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America At War: They’ve Killed Innocent Civilians!

14 May 2003: It’s the opening days of the first war of the new millennium and the images appear on nearly every television screen. Innocent civilians have been viciously killed, attacked by a faceless enemy. The camera pans to a building with its windows blown out by the force of the explosion and a burning car sits nearby. A woman with a weathered face is seen in the foreground crying at the loss of innocent life as the reality of the situation begins to grasp her senses. Continue reading

“365 Days”

4 September 2002: It has been nearly one year to the day that our nation was attacked in the most vicious manner ever experienced in American history; an attack that resulted in the deaths of some 3000 innocent men, women and children. Everyone of age will forever remember that day in September when it appeared that everything stood still, everything stopped, and all eyes were on a nation whose people were savagely attacked without provocation. The mind numbing horror resulting from the events of that day quickly turned to grief and rose to anger against an enemy with a blurry face. On that fateful day and the days that followed, Americans did what Americans do. We rallied around our leaders, we responded to the challenge of saving those buried deep in the rubble of buildings and help the wounded. We bought flags and flew them with pride in a country united, and exhibited generosity in an unprecedented manner. Our leaders promised to bring those responsible to justice, and make the countries that harbor terrorists or enemies of the United States accountable. With every news clip depicting the horror that occurred at the twin towers, the pentagon and in a rural Pennsylvania field, we were righteously angry, damn angry. Continue reading