Our Ideas Do Have Consequences

“The purpose of ‘The Great Deception’ is to leave us completely vulnerable, subject to the conspiracy against us which is perpetrated by those who have risen in worldly power over us and assume to themselves, the right of global dominance.” – David Gagin By David Gagin, guest columnist 16 January 2014: For The Hagmann & [...]

What are the chances? The mysterious death of Loretta Fuddy

Click here to discuss this article at Canada Free Press By Douglas J. Hagmann 12 January 2014: What are the chances that the individual responsible for authenticating Barack Hussein Obama’s long for birth certificate, Loretta Fuddy, just happened to be the sole fatality out of nine on board a small plane that was forced to [...]

DHS “Insider” in context

By Douglas J. Hagmann 2 January 2014: Following the published report of the DHS insider’s final message last week, I have received hundreds of e-mails about the source and his messages. For those seeking clarity about the messages, and even for those with questions pertaining to his authenticity, I have compiled a chronological list of [...]

Jim Garrow on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 8:00-11:00 PM ET Wednesday, 1 January 2014: Join us as we open 2014 with a bang – an explosive interview with Jim Garrow, a former U.S. Intelligence operative with knowledge about a number of current and coming events in the U.S. and worldwide. Mr. Garrow has agreed to spend the entire [...]

DHS insider gives final warning

Image courtesy of Canada Free Press   Please discuss this article at Canada Free Press (Click here) By Douglas J. Hagmann 27 December 2013: Under the cover and amid the distraction of the Christmas bustle, I had my last “official” contact with a source inside the Department of Homeland Security known as “Rosebud” in my [...]

Book drawing: A Prophecy of the Future of America

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report 14 December 2013: Paul McGuire, author of his newest book, A Prophecy of the Future of America, appeared on last Thursday’s edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Mr. McGuire discussed his book as well as our nation’s future through the prism of past events and biblical scripture. As a [...]

Many questions loom in the death Loretta Fuddy

Image courtesy of Canada Free Press (Kiko) Please join the discussion regarding this article a Canada Free Press (Click here) “We hope that issuing you these copies of your original Certificate of Live Birth will end the numerous inquiries received by the Hawaii Department of Health to produce this document.”-Loretta Fuddy By Douglas J. Hagmann [...]

Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy confirmed dead in plane crash

Related: Details of Obama forgery exposed (Fuddy named in affidavit) Add your comment – join in the discussion of this matter at Canada Free Press (Click here) By Douglas J. Hagmann 12 December 2013: Loretta Fuddy, director of the Hawaii Department of Health, reportedly died due to injuries she received in the crash of a [...]

Demanding Constitutional Compliance

By Catherine Crabill, guest contributor 11 December 2013: As America stands upon a great and dangerous precipice, millions of Americans involve themselves battling against an ever emerging Tyranny. We skirmish on so many fronts that even though our numbers are legion, our efforts are minimized in their effectiveness by the nature of the division intentionally [...]

A private e-mail admission by Bill Ayers

Image courtesy of Canada Free Press Please join the discussion on this article at Canada Free Press (click here) By Douglas J. Hagmann 11 December 2013: The plot of a film noir of a half-century ago consisted of an unassuming man confessing to police his involvement in a number of murders in London while each [...]