TSA Christmas memo defies facts

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director & Joe Hagmann, Research Specialist

30 December 2010: A memorandum dated 24 December 2010 signed by TSA Director John Pistole and Deputy Administrator Gale Rossides was sent to all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, praising the advances made by the TSA this year. Not all federal agents who received this memo were in agreement with the reported strides made by the TSA as Pistole alleges, with some calling the memo “pure propaganda” and “boldly inaccurate.” One problem, according to the federal officials interviewed about this memo, is that Pistole and Rossides misrepresented the facts to his employees about the public support the TSA has received about their enhanced screening procedures.

The TSA, an agency that never stopped an attack on any airline in its nine year history, nonetheless boasted to its employees that they kept air travel safe in 2010. In particular, Pistole expressed pride in the “outpouring of support” from the public over the Thanksgiving holiday and in the professional manner in which the TSA workforce handled the national “opt-out” day, a day when many air travelers planned protests of the enhanced passenger screening procedures.

Specifically, a significant number of air travelers selected the day before Thanksgiving to refuse screening by the new “AIT” (Advanced Imaging Technology) scanners or subjected to enhanced pat-downs, in order to send a message to the TSA that they’ve gone too far. As excerpted from the memo, Pistole and Rossides praised TSA agent’s with getting passengers through the screening process without incident and safely to their destination:

What Pistole and Rossides did not mention was what supervisors at the various TSA checkpoints knew in advance of the opt-out day, and what the corporate media failed to report:  passengers were not subjected to those standards during that period to avoid air travel gridlock and the subsequent embarrassment that would likely ensue. Instead, they reverted to older screening standards, using older detectors in place of the AIT units, while conducting less intrusive pat-downs when necessary.

Not only does the memo skew facts of the public perception, Pistole also praised the TSA under his own “wise financial stewardship”  of one billion dollars to purchase, deploy and implement “cutting edge technology” to airports, including 500 AIT units to airports nationwide:

These measures are being funded and directed by the Obama/Napolitano Department of Homeland Security with funds from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. The stimulus money is being poured into the purchase of new technology despite legitimate health and safety concerns it poses and amid the Constitutional concerns over privacy and the rights of American citizens to be protected from unreasonable searches.

Pistole was sworn in as the TSA’s fifth agency head in July. He oversees about 60,000 federal workers and employees, and the operations of over 450 U.S. airports, the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS), and the security for highways, railroads, ports, mass transit systems and pipelines. A former deputy director for the FBI, Pistole is a primary architect with DHS Secretary Napolitano to expand the national “see something, say something” campaign, which is gaining in controversy by critics calling the program Orwellian in nature. Pistole, along with Napolitano, is also involved in the controversial  Stasi-style Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, or SAR for short.

Readers might recall that the memo’s co-author, Gale Rossides was at the center of controversy in 2009, while she was the acting head of the TSA before Pistole was appointed. At a hearing of a House Homeland Security Committee subcommittee, she was questioned about a TSA Standard Operating Procedures screening manual being found online by bloggers. Rossides stonewalled Congress, and refused outright to provide subcommittee members the current version of the SOP manual or answer questions about the scope of the breach caused by the publication of the manual. She drew the ire of not only House subcommittee members, but of TSA agents with direct knowledge of the manual contents who stated that the gaffe unnecessarily caused a significant compromise to air travel.

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The cowardice and lies of the president of Bard College

Academic leader Leon Botstein knowingly allows Hamas-support group to use campus facilities and money to aid terror front group ISM

By Lee Kaplan, Communications Director, Investigative Journalist

27 December 2010: Bard College is a small idyllic liberal arts college located near Annendale-on-the-Hudson in New York State. A shining star for Bard is supposedly its campus president, one Leon Botstein, Botstein has been the President of Bard College for the past seventeen years, a base from which he promotes his dual careers as an educator and music conductor. Botstein is also Jewish, born in Switzerland and the grandson of victims who died in the Holocaust. He is presently the second string conductor for the Jerusalem Philharmonic orchestra.

Botstein has decided to allow the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a group that openly admits it works with State Department designated terrorist groups such as Hamas, the PFLP, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, to set up shop on his campus using campus facilities and student activity money to train ISM activists to go to the West Bank and interfere with anti-terror operations of the Israeli army, as well as to act as human shields for Palestinian terror groups.

