Islamic ruling on non-Muslim holidays

“[A Muslim wishing a Christian 'Merry Christmas'] is as great a sin as congratulating someone for drinking wine, or murdering someone, or having illicit sexual relations, and so on.” –Islam (online) Q & A

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

24 December 2007: I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the Christian visitors to our web site a very joyous and blessed Christmas, and to our Jewish visitors, a very happy Hanukkah. During this most holy time of year, we reflect on our beliefs, and celebrate the joys of the season with our families and friends. It is also a good time for each of us to take a few moments for reflection and an honest perspective of the events taking place in the world today, especially those within Western countries - with particular emphasis on the United States and Canada.

Many people want to believe that the tenets of Islam are compatible with both democracy and Judeo-Christian principles. Here are two examples - both relevant to this most joyous of seasons - that illustrate otherwise. Both are cited by Islamic scholars at Islam Q & A:


What is the ruling on eating the food (rice, meat, chicken or cake) that is given to us by a Christian friend that he made for his birthday or for Christmas or the Christian New Year? What is your opinion on congratulating him by saying, “Insha Allaah you will continue to do well this year” so as to avoid saying Kull ‘aam wa antum bi khayr (approx. “season’s greetings”) or “Happy New Year” etc?


Praise be to Allah.

It is not permissible for a Muslim to eat things that the Jews and Christians make on their festivals, or what they give him as a gift on their festivals, because that is cooperating with them and joining in with them in this evil.

It is not permissible for him to congratulate them on their festivals in any way whatsoever, because that implies approval of their festival and not denouncing them, and helping them to manifest their symbols and propagate their innovation, and sharing their happiness during their festivals, which are innovated festivals that are connected to false beliefs that are not approved of in Islam.

And Allah knows best.


At work - I am a cashier, and there are Christmas cards with
shirk on them “Jesus is God - and Loves You” etc… If a customer
brings these to me, and I ring him up and put the money in the register - am I a kaafir? I hate the shirk, ……., ……, am I a


Al-Hamdu Lillaah

As long as you are a true believer, who believes in the oneness of Allah, the Most Gracious, and who has not committed any act that would expel you from the religion of Islam, and as long as you hate ! shirk and (the blasphemy of) Christianity, then you are a Muslim and not a kaafir. However, you must realize that it is unacceptable for a Muslim to aid or abet the kuffaar (non-believers) by any means or medium relating to the celebration of their holiday occasions. This would encompass selling items that are used in their celebrations. Sheikh ul-Islam Ahmad ibn Abdul-Haleem ibn Taymiya (may Allaah have mercy upon him) in his classic and monumental book entitled Iqtidaa’ Al-Siraat Al-Mustaqeem Mukhalafat As-haab Al-Jaheem (In Pursuit of the Straight Path by Contradicting the People of the Hellfire) said:

“As for a Muslim selling to them (the non-believers) items that they use to celebrate their holiday occasions, such as food, clothes, perfumes, etc., or offering such items as gifts, is a way of helping them celebrate their “unlawful” holidays. This idea is based on the fundamental principle that states that it is unacceptable (for a Muslim) to sell the kuffaar grapes or juice which they will use to produce wine or alcoholic beverages. By the same token it is also unacceptable (for a Muslim) to sell them weapons that will be used to fight Muslims.

He then presented an argument presented by Abdul-Malik bin Habeeb (among the scholars of Al Malakiyya madh-hab) in which he said “Don’t you see that it is forbidden for a Muslim to sell Christians any item that benefits or concerns their holidays? Not meat, nor food (eaten with bread), nor clothes, nor should they even be lent an animal (to ride on). They should not be helped in any way that relates to their holidays because this would be considered a form of glorifying their shirk (blasphemy) and supporting them in their apostasy and disbelief….” Al-Iqtidaa’ p. 229, 23, Dar Al-Ma’rifah printing, tahqeeq (verified and edited by) Al-Faqiy.

