Islam: The Real Threat to America

by Sean Osborne, Associate Director

19 September 2010: In my most recent Northeast Intelligence Network OpEd, I cited the words of president Barack Hussein Obama at the recent 9/11 commemoration at the Pentagon: “…as Americans we are not, and never will be, at war with Islam.” Coming from a man who was born and raised as a Muslim by both his father and step-father, I suppose one might not see that statement as that of an Islamic Dhimmi, but rather as that from someone who has long been predisposed to defend Islam.

The fact of the matter is that regardless if America ever officially goes to war with Islam, Islam has been at war with America for decades. The most recent case of Islamic aggression within these United States involves the threat of assassination against Molly Norris, the former Seattle Weekly satirical cartoonist who through her blog declared last May 20th as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” So severe was this threat of assassination that the FBI intervened to save her life by creating identity from scratch for her and relocating her to a new home. Nothing of the former-Molly Norris now exists on the insistence of the FBI. This drastic move came after the FBI had determined that the American-born Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi issued a death sentence fatwa against her from his hideout in faraway Yemen.

After all that has occured with the multitude of Islamic attacks (both Shi’a and Sunni Islam) against this nation and it’s citizens in the past three decades, and Barack Hussein Obama says within the context of his presidential oath of office that America will never go to war in defense of our freedom and liberties against this enemy, this clear and present danger to our way of life?

And don’t let the faux distinction of segregating “moderate” from “extremist” or “radical” Muslims fool you. For if moderate Muslims existed they would be openly challenging and fighting against the radicals and extremists in order to save their “religion of peace.” But they don’t do this, and the reason why is that if they did the millions of imam’s in Islam would declare them apostate Muslims and they’d have to do exactly what the former-Molly Norris has done. Imagine that, a billion and a half Muslims with names and identities different than the ones they were born with. That might cost considerably more than a new new multi-story mosque in the shadow of the hallowed Ground Zero.

Let’s face facts. America is at war with Islam here at home and in Islamic countries half a world away - where Islam was born and first conquered new territories for its mandated global caliphate. Since the reality is that this war exists and is in progress the necessity for a warfighting doctrine is an urgent necessity. I would not be so naive to think that prior to the coming electoral we could do something in the way of crafting a warfighting doctrine, but after November 2010 is another story altogether. Real change will be possible then. To that end I submit the following two .pdf links as being essential for the crafting of that doctrine.

To Our Great Detriment

Shariah: The Threat to America

Addendum: The following article by Dave Gaubatz, published this morning on the FamilySecurityMatters.Org website, is included as expert research in support of my fourth paragraph above regarding “moderate,” “extremist,” and “radical” Muslims. The Fallacy of the “Moderate Muslim”

The Naked Truth and Islam

Sean Osborne,  Associate Director

14 January 2010: I came across this spot-on piece by Bill Wilson (Word of Life Ministries) which illustrates in very tangible and meaningful ways how Islam impacts our daily lives and our God-given freedoms. Hence, the internationally recognized “Stop Islam” image above that I’ve associated with this blog entry.

The Naked Truth and Islam

When the president in June extolled the virtues of Islam during his Cairo Speech, he conveniently left out the one most important contribution it has made to the world-violence, death and destruction. From the time of Mohammed in the early 600′s to present, Islam has warred against Jews and Christians, and sometimes against its own. Mohammed, who Islamic tradition holds was a descendent of Ishmael, and Islam surely are fulfillment of the prophecy found in Genesis 16:12 of Ishmael, “And he will be a wild man, his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”

Islam has contributed to thousands of years of violence against humankind, beginning with Ishmael through his descendants and through to this present day by followers who hold Ishmael as the centerpiece of an ill founded political system using religion as its recruitment tool. Think about it. The entire airline industry has been retooled because of Islamic terrorism. Yassir Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization made airline hijacking popular in the 1960′s and from 1968 through 1977, there were 414 hijackings. Today, there are fewer hijackings-al Qaeda on September 11, 2001 the most notable-but travelers around the world are forced each day to bow to Islam by going through extensive security.

