts. You have them. Do I have all the answers? Obviously not, but then again you don’t either or you wouldn’t be asking me.”- Randy Taylor

By Randy Taylor

14 April 2009: The talk of the day is Globalization and the New World Order. America is on the brink of losing her sovereignty as a free nation and is going to be absorbed into a one world government. In my opinion, this is well underway and has been for probably about twenty years or so. We heard George Bush Sr. speak of it, then Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and now of course, Dictator Hussein Obama, the FBP. We’ll jokingly refer to him as king, since we are obviously nothing but pawns and he isn’t doing anything that an American democratic republic would approve of or want their President to do. Dictator Hussein Obama was tripping around the world, slapping backs, bowing to Muslims and leaving lip prints on every ass he can find. Unfortunately, many of those asses being kissed are enemies of the United States even though publicly they call themselves our allies. Only a dictator would dare fire the head General Motors as surely presidents don’t do this sort of thing. Only a dictator would hand out trillions of dollars to banking cronies and then tell them to keep the money, don’t worry about repayment to the US taxpayer peasants.

Only a Muslim dictator would seek to fill government positions with Muslims. The dictator is hard at work on this one. Muslims, delusional women, ex black panthers, former terrorists all seem to be his chosen cronies.

As to the New World Order and Globalization, Revelation chapter 17 speaks of seven heads. There are seven continents. You do the math. Revelation 13: 16-17 describes the mark of the beast. [Read more...]