We ask Allaah to help you be firmly established on the truth, and to ward you away from wrong and falsehood, and to provide you with good and righteous means of living.

May the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon our Prophet Muhammad

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Suicide bomb DVD targets children

19 December 2007 - From the UK A children’s DVD which appears to glorify suicide bombing was being investigated by police today after being found on sale.

The disc, filled with haunting images and dramatic music, features a young girl proclaiming that she will follow in the footsteps of her suicide bomber mother. The DVD, which was purchased in Bradford, West Yorkshire, is set to music sung by children in Arabic with English subtitles.

West Yorkshire was home to three of the suicide bombers responsible for the July 7 London bombings - Mohammad Sidique Khan, from Dewsbury, and Hasib Mir Hussain and Shehzad Tanweer, both from Beeston in Leeds.

The first video shows an Arab woman playing with her two children before leaving her home with dynamite tucked into her dress.

She is approached by uniformed soldiers and the camera pauses on her thoughtful expression before a large explosion blazes across the screen.

After finding out about the suicide on television, her small daughter finds a stick of dynamite in her mother’s wardrobe and turns to the camera with the subtitles: “My love will not be by words. I will follow my mother’s steps.”

The head of Leeds counter terrorism unit (CTU), Detective Chief Superintendent John Parkinson, said: “We can confirm a DVD has been passed to the CTU for further investigation.


Islam: Not Just Another Religion

16 December 2007: The Bush Administration and the media have focused on Islam as a “religion of peace” and have done little to educate the public about the presence of Islamist groups on American soil, the level of their infiltration and their ultimate objectives.

If you read nothing else for the rest of this year, this is A MUST READ. Nicely summarized.

CAIR’s “condemnation” of murder rings hollow

“…CAIR continues to perform their dog-and-pony show for those who continue to be gullible enough to accept their transparent attempts of explaining away the inherent violence within the core of Islamic ideology.” –Douglas J. Hagmann

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 December 2007: Again, the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), via their American counterpart (CAIR) is being disingenuous if not outright deceptive in their “condemnation” of the murder of 16 year-old Aqsa PARVEZ. They not only fail to address the root cause of her savage murder - allegedly by her religiously devout father, but sully her memory and insult all of the West by attempting to mitigate the circumstances of her murder through a blanket indictment of all of society. They should be ashamed of themselves and their tactics, as should those who readily accept their carefully worded statement of condemnation. Nonetheless, it is business as usual at CAIR and CAIR-Canada.

At issue is the murder of Aqsa Parvez, a young school girl who succumbed to her brutal injuries during the early morning hours Tuesday. Police arrested the girl’s father, Muhammed PARVEZ for her murder and her 26 year-old brother, Waqas PARVEZ for obstruction of a police investigation. The alleged motive was attributed to the father of the girl objecting to her desire to wear Western clothing, and the young girl doing so while in school. Her friends described the Aqsa hastily changing from her loose fitting clothes and hijab into more fashionable attire out of the family view. She would then change back to traditional Islamic garb before returning home.

According to some of Aqsa closest friends, the victim frequently clashed with her family over her reluctance to wear a traditional Islamic headscarf, or hijab, and was becoming increasingly afraid to return home to face the punishment she anticipated. The family emigrated from Pakistan and settled in a suburb of Toronto, where Muhammed PARVEZ continued to be devoted to Islam. The elder PARVEZ, employed as a taxi driver in Toronto, would often stop his cab to pray at the required times and instructed his family to follow the strict doctrine of their beliefs as well. Incumbent in that doctrine are strict instructions on how women must dress while outside of the home.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Natalie Rance, 14, a friend of Aqsa described her family life: “Her dad wanted her to be a person who followed the religion. But she wanted to follow her own rules, wear her own clothes. But her dad wouldn’t let her do that.”

