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North Korea: The larger picture

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

APTOPIX Cuba Missile Crisis Conventional Wisdom vs Reality2 April 2013: The drums of war are beating, but nearly everyone is being fooled by the direction of their echo. While the situation involving North Korea is indeed serious, information provided by my military and intelligence sources are telling me to advise others to look elsewhere to accurately pinpoint the location of the drums themselves. While their location might surprise most, it should send a chill down the spines of us all. We have front-row center seats to the greatest magic show of our time, which consists of a series of acts in the run-up to World War III.

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Chemical weapons reports in Syria, exactly as warned

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

  4 December 2012: And so it begins, or should I say, so it continues. CNN is now reporting that an unnamed U.S. intelligence official claims that Assad’s Syrian forces are “combining chemicals that would be used to make deadly sarin gas for use in weapons to attack rebel and civilian populations.”

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Benghazi explained: Behind the lies

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

2 December 2012: Author’s note: This is a special supplement of a multi-part interview with a government insider intimately familiar with the events that took place in Benghazi. It is important to note that the information contained in this series was developed from interviews that spanned over 100 hours. My source requested that the following information be written separately due to its importance.

DH: You told me that you wanted to talk about the lies behind Benghazi, said it is critical for everyone to understand the reason for the lies. and asked that we do this separately. Go ahead. Continue reading

Sex, lies and Obama Ben Ghazi

A Shakespearean tragedy

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By Douglas J.  Hagmann

13 November 2012: Sex, trysts and indiscretions. Nothing more effectively diverts the public’s attention away from emerging critical truths better than the time-tested template of salacious headlines. It hijacks people’s attention away from far more critical matters that threaten the positions and agendas of the most powerful people engaged in even more immoral acts. It must be recognized for what it is: a tactic of diversion. Continue reading

Obama’s real world game of Risk

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

5 November 2012: Most thinking Americans are outraged about the cover-up pertaining to Benghazi. Questions  about the deaths of four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, posed to Obama and his spokespeople have been met with vague, carefully worded, well parsed and deliberately misleading responses. Why? To cover up incompetence and intelligence failures? No, because there were no intelligence failures!

To say that the lack of response or calls for assistance was due to a communications breakdown is like calling a five alarm fire that completely destroys an important structure and everything in it, deliberately set to cover up a crime, an accident. And in this case, the fire department dispatchers are co-conspirators in the arson! In addition to not sending the fire company, they are now busy making sure that the fire investigators they are now sending to investigate what happened are maintaining their cover. Continue reading

The hidden real truth about Benghazi

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

26 October 2012: Most people know that we’ve been lied to about the attacks in Benghazi, but few realize the extent of those lies or the hidden secrets they cover. After all, the lie is different at every level. Thanks to a well placed source with extensive knowledge about the attack, the disturbing truth is slowly beginning to emerge and is lining up with information contained in my previous articles published here weeks ago. The truth reveals the most serious situation in the world today as it involves the interests and destinies of us all. Continue reading

al Qaeda rectum rocket

From the annuls of the most creative Islamic terror techniques comes Abdullah Asieri, an al Qaeda terrorist wanted by Saudi Arabia on terror charges. Asieri recently contacted Saudi authorities and arranged to turn himself in directly to counter-terrorism head Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef. After the meeting was arranged, Asieri took colonics to new heights by packing a pound of explosives and a remote detonator into his rectum, effectively circumventing bomb detection equipment at a Saudi royal palace. Continue reading

Virginia Is for Radicals? A troubling school

8 November 2007: The following is an important and insightful article about what is taking place inside America - specifically, at a particular school in Virginia. It is written by Stephen Spruiell and available in its entirety by clicking this external link. Believe it or not, like it or not, the enemy against the freedoms granted by our country are here in our schools in force, promoting violence against all non-Muslims.

The Islamic Saudi Academy, a private school owned and operated by the government of Saudi Arabia in the Washington, D.C. suburbs of northern Virginia, is more than just a religious school. While its math, science, and English curricula all conform to American standards, its religion curriculum is the same as the one imposed on all schools in Saudi Arabia. For years, that curriculum has been the target of legitimate criticism for its use of textbooks that promote jihad and justify violence against Christians and Jews.