The ISM at Bard has actually invited Huwaida Arraf, a co-founder of the ISM and one of the main organizers of the Gaza Flotilla boats that continually try to run the Israeli navy’s control of the sea lanes to Gaza to import weapons for Hamas. Arraf was invited to campus to do recruiting for ISM terrorism enablers once before and I alerted Botstein then, too, who did nothing about it. The Bard ISM campus group even recently raised money for the Gaza flotillas that included IHH, an al Qaeda-affiliated “charity” that was involved in the millennium bomb plot to blow up the LA airport in 2000. It is common knowledge the ISM organizes these flotillas in order to try to enable the Iranians to run weapons to the Hamas to attack Israeli civilians on Israel’s southern border with rockets and mortars. Photos are available of ISM activists receiving medals from Hamas leaders in Gaza.

Huwaida Arraf came to train ISM volunteers on that campus a year ago and to raise finances for them and organize similar trips sometimes even in Bard’s name. Bard ISM recruits are trained in how to lie to the Israeli border police in order to enter Israel illegally and go to the West Bank (also illegal) to assist in fomenting weekly riots from the mosques against Israel’s security fence. They are taught how to falsify their passports if caught and deported. The ISM always looks for scams in order to promote its agenda calling for complete dismantling of Israel as a Jewish state, so ISM activists have even in the past managed to lie about being Jewish to utilize the Birthright Program, a program set up by Jewish philanthropists to send Jewish students to Israel to appreciate the Jewish state.

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Terror message at food plant: “All Americans must die”

Report by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Senior Investigator

26 December 2010: In the wake of a recent warning by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the terrorist threat “All Americans must die” was scrawled on the wall of the Tyson meat plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee last week. The developing story was first reported last Thursday by Nashville based WSMV-TV Channel 4, with a video providing additional details of the incident.

While the text of the article does not mention the Somali Muslim work force at the plant, a plant worker who requested anonymity out of fear for her safety told the news station:

“They’ve complained for years, as to why these people are being hired in our food department when we are worried about our safety as Americans, you know, and that’s something we all need to think about.”

On Friday, 24 December 2010, this investigator spoke with a plant security worker who confirmed the incident, and stated that the plant security suspects that one or more of the Somali Muslim workers is behind the threatening message. The Tyson plant employs a significant number of Muslims from Somalia, many who appear increasingly unhappy  following the airing of a liberal documentary of the “plight” of Somalis in Shelbyville that recently premiered.

An article by Jerry Gordon, a writer for Chip Hanlon’s Red County, published on 24 December 2010 also references the documentary and the ” Somali Muslim  culture clash in Shelbyville.”

According to the plant security officer interviewed by this investigator, plant workers are concerned for the safety of the food product they produce and in some cases, afraid for their own safety. “Most of these [Somali Muslims] don’t want to interact with others, integrate within the community, and seem quite antagonistic to the American way of life,” he stated. “I don’t know why they want to continue to work or live here when they seem very unhappy all of the time,” he added. This source stated that their behavior concerns other American workers at the plant.

“It’s just a matter of time before something happens, whether it’s to our product or internally here at the plant,” he added. According to the news report, the women’s restroom was set on fire the previous week, which was confirmed by this security officer.

Tyson Foods, Inc. was founded in 1935 with its headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, and is the world’s largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork, the second-largest food company in the Fortune 500 list of companies.

Christmas wishes & a message to our readers

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

25 December 2010: To our Christian readers, the staff and associates of the Northeast Intelligence Network would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and joyous Christmas day.

The United States of America was founded on men possessing strong Biblical principles and Judeo-Christian beliefs. I am constantly amazed by people who deny our religious heritage and argue that America exists in spite of our Judeo-Christian philosophy and not because of it. If that is your position, please feel free to stop reading here and move on to a more secular article with my respectful and best wishes for a pleasant day.

Those who are still with me, I would like to prayerfully request that you thoughtfully consider the state of our nation on this Christmas Day. For Christians in America and throughout the world, today is the celebration of the birth of our Lord & Savior. It is a joyous day, yet that joy is too frequently overshadowed by the commercialism of the season. It seems that collectively, we have lost the true meaning of Christmas along with the internal guidance of our divinely inspired spirituality.

Much like the way the true meaning and spirit of Christmas has been diluted and distorted, so too has our reality of current  and recent historical events been diluted, corrupted and changed beyond recognition. Many don’t even realize how far we’ve strayed in principle and action. In our life journey, we’ve seem to have taken our eyes off of the star of Bethlehem, the miraculous star that announced the birth of our Lord and led the wise men to our Savior, according to biblical accounts. Losing sight of the Christmas star, the beacon of  truth and guidance to the wise men following its path, is not entirely due to our attention deficits. The beacon of truth has been deliberately obscured by people who are busily working to destroy us at an alarming pace. Our enemies are many, and often pose as scholars, American politicians and world leaders, respected religious leaders, and even our own friends.