The fact that the family emigrated from Pakistan and were devout Muslims are two critically important facts necessary to fully understand their societal and investigative impact on this case, as well as CAIR’s apparent refusal to acknowledge the same. Failure to do so, or minimizing their role in the murder of Aqsa Parvez, serves only to obfuscate the essence of this crime.

In an interview with AFP News, Sameer Zuberi, an official with CAIR-Canada indicated that he “is dubious of opinions the girl’s death resulted from a clash of cultures.” He added, “Teen rebellion is something that exists in all households in Canada and is not unique to any culture or background. Domestic violence is also not unique to Muslims.”

That might be so, but it is important to note that Pakistan is a country where nine out of ten Pakistani wives of Muslim men, for example have been struck, beaten, or abused sexually, for offenses that range from failing to produce a male child to poor culinary skills. According to a recent study conducted by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, such abuses are common among the devout followers of traditional Islamic principles, and encompass all female members of families who adhere to the principles contained in the Qur’an and Hadith. In other words, it is a perfectly acceptable practice to mete out punishment to females by Muslim men within the parameters outlined by Islamic doctrine. And as the study suggests, such practices are indeed conducted with regularity by 90% of the Pakistani Muslims.

Yesterday, CAIR issued a statement condemning “domestic violence” in the context of this murder, indicating that this was the causative factor of this murder. They obviously could not bring themselves to admit that this murder, if the girl’s father is convicted and motive is established, was committed on the basis that violence against women is a contemporary artifact of Islamic tradition. It is also divinely sanctioned within the Qur’an and Hadith as documented by the above-referenced study, and sadly, a common practice among “devout” followers of Islam. Instead, CAIR shamelessly attempted to mitigate the religious and cultural motivation of the alleged murderer - the victim’s father - by stating that domestic violence is “a problem that cuts across Canadian society and is blind to colour or creed.”

Domestic violence is certainly not exclusive to the Muslim population. It is, however, tolerated and accepted as a normal practice in the majority of Muslim countries, and even endorsed by various Islamic scholars as sanctioned by Islam itself.

Compare this, for example, to the numerous scandals that plagued Roman Catholic priests involved in the unsanctioned criminal sexual acts with underage boys and young men. Imagine, if at the very height of the scandal, officials of the Roman Catholic Church issued a statement that pedophilia is a problem that cuts across American or Canadian society and is blind to color or creed. Instead of casually accepting such a blanket statement portrayed as part of a condemnation from Catholic leaders, the media would have been rightfully outraged, and held their feet to the fire. And in that instance, the media did so, even in the absence of such an outlandish and craftily worded statement.

As far as CAIR and Islam are concerned, however, different rules apparently apply.

In their absence of addressing the core issue of Islam’s inherent and sanctioned violence against women, it would appear that CAIR is not being honest with themselves or others. By exhibiting this lack of intellectual honesty and by their apparently purposeful omissions of placing blame where it belongs, it could be effectively argued that CAIR is actually inviting such acts to continue unabated, much like some of the Roman Catholic hierarchy did in the 1970, 80′s and 90′s.

In their statement, CAIR failed to place any of the blame where it squarely belongs - on those who adhere to and practice the fundamental religious and cultural aspects of Islam as sanctioned by the Qurâ’n, the Hadith, and even some contemporary Islamic leaders. Instead, CAIR continues to perform their dog-and-pony show for those who continue to be gullible enough to accept their transparent attempts of explaining away the inherent violence within the core of Islamic ideology.

Will the mainstream media hold CAIR’s feet to the fire for not going far enough in their diluted condemnation of the murder of a young girl allegedly at the hands of her religiously devout father? Will they confront CAIR on the core issues of violence against women that is sanctioned by the religious practices and cultural aspects of Islam? It is more likely that they will continue to accept the sanctimonious and muddled statements from an organization more concerned with agenda than advocacy.