Our lives are drastically different because of Islam and its terror. Now, because another Islamist tried to blow himself up on a plane, we are faced with more privacy rights being taken away by governments around the world. A friend of mine traveling from Florida to Maryland, forexample, was subjected to one of the newest invasion of privacy tools-the nude scan. It scanned his image, sent the image to a control room somewhere, where security people searched the image for irregularities. They radioed back to the security guard that my friend had something in his left pocket. He was asked to show what it was-his drivers license. In his right pocket were credit cards, but the scanner missed those.

Because of Islam, anyone who uses mass transportation is subject to extensive searching and invasion of privacy. Anytime that security is heightened because of the threat of Islam, Islam has won the battle. Islam is in control, now down to the naked facts. The question is, ‘When will the world, and Americans in particular, wake up to the fact that their personal privacy is being taken away by Islam?’ There is no political system in the world that has enjoyed such success in controlling the masses at a mere threat or hint of violence. Perhaps it is time to recognize that the true religion of Islam is militancy and fascism and act accordingly.

How is it then, in our increasing anger, that some of us still wonder why the Western political Left supports Islam and its ambassadors around the world (a/k/a Islamic terrorists), why the Obama Administration refuses, as did the Bush Administration, to name the enemy we face, and why those within the so-called “moderate Islam” have thus far utterly failed to recall their “ambassadors” of Islam.

We wonder indeed.

Is it that our tolerance of this abominable situation is truly unlimited, or have we completely lost the will to defend the God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights that our brave citizen soldiers have died and continue to die defending for the past 234 years and counting?

Ask yourselves a question. How does all of this square with the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

New laws are being made with regularity, and as Bill Wilson points out above, these new laws are imperfect, add nothing in the way of real security and are the direct result of Islam imposing it’s so-called religious dictates upon us. Through these new laws we are being submitted to Islam against our will. Through these laws we are slowly committing national suicide.

Happy New Year and have a safe flight.

CAIR Assaults Rifqa Bary’s Constitutional Rights

By Sean Osborne, Assistant Director

7 January 2010: Background: 17-year old Rifqa Bary is a former Muslim who converted to faith in Jesus Christ. Upon learning of Rifqa’s decision for Christ her devout Muslim parents, Mohamed and Aysha Bary of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, stood true to the totalitarian tenants of Islam and promptly threatened their daughter with death according to the dictates of Shari’a law for those who renounce Islam.

Rifqa, fearing for her life on the evidence of her fathers very violent reaction to her conversion, fled her parents Columbus, Ohio home in July 2009 to the Florida home of Pastor Blake and Beverly Lorenz and the case immediately became a national news sensation. Her parents, in true Islamic al-taqiyya fashion, deny any threat was made. However, it is a well established fact that apostasy from Islam is punishable by death. Florida child welfare authorities took custody of Rifqa and in October she was returned to Ohio under the care of Franklin County Children Services which hopes to have all legal issues resolved prior to Rifqa’s 18th birthday on August 10,2010. That date cannot come soon enough.

The Florida court proceedings also revealed that Rifqa’s parents are almost certainly illegal Sri Lankan immigrants to the United States. Rifqa’s parents promptly defied the court and refused to provide any documentation of their legal residence in this country. A “contempt of court” charge resulted and in a back-room deal attempt by David Colley, the former attorney representing Rifqa’a parents, to get the contempt of court immigration issue dropped on the condition that Rifqa would be allowed to live under foster care until her 18th birthday fell through. Colley was fired and CAIR-paid attorneys Omar Tarazi and Shayan Elahi entered the picture and Rifqa’s Constitutional rights went out the window.

The current situation: In the ongoing legal proceedings the al-Ikhwan al-Muslimuun (Muslim Brotherhood) and HAMAS terrorist front group CAIR became directly involved in appointing the above named lawyers to Rifqa parents. Omar Tarazi remains on the case and was instrumental in the further isolation of Rifqa from her firends and supporters. According to the The JAWA Report, Omar Tarazi has been supported by another CAIR Islamist within the Ohio Department of Public Safety office of Multicultural Affairs, one Omar Alomari. The linked JAWA report is a MUST READ!

