Choose Your Researchers Wisely

By Scott Keisler, guest contributor 5 January 2014: If you are reading this article it is likely that you would consider yourself ‘awake’ and you may even consider yourself a ‘truther’. You get your news from the alternative media and you pride yourself on being aware of what is going on in the world. [...]

Most memorable columns of 2013; First of a series

First of a 2013 Retrospective 28 December 2013: As 2013 comes to a close, we’ve selected some of our most popular columns to share with our readers. Most are informative and news-making. Other columns, like this, exist in a class of their own. Goodbye, to my best friend By Douglas J. Hagmann 14 February 2013: [...]

The Age Of The Machine

“Think about this for a moment: there are tens of millions of 50+ year old workers out of work today who would be willing to go to work tomorrow for 1/2 of what they use to earn before the Great Bank Robbery of 2008. That means any business could get all that knowledge and experience [...]

A Fait Accompli – U.S. to be under divine judgment as global chess pieces are put in place

Tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report: Steve Quayle 8:00-11:00 p.m. ET 26 August 2013: The world stands at a Biblical ‘pivot point’ and at the crossroads on the map of the globalist end game. The people of the United States are about to pay the price for the actions of the globalists they put [...]

Is This Real Or Just A Television Show?

Written by Mitch Santell Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Hollywood through the big banks and the global elite like to show us through entertainment what is going to happen next. If you want to see what is really going on, I’ve placed a number of Hollywood Movies from the past that are all [...]

Stopping Agenda 21 Before It Stops Humanity Cold

Written by Mitch Santell Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. On Tuesday Night, August 6, 2013, Douglas J. Hagmann and his son Joe Hagmann interviewed one of the leading experts in America, Michael Shaw. Mr. Shaw is the President of Freedom Advocates. Read the rest: here. [...]

Fukushima: Media blackout on an ongoing crisis

By Mitch Santell, Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report 25 July 2013: It would be reasonable to assume that the devastating effects of the Fukushima disaster, by orders of magnitude thousands times greater than Chernobyl, could be readily found at various government web sites or at any number of media outlets. [...]

The Man Behind Hillary Rodham Clinton

Commentary and Analysis written by Mitch Santell, Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. 18 July 2013: A lot of people across America who are finally awake are in a bit of shock. Why? Because they cannot believe the speed in which we are losing our country. There is something called “The Rule of Law” that [...]

Your perception can be the death of you

“Like the Titanic, our nation has failed to change course. In addition, the recent celebratory ringing of the church bells at the National Cathedral over the Supreme Court’s decision regarding “Gay Rights” has caused our country’s hull to be struck just below the waterline. The damage is currently unseen… but deadly.”–Daniel Holdings By Daniel Holdings [...]

Jon “Patriot Jon Weber” Discusses The Police State

Our first show for July 2013 with two special guests the first hour. For the first 30 minutes of the show we heard an interview with Jon “Patriot Jon” Weber who has a show at Brave Heart Radio. The web site for Jon’s radio show is and you can read Jon’s blog at: [...]