Toronto murder: Sharia, Exhibit 1

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

12 December 2007: By all accounts, 16 year-old Aqsa Parvez of the Toronto suburb of Mississauga was a normal teenager - a girl with a zest for life and having all of the hopes and dreams for a bright future in a country that has so much to offer. Today, she lies dead in a Toronto morgue, the victim of a brutal strangulation. Her death was neither quick nor painless – no strangulations are. In this case, however, young Aqsa Parvez lived for a number of long, agonizing hours, lying in hospital desperately clinging to life before her struggle ended and she slipped away.

The two men closest to her in her tragically short life - her father, in whose arms she should have been able to seek love, comfort, and understanding, and her older brother, someone she should have been able to rely upon for protective guidance and refuge in her transition into a young woman, instead betrayed her in the most hideous of ways. Her father, Muhammad PARVEZ, has been charged with her murder and her 26 year-old brother, ”Muhammad” Waqas PARVEZ, was charged with obstructing the police investigation of her murder. Aqsa Parvez’s only crime: she resisted wearing a hijab, or an Islamic head scarf.

Like most young girls her age, Aqsa Parvez loved clothes, and loved to wear western clothing. She was beautiful, but she was also beautifully modest by Western standards in terms of her attire. She “just wanted to fit in,” according to her friends. To her father, a “traditional Muslim” from Pakistan currently employed as a driver for Blue and White Taxi, however, his daughter was an apostate under Islam. His reign of familial oppression was so great that Aqsa would leave home wearing a hijab and loose-fitting clothes, but would take off her head scarf and change into more fashionable clothes at school. Her fear of her father and the threat of his enforcement of Sharia law was so intense that she would then change back before going home at the end of the day.

It was shortly before 8:00 Monday morning when 9-1-1 received a call from “a man who indicated that he had just killed his daughter,” stated a source within the Peel Police Department. When emergency services arrived at the family’s residence on Longhorn Trail in Mississauga, they found 16 year-old Aqsa PARVEZ barely clinging to life. As she was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, her father looked on. She ultimately lost her battle for life. Today, her father will be brought before a Brampton Court at which time he will be formally charged with her murder. Her brother will also answer to the charges of obstructing a police investigation.

It is doubtful that her tragic death will receive the media attention it deserves. She was not Anna Nicole Smith or some other darling of the media, and did not die at the hands of a stranger or in a mass shooting. She was simply a bright, energetic and strong willed young girl with dreams and desires that were clearly and absolutely incompatible with those of her family’s religion. For having such desires and for betraying Islam, her father allegedly dispensed Islamic justice under Sharia law.

Assuredly, many Muslims and non-Muslims alike will argue that the alleged murderous actions of the girl’s father and the alleged complicity of the victim’s brother are a perversion of an otherwise tolerant and peaceful religion. Islam, in any manner in which it is described, is not only a religion hijacked, but a religion victimized by biased media coverage, we will be admonished. Meanwhile, more murders will be committed in the name of Islam, and more human rights violations will occur absent of any meaningful objection by those who describe themselves as “moderate” Muslims.

Surely, the death of Aqsa Parvez will be lost among the headlines of the forthcoming days, but her death must not be in vain. In open and free societies like Canada and the United States, much can and must be done to protect the most precious among us - our children. It appears that the checks and balances that are in place in our schools and through our laws failed Aqsa. Her friends knew that she was terrified of the punishment that awaited her at home should she be caught unclad in Islamic attire outside of her home.

Sensible reasoning should conclude that it was likely that her teachers, guidance counselor, or any number of other school officials knew or should have known of her abnormal fears. Perhaps they were, but considered it a family or religious matter off limits to their oversight responsibilities, despite the fear Aqsa exhibited. After all, we are not to meddle in a family’s right to practice their own religion - in this case Islam; doing so will undoubtedly bring civil rights complaints and lawsuits by way of organizations like the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and CAIR-Canada.