Rifqa’s only contact with the rest of the world, Pastor Jamal Jivanjee, reports the following turn of recent events:

“Dear friends and supporters of Rifqa Bary,

As we begin this New Year, Iwould like to ask you to take a few minutes to remember in your prayers someurgent developments regarding Rifqa Bary’s situation. Even though many wereexpecting Rifqa to be a dependent of the state of Ohio by now, (and thus be protected from being returned to the dire situation that she fled from), that is certainly not the case. As you may know, Rifqa’s last hearing was held on December 22nd. During the hearing, dependency was not addressed, rather a trial to determine dependency was rescheduled for January 28th. The proceedings that occurred on December 22nd simply ensured that she would not be forced to meet with her parents (mediation) as her parents were demanding, and the motion to block people (3rd parties) from communicating with Rifqa was withdrawn. This seemed like good news for Rifqa, and I left the courthouse in Franklin County pleased with the outcome of the day’s proceedings. This quickly changed the next few days as we became aware of what actually transpired behind the scenes.

Since Rifqa has been back in Ohio, the heat has gradually been turned up against her. To be blunt however, after this latest hearing on December 22nd, it seems that all ‘hell’ has literally broken loose against Rifqa. As you may know, C.A.I.R. (Council on American Islamic Relations) is actively supporting Rifqa’s parents in this case. C.A.I.R. is a national organization which has a very precarious background whose roots are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Without getting into the specifics regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.I.R.’s ties to them, you should be aware that the Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for every major terror organization that currently exists. C.A.I.R. has went to great lengths to put together a strategy to attack Rifqa Bary and her testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. It seems surreal to think that such a powerful organization has decided to attack a 17 year old convert to Christianity with such hostility, but that is indeed what they have done. The strategy of their attack is centered around 2 major objectives.

Objective #1… Keep Rifqa Bary isolated and discouraged

This objective has risen to a new level as the Bary’s C.A.I.R. appointed attorney, Omar Tarazi, filed a motion to ban Rifqa from receiving all 3′rd party communications (Christmas cards, notes, messages, etc…) While this motion was basically withdrawn, there was an undisclosed agreement made with the C.A.I.R. appointed attorney to require all communications to be screened by the court appointed (GAL) for Rifqa. Before the hearing on December 22nd, Rifqa’s own attorney was the one screening communications for Rifqa. Apparently, this was not acceptable to C.A.I.R. They did accept the court appointed (GAL) to screen Rifqa’s communication however. They probably assumed that the court appointed (GAL) for Rifqa would see things more to the liking of C.A.I.R.

As a result, since the last hearing, Rifqa has been literally cut off from the outside world. Currently, Rifqa has absolutely no official visitors list even though in Florida she was permitted supervised visits, and I was told by Children’s services weeks ago in Ohio that a visitors list was being developed for Rifqa. Also, before the last hearing on December 22nd, Rifqa had one ‘approved’ contact that she was allowed to have phone conversations with. After the hearing in December, Rifqa has not been allowed to have phone contact with any of her friends! When I have inquired about the reasoning behind Rifqa’s isolation, I am told that foster children are not entitled to receive phone calls from friends, nor are they entitled visits from people. This still does not explain the fact that even since she has been back in Ohio foster care, she has been permitted to talk on the phone with a few people under supervision, but since December 22nd, she has been forbidden to actually talk on the phone to the people that she was allowed to talk to at all! Criminals are treated better because in prison, they have the ability to make phone calls and have pastoral visits. Not so with Rifqa Bary, and it is incredibly unjust.

Objective #2…Attack those who saved Rifqa’s life and destroy her testimony

In the state of Ohio, a child can become a dependent of the state simply by showing the court that there was a conflict in the home. Anyone who knew Rifqa Bary knew very well about the nature of the conflict that she faced at home. As a matter of fact, there are upwards of 50 people who, if allowed, could possibly testify to the fact that Rifqa greatly feared for her life long before she fled from her parents in Ohio. The evidence is actually overwhelming in favor of supporting Rifqa’s assertion that she was in tremendous fear for her life for quite some time.