We are engaged in a war that has expanded well beyond what most of us imagined on the first Christmas Day of the new millennium. Within the last decade, our nation has been attacked – most visibly on 9/11, but continues to be attacked on a daily basis. We are fighting a war that has its roots in the story of Isaac and Ishmael, and a larger conflict that involves good versus evil. It is not only our war, but a prophetic global war that is raging. Those who read the Bible find reassurance as we know how this spiritual war ends, but often fail to realize that a lot must happen before victory over evil is achieved. I believe, as do most of or staff and associates, that we are at the onset or somewhere in the midst of this epic battle.

Although we should take today to celebrate the birth of our Lord and our salvation, we should also prepare ourselves for the coming days. The final throes of this battle might not happen in our lifetimes, but we must act as it could. We must assume positions of leadership to prepare ourselves, our families, and the especially the next generation for what is to come. We need to be true to ourselves and to our loved ones, and must never temper the truth with political correctness or historical revisionism.

We need to keep our eyes on the Christmas star, follow that star and gain strength in spirit for the battle that is being waged and the battles yet to come. We need to ask for spiritual guidance for the ability to recognize and discern both good and evil, and be prepared to fight against evil accordingly. Exposing evil that exists within our own “house” is a large part of this path. It is our collective Christmas promise by me and my associates that we will work tirelessly to expose the evil that is raging from without and by others.  That is our virtual Christmas present to you.

Thank you for your years of loyal readership, your friendship, your advice, and most importantly, for your desire to be on the right side of history and the war for our souls.

Merry Christmas, and may God bless all of you and our nation.

E-Mails prove NYC Mayor’s political influence of Ground Zero Mosque

Image courtesy WABC-TV New York

By Douglas J. Hagmann

24 December 2010: The “fix” was in from the start. The majority of New Yorkers and Americans have known that New York City Imam Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a staunch supporter of the Islamic center and mosque proposed for construction within the shadow of destruction of the 9/11 attacks. Now, thanks to a suit filed against the recalcitrant mayor to disclose correspondence related to his involvement in the proposed construction, Judicial Watch obtained e-mails that illustrates just how much inluence Bloomberg exerted behind the scenes on behalf of the Cordoba Initiative.

A WABC Channel 7 report details the mayoral meddling in this report. Yet another news report published by the New York Daily News disclosed that NY Community Affairs Commisioner Nazli Parvizi actually drafted a letter on behalf of Daisy Khan, the wife of Cordoba Initiative’s head Imam Rauf to send to the community board ahead of their vote on the project.

The e-mails illustrate how the mayor’s office ran active interference against the media, to buy time for the mosque planners so they could regroup and refine their strategy. After confirming the depth and breadth of the mayor’s rabid support to see that the mosque project succeeds, a logical question would be whether it is merely his philanthropic nature  driving his passion for the project.  To find the answers, you don’t have to look much farther than Bloomberg’s increased business dealings in the Middle East Islamic world. Just follow the money.

More evidence emerging that that Constitution supporters are considered threats

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Douglas J. Hagmann, Director & Judi McLeod, Founding Editor, Canada Free Press

23 December 2010: A report published today by Kurt Nimmo states that a Department of Homeland Security fusion center in Florida conducted surveillance on Ron Paul supporters and other political groups. A law enforcement sensitive bulletin dated 4 June 2010, issued by the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange, identified  one event hosted by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty that was subjected to official intelligence monitoring by that arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Nimmo notes that the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange was established with the assistance of an $850,000 Department of Homeland Security grant, which is your tax dollars at work. The center is specifically tasked with looking for terrorist leads.

As we detailed in our report dated 19 April 2009, over a year before the Ron Paul event and today’s article, we informed readers of the existence of a FBI directive issued in March, 2009 that tasked FBI field offices to collect specific times, dates and locations of TEA party and other similar patriotic events. A second directive was issued the following month directing domestic intelligence agencies to perform covert video surveillance and data collection of the participants of the TEA parties.  The directive instructed that surveillance was to be performed from “discreet fixed or mobile positions” and was to be performed “independently and outside of the purview of local law enforcement.”

We wrote at that time that we fully expected the government’s denial of the surveillance of the TEA Parties to “go viral” as soon as this story is posted. We were not disappointed, as U.S. government officials denied or declined to comment about any such surveillance conducted at the patriotic events as well as the directives behind the orders. Subsequent to the publication of our 2009 report, we have developed both direct and anecdotal evidence that traced the directives from the local FBI field offices to the DHS fusion centers, to the Holder Justice Department and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Ultimately, the orders to allocate important counterterrorism and intelligence assets away from the more logical threats of foreign nationals and Islamic terrorists has the imprimatur of the Obama administration and his cadre of national security advisors.