What can be done to insure that the death of Aqsa Parvez was not in vain? We must act to protect our children despite our fears of lawsuits, and we must hold “Moderate” Muslims and the groups that purportedly represent them accountable for every day they remain silent and fail to address the excesses of Sharia law. Aqsa Parvez was intimidated, bullied and finally murdered because she challenged the medieval constraints of Sharia law and the Qurâ’nic doctrine. We must have the will and fortitude to place the blame where blame belongs, and must refuse to be bullied into submission. She is the ultimate victim, not Islam, and can no longer speak for herself. Therefore, it is up to us to speak on her behalf.


7 December 2007: In the event you missed the news from the UK this week: Overworked nurses have been ordered to stop all medical work five times every day to move Muslim patient’s beds so they face towards Mecca.

“Some people might think it is not that big a deal, but we have a huge Muslim population in Dewsbury and if we are having to turn dozens of beds to face Mecca five times a day, plus provide running water for them to wash before and after prayers, it is bound to impact on the essential medical service we are supposed to be providing.” Complete article.

Modern Day Islam: Saudi rape victim sentenced to receive 200 lashes

16 November 2007: The facade of Islam as a peaceful, tolerant religion can be shattered by a single story of today. Sounding like something from the dark ages, a 19 year-old girl who was the victim of a brutal gang rape by six heavily-armed men was originally sentenced to receive 90 lashes for “being in the car of an unrelated male at the time of the rape,” has now been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail for talking to the media about her plight.

The new sentence was handed down this week by Saudi Arabia’s Higher Judicial Council after she was found guilty of attempting to “aggravate and influence the judiciary through the media.”

Virginia Is for Radicals? A troubling school

8 November 2007: The following is an important and insightful article about what is taking place inside America - specifically, at a particular school in Virginia. It is written by Stephen Spruiell and available in its entirety by clicking this external link. Believe it or not, like it or not, the enemy against the freedoms granted by our country are here in our schools in force, promoting violence against all non-Muslims.

The Islamic Saudi Academy, a private school owned and operated by the government of Saudi Arabia in the Washington, D.C. suburbs of northern Virginia, is more than just a religious school. While its math, science, and English curricula all conform to American standards, its religion curriculum is the same as the one imposed on all schools in Saudi Arabia. For years, that curriculum has been the target of legitimate criticism for its use of textbooks that promote jihad and justify violence against Christians and Jews.

Complete article - a very important read: HERE

Al Qaeda in U.S.

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

22 October 2007: [N]orthern New Jersey is not the only locale of Islamic terrorist networking. Every major city in the country has terrorist cells. Rural areas have them in abundance as well. Find a mosque or an Islamic charity in the US - and you’ll also find a terrorist cell or support structure embedded within it. Most of the primary Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorist websites are hosted by U.S. ISPs.

It seems obvious to me that our government is scared silly by the active Islamic insurgency within America. So scared that, at least in their public comments, they’re in abject denial of the insurgency. In fact, Joint Staff counterterrorism analyst Stephen Coughlin has warned anyone who will listen in the Federal Government that the U.S. Justice Department’s outreach to suspect Muslim groups could ‘legitimize threat organizations by providing them domestic sanctuary.’


Last one out of the Empire State Building…please turn the lights off

The ideological war against America from within

11 October 2007: Six years ago, the skies over New York were lit up with the glow from the fiery embers of the World Trade Center towers, its furnishing and yes, its occupants - from the worst attack on American soil by the followers of a religious and cultural ideology. That ideology declared war on the U.S. which we are still fighting. So, how does a New York landmark building commemorate the very ideology that changed the landscape of that city?

The iconic building is to be lit up in “HAMAS green” from Friday in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ramadan. depending on when the new moon is sighted, and the Empire State Building will shine it’s green lighting in honor of Eid al-Fitr, an Islamic holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. It is expected to be green from Friday through Sunday.

According to an official statement: “This is the first time that the Empire State Building will be illuminated for Eid, and the lighting will become an annual event in the same tradition of the yearly lightings for Christmas and Hannukah.”