As a result of this overwhelming evidence, the C.A.I.R. appointed attorney wants to take the attention off of the threats that have been made against Rifqa by her parents, as well as any criticism against the Noor Mosque in central Ohio. Remember, this is the same mosque that put tremendous pressure on Rifqa’s parents to punish and deal with her conversion to Christianity.

Instead, they have brutally attacked 3 individuals, (Brian Williams of Columbus, & Blake and Beverly Lorenz of Orlando Florida) who LITERALLY saved Rifqa’s life by helping her when she fled her home. The attack and character assassination against these people has been horrific to say the least. This attack has been carried out by C.A.I.R., the media, and even some in the church community! This attack against them is very intentional. The strategy of Rifqa’s parents and C.A.I.R. is to make theassertion that Rifqa was brainwashed by the Lorenz family, as well as by Brian Williams. They are saying that Rifqa had no conflict in the home with her parents before she met them. They have been billed as predators that lured a very impressionable new convert away from her home.

Not only has C.A.I.R. been making these allegations themselves, now they have purportedly either threatened, or persuaded a former employee of the Lorenz’s church community to lie and make the same allegations against them as well! Well, with all this untruth and slander that has been leveled against Brian Williams and Blake & Beverly Lorenz, I am compelled to tell the truth surrounding how they got connected to Rifqa Bary.

Modern Day Heroes…Brian Williams & Blake and Beverly Lorenz

I have had the privilege of knowing Brian for the last several years. Brian is a young man who is very passionate about his faith in Jesus, and has a tremendous heart for seeing people mobilized to pray to affect change in our nation. Brian has started several prayer groups online, one of which now has over 100,000 members. The specific prayer group that Brian started on facebook that I’d like to talk about here is a group called the ‘United States of Prayer.’ This prayer group is the specific group that Rifqa Bary joined with a collection of people from around the country, including Beverly Lorenz. This was simply a group of people who are passionate about prayer. Most of the members, Rifqa Bary included, did not know each other prior to joining the group, rather they simply heard about the group on facebook and joined. It was through this group that Rifqa developed relationships with many people, including Brian Williams and the Lorenz family.

I’ll share this story to give you an example of what the group was like. On a particular day in early 2008, Brian shared with the group a need for prayer regarding a woman whom he knew who was making plans to acquire an abortion. Brian set up a conference call for that specific evening and invited the group members to call in and pray over the phone for the life of this baby and for the mother who was considering the abortion. About 40-50 people actually called in and prayed over the phone for this baby and for the mother. Rifqa happened to be one of the people who called in and prayed. Remember, Rifqa is not a new convert to Christianity as C.A.I.R. and others are claiming. She has been a Christian for over 4 years!

Since she lived out her faith under great duress at home, Rifqa’s main outlet for her faith was simply prayer, and this has ensured that her faith is much stronger than the average institutional church member in America! There are not many 16 year old girls in America today who would call in to a prayer group to pray for a woman whom they didn’t know. As people would find out, Rifqa is a very strong person who is passionate about God and people. Those who got to know her were amazed at how strong her faith is in general, not to mention that she was only 16 at the time. This particular story has a beautiful ending as the woman decided not to abort her baby, and the mother herself discovered faith in Jesus as well.

As a natural result of this prayer group, friendships began to form and people began to get to know each other. Since Rifqa was forbidden to attend any institutional church, these relationships acted as her ‘church’ so to speak. Rifqa began forming close relationships with people like Abigal Dykema who spent hours on the phone mentoring Rifqa through extremely difficult times in her home. There were others like Shannon Psotta who got to know Rifqa as well through this group. The more that people got to know Rifqa, the more they realized the abuse that Rifqa had endured and the hostility that Rifqa was facing at home. Rifqa herself shared the threat that she was facing with her new friends from the prayer group.

