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Douglas J. Hagmann Interview with George Noory On C2C AM


Douglas J. Hagmann was interviewed by George Noory in regards to the severe Ammunition Shortage across the U.S.A.

(May 20, 2013).

Simply click on this link and you can hear the interview:

Links to articles discussing the shortage:

Article One:

Article Two:

Article Three:

(The views expressed in these three articles are not the views of Douglas and/or Joe Hagmann. The stories are placed here as a courtesy to help YOU our audience with your own research).

Doug Hagmann on Israel National Radio: Syria & WW III

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Updated with link to audio archive: Israel National Radio - the largest radio station in the Middle East

19 February 2013: Join Doug Hagmann as he is a guest on Israel National Radio, The Tomar Yonah Show, today at 2:00 p.m. ET as we discuss the Benghazi affair and the events in the Middle East.

Click here to listen to audio archive (Opens in a new window - Click the listen live button)

Hagmann & Hagmann in New Zealand!

  14 November 2012: Doug & Joe Hagmann, hosts of The Hagmann & Report will be guests on the Vinny Eastwood Show live in New Zealand tonight from 6:00 pm ET to 7:45 pm ET. Vinny is a native New Zealander, yet knows as much - if not more about what’s going on in the United States than most Americans.

Mr. Eastwood has been a hard hitting talk show host for over five years and broken and broached many topics seemingly off limits to discussion in “mainstream” media circles.

In the U.S., join us live from 6-7:45 pm ET tonight; if you are in New Zealand, we’ll be live from 12:00 noon to 1:45 pm local time. Click on the banner at left to listen live!


Tools against the truth

By Douglas J. Hagmann

1 November 2012: I often wonder why some authors are frequently criticized for citing information provided by unnamed but fully vetted sources, while other authors who perpetuate theories that have no basis in fact are given a pass from their readers. I am referencing the September 11, 2012 attack and the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, and the unsubstantiated “theory” that the deaths were actually the result of a bizarre kidnapping plot gone awry. Continue reading

Special Keith Hanson Show today

By Douglas J. Hagmann

15 September 2012: “For the first time in my life, I can say that I’m actually a bit afraid of what’s going on… what’s taking place. For a long time, I’ve been telling people to watch the time period of September and October 2012, before the elections. Now look what’s going on. But look at the whole picture, including the financial news of more ‘quantitative easing.’   Look at what Obama has done to Israel, and think about what will happen when Israel finally decides that they cannot wait any longer to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat. All things combined, I can see events taking place domestically, inside the U.S., that will change things, and not for the better.” Continue reading

A very important 60 minutes

“What happened to One Nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all?”

25 August 2012:  Think about this: former President Bill Clinton, as the keynote speaker at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, will place President Barack Obama’s name in nomination. The question is how did Hillary and Bill Clinton—the scandal ridden, indictment dodging First Family of the 1990’s reemerge in power in the Obama administration, and as the saviors of the Democrat party and the Obama 2012 election campaign?

Continue reading

Douglas Hagmann on Infowars

21 August 2012: Douglas J. Hagmann, founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, appeared on the Tuesday edition of Alex Jones’ Infowars to discuss DHS insider information, the war being waged on Christians who are also true patriots, and the attempts of the U.S. government to silence individuals who vocalize their opposition to the political policies of the current administration.

Alex Jones and his staff have long been at the tip of the spear in uncovering government tactics of intimidation and abuse to silence political opposition. That position has come at a price. He, like others who have been actively and effectively uncovering government abuses of power, the trampling of our Constitutional rights, and the globalist conspiracy that few dare to discuss, is a target by those who continue their attempts to institute global governance at the expense of American sovereignty. He has become a magnet himself for campaigns of opposition and smear tactics. Continue reading

Doug Hagmann on the Keith Hanson Show

18 August 2012: Doug Hagmann will be a guest on the Keith Hanson Show today from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. Mr. Hanson is a staunch (and fiercely-proud) right wing conservative Federalist, Keith is an outspoken, God-fearing, gun-toting America-loving Patriot who is not afraid to stand up and speak out for the causes of Liberty, Freedom, and American Exceptionalism.  He is a true American who uses his microphone like the scope of a rifle, targeting enemies of our nation with precision accuracy.

Join Keith Hanson on Facebook: Click here.  Please help spread the word - click “LIKE” on Facebook - Mr. Hanson is a true defender of our nation.

  Listen to the archive here. Topics: Manufactured crises, possibilities of Martial Law, civil unrest, engineered chaos and more. If you like what you hear, please drop Mr. Hanson a note via e-mail.

At the precipice of global war: Thursday with Steve Quayle

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

19 July 2012: On Thursday, July 19, 2012, the national radio program The Hagmann & Hagmann Report will broadcast a very special three-hour episode from 9:00 p.m. to midnight ET (6:00-9:00 pm Pacific) featuring our special, returning guest Steve Quayle. We will continue where we left off earlier this month, focusing on the intersection of current events and biblical prophecy. We are watching biblical prophecy unfold before our eyes, yet too few are awake to the events that will forever change the geopolitical world. Time is short.

Steve will be providing more much-need and well-focused insight and updated analysis of current events during this very special extended program.