Exculpatory evidence for Navy Seals

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

1 December 2009: As detailed in an article by Jim O’Neill at Canada Free Press, three U.S. Navy seals have been charged with assaulting a terrorist mastermind, allegedly causing him a bloody lip at some point during his capture. The allegedly injured terror suspect, Ahmed Hashim ABED was the focus of an extensive search that culminated in his capture by U.S. Navy Seals last September.  Investigation by the military found that ABED reportedly planned and superintended the capture, murder and subsequent desecration of the bodies of four U.S. subcontractors delivering food and supplies to Iraqis near the town of Fallujah on 31 March 2004.

There is much rightful outrage over the charges of assault pending against the three U.S. Seals. Unfortunately, that point has been rendered moot as charges against the Seals have been filed and they face formal arraignment a week from today. The ludicrous nature of the charges aside, outrage is unfortunately obscuring an extremely important piece of exculpatory evidence that should be introduced in their defense. The allegation of abuse during capture or while in detention adhere to a carefully outlined plan published by the enemy in late 2003, is an effective and demoralizing operational tactic of the enemy.


Enemy Playbook

The claims by ABED follow a precise strategy detailed by an online paramilitary training series known as “al Battar,” which provides instructions on all aspects of Islamic warfare. First published in 2003, al Battar provides detailed instructions to Islamic terrorists on methods to fight the West, from practical weapons training to ideological warfare. The al Battar training series was concurrently supplemented by a sister publication known as the Voice of Jihad, a publication that provides more detailed ideological and scholarly instruction to terrorists than the al Battar series. Together, the publications provide valuable insight into the tactics of Islamists on and off the battlefield.  The Northeast Intelligence Network has been extensively involved in securing, translating, and providing tactical analysis of that publication to military and federal authorities.

Among the topics contained within the instructional series are methods to employ when captured by Western forces. The favored approach by the captive is to allege abuse during capture or detention, which serves to exacerbate the ongoing political debates pertaining to the classification, handling and disposition of enemy combatants.

If our leaders require us to engage in this insane self-flagellation by forcing the three Seals into the criminal justice system, it is my hope that their attorneys present the aforementioned publications into evidence. It will be abundantly clear that ABED was merely following the Islamic warfare playbook.

“Force Protection Directive” advised increase in security, warned of “complacency”

By Sean Osborne, Assistant Director, Military Affairs Specialist

5 November 2009: A directive labeled “For Official Use Only” was issued to U.S. military bases, operation centers, and other potential targets of terror attacks by US Northern Command’s (NORTHCOM) Joint Operations Center commander General Victor E. Renuart, Jr., in September. General Renuart is also Commander NORAD.  General Renuart’s  directive was issued as a result of recently thwarted domestic Islamic bombing plots, including plots specifically targeting U.S. military installations, and directed all domestic U.S. military installations to re-evaluate their internal security.

According to  General Renuart, the present and most pressing problem facing NORTHCOM is the vulnerability of U.S. facilities to attack and complacency. He stressed that the US military must become smarter at providing security to its bases, noting that the threat to US military installations is real.  The directive is summarized in an article at this link.

Islam, Najibullah ZAZI, a frog & a scorpion

Analysis & Editorial by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

“There is no way I can have any connection to this terrorism.”

“I live here. I work here. Why would I have an issue with America?” “This is the only country that gives you freedom - freedom of religion, freedom of choice. You don’t get that elsewhere. Nobody wants to leave America. People die to come here.” -Najibullah ZAZI, now in custody on terrorism charges.

Najibullah ZAZI is a liar. His father, Mohammed ZAZI is a liar. And the Queens mosque leader Ahmad Wais AFZALI is a liar. Considering that their lies obstructed the efforts of authorities during the course of this investigation, these three contemptible specimens of Islam would likely have laughed at the scenes of death, the screams of the injured men, women and children who would have fallen victim to their plans of carnage had they been left unfettered. [Read more...]

Arrests define current Islamic terror threat

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

25 September 2009: In perhaps the most significant ten-day period since 9/11 for domestic counter-terrorism operations, law enforcement officials across the US have made multiple arrests this week of individuals planning to sow death and destruction in the name of Islam. The criminal complaints against those charged provide valuable insight into the thoughts and plans of Islamic terrorists on the streets of America, and most accurately define the current threat facing all of us in the US and Canada today. The documents provide critical insight into the inspirational objectives and operational planning of the Islamic jihad being waged against the West.

The criminal complaints document that among the adherents to fundamentalist Islam, loyalty to Islam supersedes loyalty to the US. They also confirm or serve to illustrate that prison recruitment to Islam, specifically to “jihad” continues unchecked, and there is a disturbing level of covert facilitation to would-be terrorists by Islamic leaders in mosques and Islamic centers across the US.In the case against Michael C. Finton (a/k/a Talib Islam), financial assistance was also provided to the suspect by a “shaykh” living in Saudi Arabia. Although the financial assistance was ostensibly for travel expenses to the Islamic Kingdom so the suspect could marry the “shaykh’s” daughter, the underlying motives should be clear.