When Rifqa fled her home, she chose to seek out Blake & Beverly Lorenz for help. Beverly was first informed about Rifqa’s situation from Shannon Psotta (a friend from the facebook prayer group). When Beverly heard about the serious situation that Rifqa was facing, she simply began to pray for Rifqa. It was shortly after that time that Rifqa herself reached out and contacted Beverly for help. I am convinced that by taking Rifqa into their home when circumstances developed that forced Rifqa to flee, they literally saved Rifqa’s life!

Once we look at the facts in this case, it is a preposterous idea to think that Rifqa was a recent convert to Christianity who was brainwashed to run away. This was clearly not the case as I also knew her and the seriousness of her situation. Brian Williams told me that before he met Rifqa, he knew nothing about Islam, honor killings, or apostasy. He had never even seen a mosque as well. It was Rifqa who informed him about all these things! Does that sound like brainwashing to you? This courageous decision by the Lorenz family, and Brian Williams to help Rifqa has come with a high cost, however. The media has ruthlessly attacked their character, they have been under investigation, and they have even been attacked and maligned by their own church community.

It is time for these lies to be exposed for what they are, and for the truth to be known about who these people are. By getting to know them better the last few months, I can personally tell you that these people are modern day heroes who have a tremendous love for people! I am convinced that it would do our nation well if we followed the courageous example of people like Brian Williams and the Lorenz family. If we commend and celebrate the actions of folks like Harriet Tubman and Corrie ten Boom in recent history, why are we attacking and persecuting those who follow in their example?

So what does this have to do with Rifqa Bary being in grave danger? EVERYTHING!

This case is simply about a young girl who has decided to become a follower of Jesus
(Christian) and leave Islam, and as a result of this decision, her life is on the line. This is the same story that happens all over the globe to other Muslims who leave Islam to follow Christ. Rifqa is simply one of millions. If C.A.I.R. is successful in keeping attention focused on the lies that are being leveled against Brian Williams and the Lorenz family, then they never have to deal with the real issue that this case centers around. Again, this case is about a girl who has decided to leave Islam and follow Jesus as the Messiah (Christ). This case is also about exposing the threat that people face when they leave Islam. I am also convinced that this is a wakeup call.

By creating a fictitious reality that states that Rifqa was a weak and impressionable young girl who was brainwashed, they hope to convince the court that there was no real conflict in the home. This would cause the court to dismiss Rifqa’s plea for dependency and thereby send her back home. If that were to happen, her life would be in extreme danger. As you may realize, this trial for dependency on January 28th is very important and the truth about this situation must be made known quickly as her trial date is fast approaching. If you are a Christian, I would again like to ask that you and your church communities pray for this precedent setting case in our nation. Pray for Rifqa’s encouragement, strength, and wisdom as well as for wisdom for her legal team. Please pray for Rifqa’s family as well.

In the past many of you have emailed Franklin County Children’s services. This may be necessary again because this isolation of Rifqa has gotten worse and simply cannot be allowed to continue. The director of Children’s services may be the best person to contact about the abusive restrictions that are being put on Rifqa. Emails should be polite, yet direct. His name is Eric Fenner, and he can be contacted at this address:

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayer for Rifqa Bary. There is much at stake in the next few weeks. “

Plane bomber’s U.S. connections

By Douglas J. Hagmann

As initially reported by this investigator on Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network, authorities have been investigating U.S. links to Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. As detailed in our update posted at 9:00 pm ET on December 25, 2009, we were the first to report that federal investigators were interviewing at least three other individuals said to be in the Detroit area in relation to this bombing plot.

Authorities have now revealed that Abdulmutallab attended a two-week seminar at the Al-Maghrib Islamic Institute in Houston in 2008. The Al-Maghrib Institute has direct ties to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was named by the U.S. Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Most notably in this matter, it has a branch in greater Detroit, identified on their web site as the Windsor/Dearborn location.

