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Enemy infiltration, manipulation in the U.S.

Exposing what lies beneath the bodies of dead bankers and what lies ahead for us

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

15 February 2014: I feel that this is one of the most important investigations I’ve ever done. If my findings are correct, each of us might soon experience a severe, if not crippling blow to our personal finances, the confiscation of any wealth some of us have been able to accumulate over our lifetimes, and the end of the financial world as we once knew it.  The evidence to support my findings exists in the trail of dead bodies of financial executives across the globe and a missing Wall Street Journal Reporter who was working at the Dow Jones news room at the time of his disappearance. Continue reading

The face of the globalist agenda in Syria


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By Douglas J. Hagmann

4 February 2014: Take a good long look at the face of this 4 year-old boy. He could be your child, your grandchild or nephew. The photo seems to reflect a childhood innocence,  an innocence that is so treasured and so valued that it must be protected at all costs. Who among us could deny that this precious little boy deserves to be protected, deserves to experience the joys of a secure childhood like most of us had so long ago? Funny, that, for it is the very same people who argue that they are acting “for the children” when instead, they are criminally responsible for destroying their childhood, by ruthlessly and shamelessly exploiting them for their own geopolitical agenda. Worse yet, it’s all being done in your name, in our names, with our collective, tacit approval. For behind this face of innocence is a veil of darkness so black that it should shake you to your core as you look at the next image of this same young boy. Continue reading

Prepare for what?

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

3 February 2014: The opening of the halftime show for last night’s Super Bowl featured a group of children holding hands while standing in front of a large digital display flashing various images, beginning with portions of the American flag. The children began singing the lyrics from the song “Billionaire.” Well, not quite the exact lyrics, as they are neither suitable for children nor the venue. Continue reading

Understanding the Olympic terror threat

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Image courtesy of Canada Free Press
Image courtesy of Canada Free Press

By Douglas J. Hagmann

21 January 2014: What and who is behind the current terror threat at the Olympic games in Sochi? I was asked this question last night in an interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM for their news segment. After I explained the reasons and origins, I received an off-air telephone call from a nationally syndicated talk show host who heard my answer. “I never expected that explanation, but I must admit that it makes perfect sense,” was his response.  Continue reading

Shredding the layers of the ObamaCare onion

Image courtesy of Canada Free Press

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

17 January 2014: A few days ago, I was given a gift of sorts. It arrived in a plain  manila envelope with no return address. Inside was a note that stated that I would know precisely what to do with the information this anonymous source provided. That source was indeed correct.  Continue reading

Our Ideas Do Have Consequences

“The purpose of ‘The Great Deception’ is to leave us completely vulnerable, subject to the conspiracy against us which is perpetrated by those who have risen in worldly power over us and assume to themselves, the right of global dominance.” - David Gagin

By David Gagin, guest columnist

16 January 2014:  For The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, There have been more than several landmark, or historic interviews, with important people who will help define what our history  becomes. The subjects are not pithy, dated tributes to triviality which disappear into obscurity a short time after they have been published. And in the short attention span of today’s society, that’s saying something.  Continue reading

What are the chances? The mysterious death of Loretta Fuddy

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hagmann011214  By Douglas J. Hagmann

12 January 2014: What are the chances that the individual responsible for authenticating Barack Hussein Obama’s long for birth certificate, Loretta Fuddy, just happened to be the sole fatality out of nine on board a small plane that was forced to make an emergency water landing off the coast of Hawaii?

What are the chances that the other passengers either walked away virtually unscathed (according to eyewitness reports) or had only minor injuries while Loretta Fuddy died? Continue reading

DHS “Insider” in context

hagmann122713By Douglas J. Hagmann

2 January 2014: Following the published report of the DHS insider’s final message last week, I have received hundreds of e-mails about the source and his messages. For those seeking clarity about the messages, and even for those with questions pertaining to his authenticity, I have compiled a chronological list of the published reports along with a bit of information about the man behind the reports, with his full consent and “blessing.” Continue reading

Jim Garrow on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

garrow1Wednesday, January 1, 2014 8:00-11:00 PM ET

Wednesday, 1 January 2014:  Join us as we open 2014 with a bang – an explosive interview with Jim  Garrow, a former U.S. Intelligence operative with knowledge about a number of current and coming events in the U.S. and worldwide. Mr. Garrow has agreed to spend the entire three-hour show with us to discuss a variety of topics that loom heavily over us, from the coming economic collapse to the militarization of our police forces as well as the threat of a third world war.  Continue reading

DHS insider gives final warning

Image courtesy of Canada Free Press


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By Douglas J.  Hagmann

27 December 2013: Under the cover and amid the distraction of the Christmas bustle, I had my last “official” contact with a source inside the Department of Homeland Security known as “Rosebud” in my writings. My source is leaving his position, retiring along with numerous others choosing to leave this bureaucratic monstrosity. For this contact, my source took unprecedented measures to be certain that our contact was far off the radar of prying government eyes and ears. I was stunned at the lengths he employed, and even found myself somewhat annoyed by the inconvenience that his cloak-and-dagger approach caused. It was necessary, according to my source, because all department heads under FEMA and DHS are under orders to identify anyone disclosing any information for termination and potential criminal prosecution.   Continue reading