The individuals arrested include:

Najibullah ZAZI, a 24 year-old Afghan native and current resident of suburban Denver, for lying to authorities in a terror investigation; Criminal complaint ( PDF file)

Mohammed Wali ZAZI, 53, father of Najibullah and resident of suburban Denver, for lying to authorities in a terror investigation; Criminal complaint (PDF file)

Ahmad Wais AFZALI, 37, the Imam of the Hazrat-I-Abubakr Sadiq mosque in Queens, NY, for lying to authorities in a terror investigation; Link to background article

Hosam Maher Husein SMADI, 19,an illegal alien from Jordan, for planning to detonate a vehicle bomb in Dallas; Criminal Complaint (PDF file)

Michale C. FINTON (a/k/a Talib Islam), recruited to Islam in prison, for attempted murder and using a weapon of mass destruction, for planning to detonate a vehicle bomb at a federal building in Springfield, IL. Criminal Complaint: Fenton, Michael C. (PDF file)

Although the plots of above suspects have been disrupted, others remain free. Some are under surveillance by law enforcement officials, while others are being sought. While many Americans have forgotten the threat posed by Islamic terrorists and have forgotten that they have declared war against the West, the terrorists have not forgotten, and live every day with their evil intentions. Perusal through the criminal complaints linked above verify that.

NY Terror Plot- Numerous Possibilities

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst & Contributor

24 September 2009: As we watch the events unfold surrounding the arrests of the members of the suspected terrorist cell in New York I am reminded of one thing, when it comes to Islamic terrorism don’t take anything at face value. The NYPD should be commended for their arrests and diligence in this matter regardless of stepping on a few federal toes doing it. However, we must consider a few other possibilities while we try to piece together what their targets were and still are. After all, no one knows where the TATP type explosives are located at this time, if indeed they have been assembled. Assume worst case and work from that.

Another Possible Target

The US is and always will be a target for Islamic terrorists. They have stated this; we know this and their Islamic beliefs insure this. We are the Great Satan, the Infidels, the monkeys and pigs [along with Israel] to these murderous Muslims. However, in light of recent threats made against Germany by Al Hafidh Abu Talha, the German al Qaeda soldier, we cannot discount another possible scenario which I will describe here. [Read more...]

None dare call it TREASON

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs Specialist

24 September 2009: Islam and its non-apostate adherents declared war against anything and everything non-Islamic at its inception in the Arabian heartland in 610 AD, fourteen centuries ago. Islam has always been a theology of hate, violence, wanton bloodshed and war. Islam is an equal opportunity hater because its violence is not only directed against those it considers infidels (kafirs) but those who are fellow Muslims. This is plainly evident in every nation on planet earth where Islam asserted itself through military conquest or remains as the dominant force over the past fourteen centuries. This fact is evident within Islam’s colonies in unconquered nations such as these United States.  In no nation on planet earth is Islam a dominant force where violence, wanton bloodshed or wars were not the sole method of achieving that dominance.

It was in the face of these unassailable truths that the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama declared just a few short months ago in the Egyptian and Turkish capitals, “America is not and never will be at war with Islam.”  Have you ever heard a more treasonous statement since September 11, 2001? [Read more...]

An inside look at the NY terror case

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

The current “terror warning” issued by federal authorities is as real as it is dire. It is extremely important that everyone understands the current threat level, how the warnings originated, and to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. There is a real and present danger throughout North America despite the tiresome claims that such warnings are hyper-inflated or are mere distractions to the real news of the day. I will explain, hoping that the following information provides some valuable insight into this precarious situation.

Before doing so, current press reports blaming NYPD, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, or other law enforcement officials for acting too quickly against an Afghan national and his associates must be addressed. Not only are such accusations misplaced, but malicious at their core. If there is any blame to be placed, it must be laid directly at the feet of the Islamic advocacy groups who have launched a crusade of politically correctness against law enforcement, encumbering them under the threat of legal action. It must also be placed at the feet of those government officials who have acquiesced to the very public and well-funded disinformation campaign that asserts that the loyalty of fundamental Muslims is to America rather than to their religious ideology.

The terror case of Najibullah ZAZI is a visible manifestation of such inane governmental policy and is a suitable illustration of the fruits of governmental acquiescence to Islam. [Read more...]

New audio message from Osama bin Laden

13 September 2009: A new audio message purportedly from al Qaeda terror kingpin Osama bin Laden was obtained from an Islamic terrorist web site late Sunday. The as- Sahab branded audio message, titled “[A statement] To the American people”  is approximately 11 minutes long and features the alleged voice of bin Laden warning the U.S. about continued ties with Israel and general criticism of U.S. policy. The audio message also cites Barack Hussein Obama’s speech made in Cairo, Egypt last June, noting that U.S. policy in Afghanistan and Iraq has not changed under Obama due, in part, to his retention of key military officials. [Read more...]

Gitmo glamor glitz reaches terrorist web sites

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Exactly eight years after the attacks of 9/11, photographs of the key operational field planner and self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed have “gone viral” on numerous terrorist web sites. Most Americans only know this diabolical terrorist kingpin through the images of his 2003 capture - the disheveled doppelganger of porn star Ron Jeremy. Now, thanks in part to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), members of the terrorist’s family, and complete capitulation to a mindset that virtually no American would have had just 8 years-ago tomorrow, new life has been given to the al Qaeda terrorist commonly referenced as “KSM” and the al Qaeda terrorist network. [Read more...]

Is Russia setting the stage for a nuclear apocalypse?

“I can’t say anything about the roots of this story and I don’t plan to dig further… I need to think about my own skin too. Understand that as you will.” -Mikhail Voitenko, editor of the Russian maritime Bulletin Sovfrakht., speaking about the “hijacking” of the Arctic Sea

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, & Sean Osborne, Military Affairs Specialist

24 August 2009: While it might seem like an unusual morphing of the movies Inside Man and The Hunt for Red October, the account of the cargo ship Arctic Sea is far stranger than either fictional account. Based on information developed through our extensive investigation, we can authoritatively state, without hyperbole, that the mysteries surrounding the MV Arctic Sea are as deep as the Atlantic waters where it navigated and its “alleged” secret cargo as potentially dangerous to an unsuspecting, distracted populace as the coastal rip tides produced by a late summer hurricane. [Read more...]