As reported yesterday by the Star Telegram, Abdulmutallab spent two weeks in Houston in August, 2008 “attending a seminar” at the Houston Islamic center. Investigators have now broadened their scope to include the contacts made by Abdulmutallab in Houston, including at least three other individuals who have since relocated to the greater Detroit area.

As detailed in an extensive 2007 report about this Islamic center, “Al-Maghrib instructors also regular [sic] speak with other extremist preachers advocating for terrorism and violent jihad.” According to extensive investigative reports published since 9/11, instructors and staff from that institute have been associated with numerous supporters of terrorist acts, including homicide bombings.

Flashback: AirTran Flight 175

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

6 December 2009: It was January 1, 2009 when passengers aboard an AirTran flight 175 departing from Reagan National Airport became alarmed by a conversation they overheard between two other passengers, dressed in Muslim attire, talking about the safest place to sit on board an aircraft in the event a bomb was aboard. The two Muslim passengers were among a party of nine traveling together from Washington DC to Orlando, Florida to attend an Islamic conference. [Read more...]

Security incident aboard AirTran Flight 297 suggests terror “Dry Run”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

3 December 2009: On November 17, an incident took place aboard AirTran Flight 297 scheduled to fly from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport to Houston that the media does not want to cover and everyone from the airline to the TSA and other government agencies want to keep very quiet. The reasons, I have been told, is fear of predatory lawsuits, negative publicity from accusations of religious profiling, and the obligatory subjugation to mindless mandatory Muslim sensitivity training that make a mockery of our American system of values. Interestingly, one airline official told me “we don’t want to become another flight 300,” which is a reference to a very similar scenario that took place aboard US Airways Flight 300 exactly three years ago. [Read more...]

DHS appoints Islamic fundamentalists

18 November 2009: There is nothing new here, but it bears more exposure. It is evident that no lessons have been learned by the Fort Hood Islamic terrorist attack, 9/11, or any of the other 14,500 terrorist attacks at the hands of Islamists. The appointments of Muslims who have voiced their support for groups such as Hezbollah continue unabated.

Read full article of DHS appointments here.

Profile of Major Nidal Malik Hasan

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

11 November 2009: This profile of Nidal Malik Hasan includes his movements up to and including the day of the Fort Hood massacre with pictures of him smiling on 7-11 grocery store closed circuit surveillance cameras on the day of his rampage.   The mysterious visitor to the Hasan apartment on the Tuesday before the tragedy, described by 53-year-old Alice Thompson, manager of the apartment complex where Hasan was a tenant, as dressed in full Muslim attire, may hold the key to how long Hasan planned his killing spree. The 13 dead included to his fellow unarmed soldiers, civilians and an unborn child  at America’s largest military base. [Read more...]

Doug Hagmann on Israel National Radio

9 November 2009: Join Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network on Israel National Radio - The Tamar Yonah Show tonight at 12:00 Midnight ET, 9:00 PM PT, (7:00 AM Tuesday in Jerusalem) to discuss the Fort Hood Islamic terrorist attack.  Israel National Radio is the largest independent radio network in the Middle East.

Interact with the show by joining Israel National Radio’s Virtual Studio (LINK) (requires short log-in for first time users).

To our visitors: Visit Tamar’s Blog HERE.

“Force Protection Directive” advised increase in security, warned of “complacency”

By Sean Osborne, Assistant Director, Military Affairs Specialist

5 November 2009: A directive labeled “For Official Use Only” was issued to U.S. military bases, operation centers, and other potential targets of terror attacks by US Northern Command’s (NORTHCOM) Joint Operations Center commander General Victor E. Renuart, Jr., in September. General Renuart is also Commander NORAD.  General Renuart’s  directive was issued as a result of recently thwarted domestic Islamic bombing plots, including plots specifically targeting U.S. military installations, and directed all domestic U.S. military installations to re-evaluate their internal security.

According to  General Renuart, the present and most pressing problem facing NORTHCOM is the vulnerability of U.S. facilities to attack and complacency. He stressed that the US military must become smarter at providing security to its bases, noting that the threat to US military installations is real.  The directive is summarized in an article at this link.