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The Connecticut Tyrants List

By Douglas J. Hagmann

26 February 2014: We’re doing our part to back up the gun owners of Connecticut and our rights under the United States Constitution… this from the Sipsey Street Irregulars…  a Sipsey Street Public Service Announcement:  “The Connecticut Tyrants List, voluntarily subscribed by the participants on 3 April 2013. The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid. It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police while carrying out their orders. I will be sending these folks my own email later today.”

CT State Senators voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. List includes home addresses. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:

John W. Fonfara, 99 Montowese St., Hartford 06114-2841

Eric D. Coleman, 77 Wintonbury Ave., Bloomfield 06002-2529

Andrea Stillman, 5 Coolidge Ct., Waterford 06385-3309

Gary LeBeau, 501 Canyon Ridge Dr., Broad Brook 06016-5602

For complete list, click HERE.

Flashpoint in America with Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Wednesday, February 26, 2014  8:00-11:00 PM ET


26 February 2014: The signs are all around us that America appears to be entering into the terminal phase of transition into totalitarianism. This, combined with the growing chaos we see across the globe is neither spontaneous nor by accident. It is fully orchestrated by the power elite whose goal it is to implement a one world system of governance, currency and even religion. Even the most skeptical among us cannot deny this nefarious agenda any longer.  Continue reading

Haunting words and a warning behind a stream of tears

By Douglas J. Hagmann

25 February 2014: It’s admittedly bad form for a talk show host to be rendered virtually speechless during a live broadcast, but it happened to me during Monday’s breathtaking program with Dr. Ted Broer. Dr. Broer was a guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report to discuss, among other things, how we can prepare for the coming perilous times with particular focus on our personal health. That topic was sidelined, however, when Dr. Broer related an especially poignant account about being at the side of his elderly mother on September 11, 2001.  Continue reading

Sunday: Doug Hagmann on The Common Sense Show


Note: The Common Sense Show begins at 10:00 PM ET

23 February 2014: Join Doug Hagmann as he appears as a guest on The Common Sense Show beginning at 11:00 pm ET (click HERE to listen live). ave and Doug will be discussing the inside story behind the murders of several banksters over the last couple of weeks.  These murders are having a profound effect on our world and will continue to do so. Who is behind these murders? Why are these murders being committed? How are these events changing America? Be sure to tune in live or listen to the archive of this most important broadcast.

Doug Hagmann on The People’s Voice in London

London121 February 2014: Dead bankers. A trail of dead men spread across the globe with certain things in common in life as well as death -  the world of international finance, commodities and perhaps… knowledge of criminality or fraud in this venue. Each of those who  met their fate under a shroud of mystery were in the prime of their lives and careers.

Douglas J. Hagmann, researcher, author and talk show host appeared on Friday’s episode of The Richie Allen Show of The People’s Voice in London, UK. The People’s Voice is an independent broadcast based in the UK that seeks to inform the public about issues not discussed by the managed media. They question everything in pursuit of the truth behind an event, situation or opinion and not simply accept the official version by default.

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More dead bankers in the “offing”

Special Hagmann & Hagmann Report featuring Steve Quayle & “V, The Guerrilla Economist”

Monday, February 17, 2014 8:00-11:00 PM ET

16 February 2014:  It’s rush hour on this cold and blustery Monday morning, and there’s a bustle of activity at the Lower Manhattan Security Coordination Center, 55 Broadway, situated deep in the center of New York’s financial district. Security agents working for America’s largest banks are huddled around a monitor adjacent to NYPD’s monitors. “We’ve identified another “problem child,” exclaims the former CIA agent turned central bank “fixer” to someone on the telephone. Continue reading

Exposing what lies beneath the bodies of dead bankers and what lies ahead for us

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

15 February 2014: I feel that this is one of the most important investigations I’ve ever done. If my findings are correct, each of us might soon experience a severe, if not crippling blow to our personal finances, the confiscation of any wealth some of us have been able to accumulate over our lifetimes, and the end of the financial world as we once knew it.  The evidence to support my findings exists in the trail of dead bodies of financial executives across the globe and a missing Wall Street Journal Reporter who was working at the Dow Jones news room at the time of his disappearance. Continue reading

Look behind the Iran warships headed to U.S. borders

By Douglas J. Hagmann

9 February 2014: It’s easy to downplay or even dismiss the threat by Iranian warships said to be on their way to sail close to U.S. maritime borders if one merely looks at this move as taking place in a geopolitical vacuum. The problem is that we are not residing in such a vacuum, and the majority of Americans are not understanding the significance of events that have been taking place since the planning phases of the “Arab Spring.” The American public is not getting the truth from the White House or the Western media that appears to be covering for, if not facilitating the Obama agenda.  Continue reading

The power of the blood of Jesus & knowing how to apply it to every area of your life

Special Sunday Edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

February 9, 2014 / 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM ET

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As believers who will be facing the worst times ahead, the power of God will transform many of us in real time. Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford will be sharing important information about the ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the absolute necessity of seeking God for these gifts.

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The face of the globalist agenda in Syria


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By Douglas J. Hagmann

4 February 2014: Take a good long look at the face of this 4 year-old boy. He could be your child, your grandchild or nephew. The photo seems to reflect a childhood innocence,  an innocence that is so treasured and so valued that it must be protected at all costs. Who among us could deny that this precious little boy deserves to be protected, deserves to experience the joys of a secure childhood like most of us had so long ago? Funny, that, for it is the very same people who argue that they are acting “for the children” when instead, they are criminally responsible for destroying their childhood, by ruthlessly and shamelessly exploiting them for their own geopolitical agenda. Worse yet, it’s all being done in your name, in our names, with our collective, tacit approval. For behind this face of innocence is a veil of darkness so black that it should shake you to your core as you look at the next image of this same young boy. Continue reading