Complete article - a very important read: HERE

Saudis released 700+ “rehabilitated” al Qaeda terrorists over the last 3 years

31 August 2006: Within the last 3 years, the government of Saudi Arabia has released more than 700 suspected terrorists described as having ties to al Qaeda or accused of being sympathetic to the terror organization.

Saudi Interior Minister Mansour al-Turki claimed that a counseling program administered by the Saudi government for the terrorist suspects had been successful in changing the minds of the terrorists and persuaded them to abandon their terrorist tendencies. Those who are still considered a threat will be put on trial, stated al-Turki.

America’s Elites and Saudi Money

By Lee Kaplan23 April 2006: On March 29th, 2006 the “drive-by media” failed to report the scuttling of a new bill in the House of Representatives. H.R. bill 609 would have amended the Higher Education Act of 1965 and required America’s colleges and universities to report any donations received from Saudi Arabia as part of the Title VI international education bill. The new bill, dubbed the Burton Amendment to the College Access and Opportunity Act, was put before one chamber of Congress by Congressman Dan Burton [R-IN], and would have required US colleges and universities to report such donations through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), a publicly available and searchable database.According to an aide to Congressman Burton, the amending bill made it past committee and when presented on the House floor was about to be put to a voice vote where a simple “yea” or “nay” vote would have led to its passage. George Miller [D-CA], as leader of the Democratic caucus stated his side had no objections to the bill just before a vote was held. But when the voice vote was requested, someone from the floor said “no,” thus requiring a roll call vote where each representative would be recognized on how he voted on the matter.

In what should have been a shoo-in, the amendment was voted down at the last minute on a roll call vote 306 to 120. Miller himself, who raised no objections to the amendment moments earlier, voted down the bill when his identity could be linked to its passage along with the rest of the House.

This illustrates the sway of Saudi money - even in our own Congress, the “voice of the people.”

Our educational system is, if anything, worse. As we are working hard to secure our borders from terrorism and fighting terrorist movements overseas, the same people who are financing much of the world’s terrorism are pouring money into American colleges and universities with the intent of undermining support for our government’s efforts in the War on Terror.

American universities - those idealists who claim racism, misogyny, religious persecution and violations of human rights are antithetical to their mission - are more than willing to accept funding from the Wahhabist Saudi regime that practices such behaviors. The funds go to set up Middle East Studies centers that serve to indoctrinate future generations of American college students to support the goals of overseas terrorists and dictators. These centers also promote outreach programs in which teachers and professors in our local communities are trained and provided with curricula that preach a radical anti-democratic, anti-American, and frequently anti-Semitic agenda in our primary and secondary school classrooms. Our children are their targets.

Two years ago, I began writing about how pervasive Saudi funding at American colleges had become, only to see the problem escalate. Saudi expenditures in American colleges have far exceeded the funding spent on propaganda by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Yet for all the “educational assistance” sent abroad, Saudi Arabia’s own illiteracy rate has remained at nearly 50% of its population. Rather than spending money to teach their own people to read, the Saudis are busy with a public relations campaign to export support for their despotic regime to the US.

Future generations of Americans are being indoctrinated because college administrators just want the money. Imagine if during the Cold War, Congress stood by and allowed the Soviet Union openly to pour millions of dollars into our nation’s colleges and universities to promote anti-American textbooks endorsing communism in our classrooms, or if Hitler had staffed German Studies departments with Nazis to promote the glory of the Third Reich during the Second World War, and you can get the picture.

Most of the terrorists who are killing American soldiers in Iraq have been found to be Saudi nationals. The Saudis have always funded Hamas, and have offered to fund the new Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority now that the US government, Canada and a few others have refused to do so.

The US State Department has just reissued 21,000 Saudi “student visas” under pressure from American universities who want the lucrative full price tuition revenue added to their coffers. It can be counted on that many of these students will also be sent with the goal of political activism for the Wahhabist regime and Islamist causes on our campuses. That’s about the same number of Saudi students that were here on 9/11.

Meanwhile, Saudi propaganda, in their own television and print, still vilifies the West and Jews and continues to roil the conflict in the Middle East against Israel and our presence in Iraq.

Congressman Burton intends to reintroduce his bill in the near future. It is high time the public rises up and demands it be passed. Meanwhile, a bill exposing who gets campaign money from Saudi Arabia in Congress should be the next thing on the agenda.

Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist and senior intelligence analyst and communications director for NEIN.