As we wrote in 2009, “the implications to the citizens of the U.S. are ominous. It seems that there is a hostile political agenda coming from Washington that characterizes the supporters of our constitutional freedoms as threats to our domestic security, which is totally absurd. The redirection, the refocusing of domestic threats from al Qaeda cells to ‘flag waving right-wingers’ is something that has gone from a murmur a few years ago to a roar today.”

It is disturbingly apparent that the agenda of this administration is to classify the American people who are the most ardent supporters of the U.S. Constitution as greater threats than those who have openly expressed their desire to destroy our country. It is not only a tremendous misuse of valuable intelligence assets, but an affront to every freedom loving American who cares about the future and freedoms of our nation. As we are now witnessing, the pace at which this administration in particular is advancing against the rights provided by the Constitution and those who support it is increasing at an alarming rate.

TEA Party participants, legal gun owners, pro-life groups, and those who support the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution are not “domestic extremists.” We are not the enemy, unless, of course, the Constitution poses a threat to the objectives of this administration.

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Airline pilot punished for telling the truth about security

23 December 2010: An ABC News10 exclusive provides an account of a veteran pilot for a major airline being punished by the TSA for telling – and videotaping -the security theater at one major airport. Portions of the video made by the pilot, and the pilot’s account of the ramifications he encountered are published on the News10 website here. The direct link to the ABC News channel 10 video is here.

“As you can see, airport security is kind of a farce. It’s only smoke and mirrors so you people believe there is actually something going on here,” stated the pilot. The unidentified pilot was asked why he documented the security flaws in the manner chosen. In a follow-up article, the pilot stated that the issue was not being addressed – until the issue gained traction through the news story.

Food supply threat analysis: Obama’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” new reality TV?

By Douglas J. Hagmann

22 December 2010: According to a report broadcast yesterday by CBS News, the latest terror warning allegedly involves  simultaneous attacks to our food, specifically targeting hotels and restaurants at various locations within the U.S. The exclusive CBS story adds that the threat was deemed “credible” by a key intelligence source, and that members of the Department of Agriculture and the FDA reportedly “briefed a small group of corporate security officers from the hotel and restaurant industries about it.”

The threat is real, but not new

The threat from Muslim terrorists to poison our food and water supplies is nothing new. They’ve discussed taking such measures on countless internet forums and been schooled through numerous al Qaeda publications, including publications stored on U.S. servers long after their value to our intelligence agencies have been exploited.

Rather than relying on corporate media sources or second-hand information about this plot, I attempted to identify the origin of this alleged threat and verify its validity. I contacted nearly every well-vetted source that has historically provided solid intelligence to me and my investigative network working within three domestic intelligence agencies under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Security. In total, I conducted over a dozen interviews in as many hours.

Each of these sources confirmed that there is indeed no shortage of Islamic terrorists who want to inflict damage on America, although this is hardly news. Based on the information collected from these interviews, however, I found absolutely no substantiation or verification, official or otherwise, of the claims reportedly made by the unidentified “key intelligence source” referenced in news reports.

Of Herrings, both red and smoked

As a long-time investigator, I am intimately familiar with the axiom that “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” In that same capacity and thanks to some very good teachers, I’ve also honed my ability to navigate my way through the disorientating fog of disinformation that can be quite thick inside the DC beltway. I’ve also become proficient at identifying proverbial “red herrings” issued from within the beltway through the teachings of those same experienced and well seasoned intelligence operatives who gained their experience amid the Iran-Contra affair.

Based on a thorough investigative analysis of the information obtained and discussed about the reported threat to our food supply and other matters that exist at the periphery but outside of the normal purview of these warnings, I am extremely concerned about an event or series of events that could likely impact our national security in the coming days and weeks.

Pre-9/11 indicators redux?

History has illustrated that terrorist attacks or attacks against the security of our country do not occur in a vacuum. Warning signs that exist are rarely, if ever, made public but are present if you know where to look and how to interpret such indicators. Such indicators are usually “tangential” in nature and are often publicly recognized or acknowledged only after an event has occurred. In this case, there appear to be several such indicators that suggests an event is on the “immediate” horizon.

One valid although quite controversial example of a “tangential” event that preceded the attacks of 9/11 is the still unanswered matter of the surge of “put options” on the stocks of two of the airlines involved in the hijackings, financial services and reinsurance companies affected by the attacks. Readers are encouraged to go beyond the more readily available and open source internet sites, and even beyond the published 9/11 Commission report to obtain a truly  accurate accounting of what really took place in the market in the weeks and days before the attacks as that exceeds the scope and intent of this report.

Viewing the current warnings through the prism of that and other similar historical events, however, it is possible to see a correlation presently playing out regarding the poison plot warnings of unsubstantiated (yet widely publicized) origin. As it is important to remember that significant events don’t happen in a vacuum and the parallel events or conditions exist preceding to or concurrent with such “attacks,” we are compelled to expand our investigation outward to see what else is taking place beyond the obvious.

Of notable significance is the report of closing activity last week at the Chicago Board of Trade involving “long positions” on commodity futures including corn, wheat and other stock as detailed by a December 14, 2010 Commodity Futures Trading Commission report. A review of the numbers indicate a significant surge in the overall “net long positions,” a situation that could be loosely but legitimately compared to the put options on the airline and financial stocks prior to the attacks of 9/11.

Secondly, there is measure that passed the House to overhaul the nation’s food-safety laws by a vote of 215 to 144 yesterday afternoon. The infamous S.510 was originally passed by the Senate under the cover of darkness late Sunday night, and was then sent to the House for a final vote as HR 2751.

Amid controversy and strong opposition to this bill, its sudden resurrection reportedly took everyone by surprise and was only accomplished through some back-room dealings in the innermost chambers of Congress. As reported by the Washington Post, Obama is expected to sign the bill into law today.  Ostensibly to protect American consumers from tainted food, the bill is the largest overhaul to the nation’s food lawns since 1938.

Despite’s it’s innocuous sounding name – the Food Safety Bill – it does little to actually address the safety of our food supply. At an estimated cost to Americans of $1.4 billion over the next four years, including the expense of an additional 2,000 FDA “inspectors,” the law is a gift to large agribusiness and will likely place small farming operations on life support – or pull their plugs altogether. Again, I will leave it to you to perform your own research that will indeed illustrate that it is a plan for the control, and not the security of our food supply, despite what the name implies.

In my professional opinion, the threats of an attack must be viewed in light of the indicators referenced. Additionally, the threats should be considered in the context of the current geopolitical climate, including the nocturnal legislative proclivities of the cheyne stoking Pelosi and Reid led congress. and what we know of the Obama administration’s agenda of control.

Given the indicators mentioned, it would appear that increased vigilance is required for an attack that appears to be looming on the horizon. I believe that the threat is as real as it is imminent. In this case and at this time, it is not necessarily the means or opportunity that worries me, but the motive and consequences.

DNI Clapper clearly clueless

Director of National Intelligence "Clueless" (Courtesy ABC News)

By Douglas J. Hagmann

21 December 2010: The clueless nature of Intelligence chief John Clapper begins almost as soon as he begins speaking about engaging in dialogue with the Muslim community to mitigate the threat of domestic terror plots, but really hits critical mass at about three-and-a-half minutes into this stunning interview conducted by ABC News when asked about the biggest news of the day – the arrest of a dozen terror suspects in the UK a few hours earlier. This is a “must watch” video segment to completely understand why we continue to face the threats we do today.

Link to ABC News video and article HERE.

Vigilance for the Holidays and Beyond

By Sean Osborne

22 December 2010: Once again the Christmas and New Year holiday season is upon us. Unlike last year when Al Qaeda attempted, and thankfully failed, to blow an American airliner out of the sky on Christmas day, this year Al Qaeda in Iraq have a standing terrorist operations order to carry out attacks against Christian churches across the globe: “All Christian centers, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers are legitimate targets for the mujahedeen wherever they can reach them.” This includes the United States and Canada.

Recent AQAP terrorist plots discovered in the UK that are linked to Anwar al-AWLAKI are reported to have targets that include landmarks, public areas, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and, last but not by any means least, our food supply. The ages of the terrorists primed to carry out these attacks are said to range from their late teens to early twenties.

The persistence of reports citing planned Mumbai-style terrorist attacks remains a primary concern for Europe and well as North America. Most recently, alerts were issued for a type of terrorist the Northeast Intelligence Network has long cited as being highly prized Al Qaeda recruits, the so-called “lily white” terrorists. This group of “white jihadists” is known to exist since two of them were recently killed while in training for their assignments by just one of the nearly one hundred C.I.A. Predator drone attacks in the northwestern Pakistani region of Waziristan this year. The two who were killed were among many “white jihadists” known to been in training there.

So, the war goes on. Life goes on. And we each in our own way, where ever we live, work, travel and enjoy recreation and good times with family and friends in this holiday season and beyond need to be fearlessly vigilant to the Islamic enemy coming at us from any and every direction. As always, you see something, you say something. And have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!